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Wow! They're Watching!

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Years ago but no way can I forget our old house we grew up in and it's little peep hole.


When this first happened, I was 14 or maybe had just turned 15. My older sister was 16 at the time and her room was next to mine in our old rent house we lived in. There was a little peep hole in the wall between these two rooms and it had always been there and I never thought anything about it. That little peep hole ended up coming into play big time.

It was a weekend and my sister had two of her girlfriends over. Most of the day I had been around them and I couldn't help but be sporting at least a semi hard on in my pants seeing them in their skimpy tops and short shorts showing off almost everything. So, when I turned in that night, I had them and what I'd been looking at all day fresh on my mind as I'm sure most boys my age would have. I laid in bed thinking how I'd love to have one of them in there with me and what I'd be doing right now if this was happening. I had my hands under the sheet rubbing on my hard cock getting more and more aroused. About this time, I heard something coming from my sister's room. My eye caught a flash of light from that little hole in the wall. I laid there and listened and watched. Then, I realized it was my sister and her girlfriends at the peep hole watching me!

I started thinking. There those three girls were getting a peep at me and here I am rubbing on my hard cock. Just the idea of having a girl see my hard cock sent my heart racing. My cock was throbbing with excitement. I did it. I slowly moved the sheet off of me so they could see it plain and clear! What a feeling it was. I could hear them whispering and giggling and saying 'shhh' to each other. I then started stroking it and was so hot that I almost immediately blew and did I ever. The first rope of cum landed on my pillow! The next on my chest. When this happened, I heard a gasp sound coming from the room. Then, I could hear lots of whispering. I then got up still with a big hard on and walked to the rest room to clean up.

The next day, the girls kept looking at me smiling and giggling some. I also noticed them stealing quick looks down to my crotch area. I couldn't help it and ended up again with that semi hard on going all day. I played it all like I never knew a thing had gone on. I sure didn't want to ruin a good thing. Over the next couple of years, I entertained lots of my sister's girlfriends and probably gave most of them their first look at an erection on a mature boy, what it looked like and what cum looked like. Who knows. All I know is they all seemed to have enjoyed seeing it and I do know that I sure enjoyed showing it.



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