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Working at Home

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A "Work at Home" day turns into "Hotel Masturbation" day


Like many men in their mid-40’s, I have built a great career and family. My lovely wife is the “stay at home” sort, and all is well on the home front. Also like many men who are at a similar stage of life I assume, I have a very, very strong urge to enjoy pornography, and to masturbate while doing so! Like most wives, mine is not exactly supportive of my desire to masturbate with porn. I know she has some sense that I do it, but she certainly doesn't want to know about it. I am discrete, and never leave any traces of porn on computers, cum stained tissues, or any other evidence. I find that I prefer at least 90 minutes of “edging” before climax in order to ensure my masturbation session has fulfilled its purpose. If I don’t masturbate for at least 90 mins, the session doesn't seem to relieve the urge. While 90 minutes is a minimum, I must admit that two full hours is better. I must also admit that 4, 6 or 8 eight hours is better still. After an extended session of several hours, the eventual climax is satisfying in ways that are difficult to describe. All sexual tension…and even other stresses, seem to be entirely erased.

Since my wife and/or family is always home, I very seldom have the opportunity to engage in prolonged masturbation (or as some men call it, “gooning”) at home. This means I must find another venue for my activity. The place must have suitable furniture, preferably a bathroom, and of course, good high-speed internet service. What could possibly provide all of these amenities? A hotel, or course. I am lucky enough to have an employer that allows occasional “work at home” days. For me, these are actually “hotel masturbation” days. I secretly work extra hard all week to reduce my workload, then tell my boss I am taking a “work at home day” tomorrow---but don’t tell my wife. Instead, the next day I prepare and depart home as usual. But instead of driving to the office, I take an early check-in at a hotel near the office. Since both the boss and the wife always call on my cellphone, I never need to worry about not being at a certain location. I also make sure to attend to any current emails or calls as they occur.

I have found a hotel that will frequently give me an early check in. I pay in cash. Last week for example, I checked in at 7:45 am, and enjoyed myself ALL DAY. Here is how my “work at home day” proceeds: Upon arrival in my hotel room, I strip completely. I adjust room temp to about 74 degrees F. I then determine how to build a comfortable masturbation throne. If available, I use a large overstuffed chair. I lay bath towels over the chair, sometimes a bed pillow to support my back. If there is a TV with HDMI input, I connect my laptop to the tv. I then build an appropriate table/platform for my computer and mouse. Sometimes I build a platform by using the ironing board across the front of my chair—whatever I can do get really comfortable. I then log in to a selection of porn sites I enjoy—Solo Touch ALWAYS being one of them. I often have up to 10 tabs open.

Obviously, a middle aged guy like me stays hardest for the first hour or so, but there is plenty of fun to be had even if my cock isn't as hard as it was when I was 13. I click around with my left hand while my right hand and cock remain in contact. Lately, I have been experimenting with making masturbation devices. My current favorite consists of a latex glove wrapped by a small towel or washcloth. I think some call it a “Fifi”. I pull the open end of the glove up and around the rolled towel, and then put some rubber bands around the assembly. I then dribble plenty of lube into the inside of the glove. While the initial temperature of the latex cavity isn't exactly that of a real woman, the overall sensation on my cock is remarkably similar.

At the hotel, mid-way through my day of masturbation, I will sometimes rise from my throne, place the toy between two pillows in the middle of the bed. I then mount it, missionary style. When everything is assembled properly, that is a darn good replication of pussy. Just last week, my hotel room was on the second floor with the bed near the window, which overlooked the pool. As my very good luck would have it, a few college age females and two males decided to play the Marco Polo game in the pool. While the rest of the US was freezing, I live in the Southwest, and it was warm. Two of the girls were very buxom latinas, one slim. All three were in bikinis. I arranged my masturbation toy on the bed with some pillows, left just enough room between the two curtains to watch the girls frolic while I enjoyed some quality solo missionary. I especially enjoyed watching them get out of the pool and make their way to the hot tub.

Once they headed back to their rooms, I dismounted. A few moments later, I heard them emerge from the elevator on my floor, then walk down the hall past my room. I looked out the peep hole to watch them while slowly masturbating at the door. I had a snack, used the restroom, then returned to my throne. I read many erotic stories online, most of the Solo Touch subject matter, and then settled in to view some video. I love the genre pioneered on Yanks.com---in which the girl is interviewed about her masturbation habits. I also find video of female masturbation to be the most stimulating type I have ever found.

After an hour or two of watching many, many females masturbate, I prepare to allow myself to climax. I may choose to finish in the toy, or perhaps just with my hand. Both are equally wonderful. At around 3:45, I allow myself to explode. The sensation is understandably intense, prolonged, and evidenced by a larger quantity of ejaculate than would have been created during a shorter masturbation session. I soon begin to clean up. I usually take a short shower…taking time to carefully wash my genitals and anal area thoroughly with soap. While my cock is understandably puffy and sensitive from such prolonged stimulation, I feel really, really good. I get dressed, rearrange all the furniture to its original configuration, and place my cummy towels on the bathroom floor in a heap with my wet shower towel. I take the latex glove from my toy, and take it with me on the way out. I later place it in an outdoor trash receptacle. For some reason, I think it rude to have a housekeeper stumble upon a cummy latex glove—surely she has enough stuff to handle without that surprise!

I leave the hotel in time to arrive at home at the same time I would have from the office. While I feel very deeply satisfied and relaxed from a full day of masturbation, I know that in only a few short days, my desire to do it again will return. In the meantime, I will enjoy sex with my wife. I have come to think of the desire to masturbate with porn as being very similar to the desire to always have just a little more money. Such desires are nearly impossible to quench for any more than brief periods. It is alternately a curse and gift. Regardless, it is just who I am. Any other Solo Touch readers go to similar lengths to enjoy uninterrupted masturbation time?



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