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With Steve

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My friend Steve and I had been friends since kindergarten; we lived a few blocks from each other; were the youngest children in our families separated in age from the next youngest in my case by six years, and in Steve's by 10. We usually slept over with one another on the week ends, so we had seen each other naked many times. Being active boys, we were frequently in trouble, and spanked for our misbehavior. We invariability knew when the other had taken a trip over his mother's lap so we always asked to see the latest blushing behind. This became so routine that when we had been spanked we volunteered the latest evidence of motherly wrath to the other. One Friday soon after my 8th birthday before Steve came over to sleep, I got a hard spanking from my mother who said, If Steve's parents weren't going out tonight, you'd be sleeping alone. Be sure you behave while he is here or I'll give you another taste of the strap in front of him. (This wasn't an idle threat; it had been done before; in fact we had on more than one occasion been spanked together.) My little pecker always got hard during a spanking, and I relieved the tension by masturbating as soon after the spanking as I could. Most often I had to wait until I was in bed to do this to avoid being caught. How can I do this tonight, I thought, with Steve here? He didn't know I was into jacking off, and I was afraid to tell him because I didn't know how he'd react.
When Steve arrived, he noticed something was wrong by my unusual quietness. I told him the reason. He reminded me that I owed him a look at the evidence. I told him to wait until we were in my room ready for bed to make a close examination; meanwhile he could get a first look during our bath. Finally, the rest of the family went to bed, my mother first warning us to be in bed by 11, or the both of you will get what I just gave Jack. As soon as we were alone, Steve said, Let's see your behind. When I pulled my PJs down, he said, Wow, what did you do. She caught me in the garage smoking a cigarette I got from Tom, I said. What did she beat you with? asked Steve, looking at the wide red welts on my behind. That special strap she has, the one with the wooden handle, I said. Wow, said Steve, she sure must have been mad at you. Yeah, look it's 11, we better get in bed, so she doesn't give us both a beating. So into bed we went, and I turned out the lights.
My real reason was that I wanted to get to my jacking. After about 15 minutes, I heard Steve's breathing become slow and steady, so I began my JO. I never noticed it before, but with my steady stroking, the bed was making a rhythmic squeak keeping time with my beat. I didn't think that was a problem with Steve so I kept going, and just as I was about to come, I heard Steve ask, Jack what are you doing? Er, nothing, I said, but Steve got out of bed, pulled the covers off, and saw me nude with my florid pecker quivering in my hand. Come on, Steve said, tell me what you are doing. I'm jerking off. What's that? Well, you wrap your hand around your thing and stroke it up and down, it feels good, and if you do it long enough, your pecker trembles with a great feeling. If you keep going, it feels so good, you have to stop because you can't touch it anymore. How long have you been doing this? About a month. Who told you about it? My brother Tom. I went in the bathroom, he was sitting on the toilet jacking, and he came just as I got there. After an explanation of the full process and our inability to come yet, Steve asked to join in with me. I moved over, he got in the bed next to me and we both got at it. I had a good come, so did Steve.



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