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With Sandrine

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Even your best friend can surprise you.


Last month I shared my story about being touched by a total stranger on the train. Since, I have masturbated to it many times...

Yesterday, my friend Sandrine and I decided to meet at her house just to hang out and chat about everything and nothing. I haven't really thought about what to put on, so I elected to put on fitted track pants, a Tee and the matching jacket. I like that outfit when I want to be relaxed and it really clings to my legs and felt good. So I arrived at her house and she welcomed me in, she was just wearing shorts and a tank, nothing much when you are home.

We just settled on the sofa and chatted for a while. We have been best friends since high-school, so we were not shy to talk about anything, that includes men. Although, she has quite more experience on the matter. She told me of her recent relationship, including the hot and steamy details. I will be honest, it really made me a little aroused to hear her talking of her prowess in bed. Then, once she was done she was like 'So Tania, how about you?'.

At this time, I felt myself getting red in the cheeks and giggled like a little girl. Then, I started to tell her of the encounter I had on the train a few weeks ago with all the details. I really started to feel little butterflies in my stomach now and I was rubbing my thighs together just lightly. My fit pants allowed the sensation to start to build between my legs. Really, I was trying to not to be so obvious to Sandrine in how I felt within. But I noticed she was looking at me with a new look and a smile I have never seen before from her. She said she would have loved to experience my story herself. I was like 'But I thought you were just into boys' and her reply was 'There are sides to me you have no clue of, Tania'. I know her a lot more adventurous than me, but never thought of the following:

With that, she drew closer to me and wrapped one arm behind me and said 'This really made me horny'. Then she proceeded to kiss me flat on the mouth. I was taken aback by her advances but, in my state of arousal, I did not want her to stop. So I let her tongue dig into my mouth and met mine. I never kissed with a girl before but I am glad my first time was with Sandrine. Her lips were softer than those of a man.

Her right hand came to the zipper of my jacket and drew it to the bottom, leaving my jacket to part open. She then started to touch my breasts through my t-shirt. I guess I am glad I hadn't put on a bra for once, I could feel her fingers closing in over my nipples and pinching them so lightly, making them so hard. I could not hold back a moan even if muffled by her kiss. After lifting my shirt, exposing my breasts free, she broke our kiss and drew her mouth over my right nipple. She sucked it so hard and flicked it with the tip of her tongue. This alone made my back arch and I let out a little scream of pleasure.

I could then feel her hand move from my left breast along to my stomach and then rubbing my thighs over my pants. The thin and tight material against my skin made her touch so good. That's a new reason that makes me love that outfit. Her finger tips were getting closer to my crotch, I opened my legs some to let them reach their destination. By now, I could definitely feel the wetness against my panties and soaking through my pants.

I could see she enjoyed my juice soaked pants when she proceeded to lick the wetness off her fingers. She continued to rub along my slit through my pants and took my nipples again into her mouth. After a few minutes, she moved her hand over the elastic waistband of my pants and slipped it slowly under and into my panties. She had no difficulties fingering inside my dripping slit and finding my clit. Her circular motion made my love bulb throb with excitement and anticipation.

I turned my eyes to her crotch area and I noticed the dark wet spot forming on her cotton shorts. This was so sexy to see my friend getting aroused by touching my body. I felt the need to return her some of the pleasure and moved my hand under the left leg of her shorts and rested my fingers over her wet panties. This was my first time touching another girl but it felt so natural. I was able to slip my fingers under her panties and found her hard clit, waiting for my pleasing touch.

A few minutes of this sensual exchange was all it needed to send us both over the edge in the most incredible orgasm of our lives. We then held each other in a tight hug and smiled.

I do not know what it will mean for both of us and our relationship. Does this make me a lesbian? I will welcome people's comment about similar experiences.



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