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Worked Out in the End

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It was a pure physical thing at the start but soon grew to be a love thing.


Things got off on the wrong foot back then but he ended up my husband. This went on back when we were in a management class as part of our training. His name is Victor. He is on the tall side and quite handsome.

This happened 5 years ago. Victor and I sat at the back of the class room just across the aisle from each other. On this one day, I came to class wearing a mini skirt and when I sat down, the skirt rose even higher up my thighs. I knew I had an eye catching pair of legs and this was why I'd often dress like this. I liked to show them off.

Anyway, I was sitting there taking notes when I glanced over at Victor and saw him admiring my exposed legs. I didn't think too much of it as I'd had this happen quite often. But, the next time I looked over at Victor, I couldn't help but notice his hand as it was in his lap and moving. I couldn't help but to look over again and concentrate more on his hand and what it was doing. This time, I saw what it was doing. I could make out Victor's penis although still in his pants and Victor's hand was rubbing on it. It was easy to see that Victor's penis was big and erect. And Victor didn't seem to care that I was seeing it and what he was doing. All the while Victor's eyes were on my legs.

I was tempted to go to the instructor and complain but at the same time I was a bit flattered about the attention and the result of the attention (his erect penis). When we broke for lunch, I spoke to Victor telling him 'you should be ashamed of yourself'. Victor said 'I'm sorry but you're so beautiful and if you only knew what you do to me'. I replied back 'I can SEE what I do to you'! We ended up walking together and sat together at the cafeteria. Victor was quite nice and I felt that what happened in class was just mother nature doing its thing with him.

We were back in the class room for the afternoon class and I sat in the same seat. Victor sat across from me again and it wasn't long and he reassumed his looking and playing with himself again rubbing on his penis. I now watched him and actually gave him more of a 'show' by turning and exposing more leg to him. I was also watching his face and its expressions as he looked and I showed him more.

After class, we again walked together. I asked him 'did you enjoy the view'? He said 'oh yea. You're some woman'. I answered back 'from what I've seen, you're some man yourself' with a smile on my face and looking down at his crotch area. Victor then said 'just what you do to me' while looking down at my legs.

We got to my car and I looked at Victor and said 'are you in a hurry to get somewhere'? He answered 'no'. I told him 'come on and get in. I've just got to see it'. Victor came around and got in. I could see he had a simi hardon this whole time and as he got in my car I saw it was back to a full erection. His pants couldn't conceal a penis like that.

I drove off and Victor said 'I live just two blocks away if you want to go there' I said back 'point the way'. We got to his apartment and went in. We sat on his sofa and talked a minute. All the while I was looking at his penis and he was looking at my legs. He then said 'well, are you ready to see it'? I answered 'please'. Victor unbuckled his pants and took them off. He then pulled off his shorts. His penis was enormous. At least to me it was. Certainly the biggest I'd ever seen.

Victor moved over next to me pushing his hips up giving me a closer look at what he had. He said 'go ahead and touch it'. I reached over and took it in my hand. When I did, Victor reached over putting his hand on my thigh. I went to stroking it and Victor went to moving his hand all over my thigh. After a while, Victor was getting with it and I knew he was close to cumming. He tensed up, squeezed my thigh, let out a loud groan and the first of 4 or 5 ropes of cum went straight up and landing on his belly, my hand and arm. I'd never seen a man shoot so much cum.

Well, things worked out good. We continued seeing each other and glad to say we've been married for over two years. Needless to say, Victor is still crazy about my legs and I'm still crazy about his big penis. A nice trade off, don't you think?



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