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Working Out

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I am in pretty good shape and I love to work out at the gym. Being all hot and sweaty gets me going.

One day I was at the gym by my house and I was running on the treadmill to get my heartrate up. As I was running, a guy about my age got on the treadmill next to mine. We started talking. He told me his name was Warren and that he was 21 and I told him my name and my age too. We talked for about 15 more minutes until I was done on the treadmill. As I was walking away, I heard my name and looked back to find Warren running after me.

'Hey, do you want to hit the pool with me?' he asked.

'Yeah, sure. Lemme grab my suit from the lockers, ok?'

I walked to the Ladies locker room and I changed into my suit. when I walked out of the locker room, I found Warren waiting outside for me. We didn't go to the pool though, we went into the jacuzzi and started talking again. Warren was really good looking, and I could tell that he wasn't new at the whole working out thing.

There wasn't anybody else at the jacuzzi, and on an impulse I kissed him, and to my surprise he kissed me back. We got really into it and I could feel the big hard lump digging into my belly. even though we were in the water, I could still feel my clit pounding and my pussy growing moist. I felt my bikini top slide up and a firm hand cup my right breast. I moaned and put my hand on his thigh.

The lump in his shorts grew firmer and Warren smiled at me gently. I took his hand from my breast and guided it down my belly until it reached the top of my suit bottoms. He slid them off slowly and kissed my submerged belly. With his right hand, he pressed softly on my clit, and I let out another moan. He began to trace aroung it with small circles and then pressing harder, stimulated my button until it was out of the hood.

While he pleased my button, I took my hand and stroked his cock through his bathing suit. He paused for a second, obviously pleased, and I continued, taking off his bathing suit and gripping his throbbing meat with my hand.

Warren then pressed harder on my clit with two fingers, and with two more he slid deep into my pussy hole, wagging his finger in the 'come here' motion, stimulating my G-spot. I kissed him deeply and began to stroke him fast, as he closed his eyes and moaned.

'Lynn, harder!' he sighed and I did as I was told, stroking and tugging so hard that my hand was a blur under the warm bubbles of the jacuzzi. I felt his legs quiver and he came, shooting cum into the water and breathing heavily.

'Now finish me.' I begged. he smiled and put another finger into me, making me cry out. He started pounding me so hard that I was moaning and crying out with extreme pleasure. With one last finger and a push of my clit, I came hard, squirting streams of hot pussy juice all over his hand.

We collapsed in the jacuzzi, and just sat there talking for another half hour. I told him that that was the best orgasm of my entire life, and he laughed and told me I was beautiful.

We have been going out for almost a year now, and let me tell you, every session we have, my orgasms are more powerful than the last.



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