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Worst Day Of My Teenage Life (Almost)

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This event happened some 27 years ago and I still recall the events like it was yesterday.(Sorry if it's a bit long but didn't want to leave anything out).


So here goes, I was 19 and home from college for the summer when one of my friends decided it would be fun for five girls to stay at their parents camper for an evening.The campgrounds where the camper was at was some 20 miles from where we lived.

So agreeing it would be fun we set a date for a Saturday night to head out for a girls only night out.

We arrived in the early afternoon and spent the afternoon soaking up sun and wasn't long before we got into the stash of beer and wine coolers we all smuggled in,we were having a riot until someone found a bottle of tequila that was hidden in the camper by the parents.

Naturally at 19 we're all experienced drinkers and know everything about the effects, (stupid kids) We start doing shots and it wasn't even dark out and I was smashed and what goes along with a 19 yr old girl being smashed is I got sick..oh yea..between feeling like crap and the other girls making fun of me and wearing vomit on the front of my favorite top I wanted nothing more than to just go home but was stranded there and certainly wasn't going to call the parents to pick me up in this condition.It was about then I thought of my younger brother being home and grounded for doing something stupid earlier in the week and thought if I could just call home and get a hold of him I'd make him come pick me up.

So I set off on foot to a camp store that had a payphone (no cell phones back then)

As I'm dialling our number I'm praying one of my parents don't pick up or I'll just hang up. It rings and my prayers are answered I hear my brothers voice so I explain the situation and he's less than willing to help his sister out.

My brother is two yrs younger than me,to say we were close would be as lie,in fact far from it because in my eyes I was perfect and he was the nerdy one..lol

Finally after some convincing he agreed by saying well mom and dad went out for the evening so they won't know I left I'll be there in a half hour so relieved i stumble back to the camper and wait for him to pick me up.

Finally right on time he finds the camper and me sitting on the step he helps me to his truck,I say my goodbyes and I'm finally going home.

We were on the road for no more than 5 minutes and I realize I have to pee and I have to pee bad.So now I have to inform him of this and his natural response is..there"s nowhere to pee out here just hold it.

After pleading with him some more he finally says..fine..no ones coming go behind the truck when I pull over.(back road)

He finally finds what looks like a deserted farm house and pulls in the drive and I can't get out of the truck fast enough,as I stumble to the rear of the truck I remember actually be mad at myself for being in this embarrassing situation and my brother witnessing the brunt of it.

SO with my brother in the seat I manage to get my shorts and undies below my knees any I finally get relief and I can't tell you how good I was feeling when all of a sudden I hear my brother yelling..carr carrrr...OMG here I am peeing and a car is approaching,I try to stop peeing and begin pulling up my shorts at the same time all while barely being able to stand on my own..yep you guessed it,not only was my bladder not ready to stop but I begin to stumble and catch myself on the tailgate and now to top everything else I've just peed all over myself and my shorts! I scramble to the passenger side and get in still fumbling with my shorts and getting in the seat just as the car passes by.My brother takes one look at me and starts screaming at me and at this point I have nothing left to do but cry.

I think this was the first time I can recall that my brother began to feel sorry for me because he stopped screaming about the mess I was in and asked,did you get to go?.Sobbing I said barely and he said well go out again and I'll keep a better watch and reached behind the seat and grabbed a blanket and points to my shorts and says..you can't wear those,throw em in the bed and use this to cover yourself when you're finished,which is what I did.

As we start our trip home I'm still sniffling and he finally pats me on the shoulder and assures me that he was sorry and shouldn't have yelled like that which made me feel a lot better.

The trip home we actually made small talk about how much I drank and what and then I realize something else,I still have to get past mom and dad so I bring up something about them going to kill me and he again assures me that probably they're not home yet and he'll get me in and not to worry.

The few minutes of quiet time during the drive I'm replaying in my head the peeing incident and feeling embarrassed at the fact that when I got in the truck my my shorts weren't up yet and my brother probably seen my pussy..lol

Finally we get to the home and sure enough the parents car isn't there..wow home free.

As I'm getting out he comes to my side and I take his arm and he guides me up stairs to where our bedrooms are then stops and says you had better take a shower,you're a real mess and leads me to the upstairs bathroom.

I step in the bathroom and look in the mirror and all I could do is laugh, my makeup is a mess,my top is a mess and my shorts are in the bed of my brothers truck because I peed on em..my god !

He reaches in the shower and starts running water and says give me the blanket and just leave your top on maybe you can clean some of that off and I just look at him and say..I don't have underwear on under this towel,he thinks for a second and says well just take it off and I'll look the other way,there's no reason to be modest anymore and starts laughing.I figure he right so when he turns his head I drop the towel and he says just hold on my shoulder so you don't fall and pull the curtain when you're in.

I have to say feeling the water run down me might have been the most wonderful feeling ever and the whole time my brother has his arm pushing against the outside of the curtain for me to hang onto.

I finally manage to get my top somewhat clean so I ask him if I hand him my top could he put it in the sink to which he agrees to do.

By now my bra is soaked as well so again I reach around the curtain and give it to him to do the same.

After a good rinse and feeling a lot better but now totally nude I tell him I'm finished and he reaches in with a towel when he hears the water shut off and now feeling better about standing on my own I dry myself and he says.Do you need help getting out? so I say well just stand there a sec and so I can put my hand on your shoulder again so I pull open the curtain and step over the tub and begin to slip so he quickly turns to grab me and in doing so the towel opens allowing him to see almost all of me,I quickly close the towel and he says lets just get you to your bed and you can get something on.

The whole time he's being the perfect gentleman and brother and as he gets me to my bed I sit on the edge and he asks what he can get me to put on. Its right then I'm at eye level to his gym shorts and can't help notice that he's got a raging hardon and is trying to hide it.

I point to my night shirt on the chair and he walks over to get it and as he is coming back to me I open my towel exposing myself to him and say just slide it over my head please,As he starts it over me I say..you know you really helped me out tonight I really owe you big time and his reply was oh don't worry about it.

So as he's covering my breasts with my shirt I say..how can I repay you?

Not saying anything and now pulling my shirt to my waist I say..let me help you with this and reach out and place my hand on his erection.

He jumps back and says sis..you're drunk..noo..so I tell him I'm feeling better now and besides you're going to go to your room and do it anyway..just let me do it for you.

With that being said I put my hands on the sides of his shorts and begin to slide em down revealing his huge cock, I place my hands on it and begin stroking it.he didn't move a muscle as I worked him with both my hands,at one point I stopped just long enough to lift my shirt above my boobs and tell him its ok if he wants to touch them and did he ever.

It only seemed like a minute or two when I felt him begin to jerk and I looked up at him and he had this almost worried look on his face so I told him its ok just let it go and that was all it took as he squirted his cum all over my chest and hands I've given several handjobs in my life to that point but don't ever remember one so erotic or hot.

The cum no sooner stopped and and I pulled him to me and I gave him a kiss on the tip and looked up at him as he was pulling it out of my hands and I told him how much it meant to me that he helped me and I hope you're ok with this. He mumbles something about making a mess and pulled his shorts back up and with that he said goodnight and backed out of the room.

I took the towel and wiped his cum off of me then got up and removed my nightshirt again,turned off the light and masturbated myself to sleep that night.

That night was never brought up again until some 22 years later and if you like I might share it with you sometime..




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