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With Pete

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I spend so much time masturbating. I love being watched while I masturbate and squirm in orgasm. Mother nature blessed me with good looks and a great body. Why should I not enjoy it and share it with others? I need more friends like Pete who just wants to be with me and enjoy my body while I orgasm. So many guys want sex only. Maybe that is why I like masturbating with my 'female' good friend. We can just enjoy each others company while also being a part of their orgasm.


I live with my Mom who is very liberal and gives me the space and privacy I need. She knows I masturbate and tells me I should do it often so I'm not temped to take just any guy who comes along. She encourages me to find new ways to satisfy my sexual hunger and says if a woman can give herself great orgasms she will then want a man for love first. She cares for me and does not want me to be hurt. She's a great lady.

I'm working for two more years at a job I hate but it will get me back to school so it's worth it. There are very few younger girls like me but there are quite a few older ladies. The guy population is high.

Last year I became friends with Pete, a guy at work. I thought he was interested in my looks but I found out later it was not that at all. He had (at the time) a girlfriend he would see when she came home from school some weekends. Many people tell me I should be doing modeling or dancing to make my money quickly. They tell me I'm stupid not to take advantage of what nature has given me. Pete has never said anything like that or tried to hit on me.

We started eating lunch together and we were and still are, just friends. One of our mutual interests was comedy shows and we both liked watching reruns of Seinfeld. We would talk about what shows we saw and crack jokes. One of the episodes one night was about a bet of who could last the longest without masturbating. The next day at lunch we were joking about it and Pete said it would not be a fair bet because guys and girls are different. I disagreed saying we are both the same. I told Pete we should have our own little bet. This was the beginning of a hot conversation.

Soon we were slowly spilling our guts about how often we each masturbated and what we thought about while doing it. Pete admitted he liked watching porn and said he had a few DVD's he burned. I told him I too like porn but I like softer porn that most guys don't watch. I too have some vid's or I watch the late night free cable porn. I like the model type bodies on both girls & guys. I like the fit guys and the passionate type of love making. When I see a guy entering a girl from behind and kissing her neck, sucking her nipples and giving her orgasms with his tongue it's good for me. I can masturbate and enjoy that for a long time with fingers or my vibrators.

I told Pete that I masturbate daily and most nights I go to my room at least an hour early to masturbate and love my body. He was very interested in everything I had to say. He said he thought girls only masturbated now and then unlike guys. I said for me orgasms are the one thing I look forward to the most. I admitted spending hours on end if I have a lazy weekend with nothing I need to do. I get lost in the world of sexual desire focusing on my own entire body. I love my sexiness. I did not tell him this part. I even borrowed my mom's old video camera and recorded myself masturbating. I have two hours of myself masturbating and just posing nude with a bit of sexy talk. Watching myself is very exciting. I have scanned my body from head to toe looking at every little spot. My favorite is close ups on my face when having an orgasm and close up on my pussy. My pussy pulses and pumps in and out when I orgasm. Very exciting. I waited for mom to be out to do that. I would be embarrassed if she found out about it.

Back to Pete. Pete offered to bring me a few of his favorite DVD's. That afternoon I got off the bus close to his apartment to pick them up. We kept talking about sex on the bus and as we walked. When we got to his flat we went in to collect the DVD's. Pete asked which one's I wanted and I said just give me any. Instead he popped one in and said just watch for a minute. I sat and watched with him while a guy was getting oral from a good looking girl. I told him this looked good and he just left it on. We watched for a while and I was getting very turned on. Pete said I should stay for a while so we watched for about 20 minutes. Pete turned to me and said it's different watching only. I knew what he was referring to but played dumb and asked what he meant. He said you know, then made his hand move up and down. Ohhh, I said. I wanted so badly to say this next thing so I just went for it. I said, you know we could always just do it together. What would it hurt?

Pete just about fell off his chair. Are you serious he asked? Why not I answered. We both do it anyway and why not enjoy being friends together watching? I found I was actually shaking from the excitement and anticipation of baring all and masturbating with this guy. It would be a first for me and a thrill to be watched.

Pete handed me the controller and said I should move it to whatever parts I like. I told him I want to watch it all. I paused the vid and on the screen was a large cock in a pussy with a nice round ass pointing out. I said we should get ready and started to slide my jeans off my body. I unbuttoned my shirt and undid my bra letting my very firm breasts fall just a bit. Pete was still dressed and was watching me the entire time. I stood naked then told him to hurry up so we could start. I watched as Pete stripped then out came his rock hard reaction. It was not huge but a good size. We sat down and I turned the movie back to play. I tried not to watch Pete yet. I moved to the sofa and sat in a slouch with my feet on the coffee table and my legs apart. I licked my fingers and began slowly rubbing my clit.

I could see Pete off to the side rubbing his cock. He was not watching the movie, he was watching me. I kept masturbating then turned to him asking if he liked the movie. He said yah, it's good. Why are you not watching it then I asked? He smiled and said you look better than the movie. I took the remote and clicked the sound off. I turned toward him and pushed myself back to the sofa arm to lean back on. We should just enjoy each other then I said. Pete just said sure that's good.

I watched Pete jack his cock and he was going very slow stopping and holding it at the bottom. When I asked why he said he did not want to finish yet. I told him he could finish any time and asked if it was ok if I went for as long as I wanted. Pete told me to go as long as I wanted. I thanked him and closed my eyes then began to rub my clit nice and fast. I wanted to orgasm for him now. It only took a bit of time before I began climbing the orgasm ladder. I put on a nice show rolling my hips up and down telling him how good my pussy was feeling then I asked him if he was ready to see me cum. My orgasm was great and I suppose better knowing I was being watched. Soon after I came Pete did the same, squirting quite a bit of sperm and quite high. I told him it was the first time I saw a guy masturbate for me and it was a real turn on. I went back to masturbating for a while longer as Pete just sat and watched. It felt great to be on display, completely nude and loving my body while he watched. It was so much different than when I would masturbate with a girlfriend I had. We watched each other back and forth so many times and sometimes it would just be me or her masturbating while the other was just there. It felt more sister like and lovingly sexy. This was feeling hot sexy and kinky dirty.

I left that day with a few movies and later that night I did enjoy the rather nasty vids. The next day we talked about what we did and Pete said he came four more times that night and once that morning. He really liked our time together.

We have a new friendship now and we've done this many times. He has another girl now and we have not been together in a while but we're hoping too soon. It's not cheating. It's just a thing we do. Never touching just enjoying each others company.



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