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With the Most Popular Guy in School

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It was the summer and I was the manager for my high school football team, there were summer practices for about 3 weeks in August and it was extremely hot. Let's start by me describing myself, I'm medium height, blonde, blue eyes, 34C boobs and I've got an athletic build.

So at these practices I pretty much get the water, organize pads, record plays etc. It's pretty boring but the guys are ohh so hot. Most of them are incredible, but one in particular, his name was Aidan, he was very tall and very tan with perfect abbs and short blonde hair. He had a great smile too.

I always had a huge crush on him and often thought about him when I masturbated. Well one day after practice it was only him and I left in the change room, all the coaches had gone home and I had to wait for Aidan to leave so I could lock up. Well Aidan was taking a long time in the shower and I wanted to go home so I knocked on the door. 'Are you alive?' I asked, I heard him groan then whisper 'shit' 'Yeah' he said out loud.

I waited for another five minutes until I knocked again. 'Dude are you okay?' I heard him groan again and mumble something. 'I'll be out in a minute.' he replied, so I sat down and waited, he emerged from the showers without a towel. I gasped. He had a perfectly tanned body, with an 8 pack and raging hard-on, his cock was 8 inches at least, and it was massive, I had never seen anything like it before. He turned to me and stooped. 'Sorry!' he said, he turned around and reached for a towel. He had a perfect ass too.

I laughed and blushed. 'Sorry I didn't know you were out here.' I laughed some more. 'it's ok, i'm sorry..well.' He turned around. The towel was around him but I could tell he still had a huge boner. I was getting wetter by the second. 'I'll go.' I said as I stood up and went to walk out. 'Wait.' he said, I turned around. He walked closer to me and smiled.

'Breanne, I really like you, quite a bit actually. And maybe, you could help me?' he motioned to his towel, I went 20 shades of red and smiled. 'Umm...yeah okay...' He came closer to me and kissed me. It was a perfect, intense kiss. We stopped and moved towards the benches, we sat down, he took off my top and my bra and smiled at my chest, we kissed some more as he massaged my chest, it was pure exstacy. I moved the towel away from him and slowly grabbed his penis. I felt it, up and down, it was so huge.

He began to moan with pleasure, as I began to stroke it, it oozed with precum, he was grinding his pelvis back and forth as I rubbed harder and harder. He gasped as I started to use two hands, harder and harder until he pushed my hands away. 'I'm cumming!' he said, I put my hands back on his cock and stroked it more and more until he came, 10 long ropes of cum, hitting him and me, and everything behind me. He smiled at me and kissed me.

'That was the best ever.' He said, he took my hand and we stood up. 'Lets take a shower, I need to repay you.' I was excited and nervous, no one had ever jilled me before. We walked into the shower as I took off my shirt and thong. He smiled at me. He turned on the hot water and lathered us up in soap, we rinsed off and he moved his hand in between my legs, I gasped. At first he was slow, just rubbing. But I was horny 'faster' I moaned. He pushed me against the wall and started rubbing, faster and faster, he then inserted three fingers into me. I screamed, it felt so good, as he did this he kissed me vigorously. I was dying.

Now I have a little secret, when I cum, I squirt, and I forgot to tell him that. He continued to finger-fuck me as he used his other hand to massage my clit. I screamed in pleasure. 'I'm cum..I'm cumming.' I breathed. He went harder and harder until I squirted all over his arms. He looked down at his arms, then licked them off. We kissed some more.

We've now been dating for a year, and we've done some pretty wild stuff...but that's for another story.



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