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With My Friend

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First of many experiences wiht my friend, I'll send the rest soon.


My first experience with my friend came when we were 12. His name was Bryan. I was spending the night at his house when of course we started to talk about the girls we liked, etc. Within about a half an hour the subject turned to stuff we've done sexually. We both admitted that all we had done was kiss and grope, nothing major. I asked him if he ever 'jacked off' to which he admitted he did.
So seeing that we were both pretty turned on I asked him if he wanted to right now..he said yes but he had never done it in front of anyone before. I told him I had not either so this would be the first time for both of us. In a matter of seconds we were both naked in bed (we always slept in the same bed and in our underwear when we stayed at each other's house). Both of us were completely erect, just being able to see enough from the glow of the TV. I asked him if I should start because I was so horny I had to start stroking myself. He said 'yes', and that he wanted to watch me for a while. So I slowly started to jack off squeezing my 6' thin cock very hard.
I had experienced my first ejaculation about 3-4 months prior to this after masturbating for about a year or so. So it didn't take long at all for pre-cum to start oozing out of my cock, which turned Bryan on very much. He then joined in and that was, to this day, one of the best sites of my life. Seeing my best bud lying next to me masturbating while I was doing the same!! His cock was a little shorter than mine (maybe 5.5') but thicker and he had a large purple head on it. Within two minutes or so he said he was about to cum. I couldn't wait to see his hot cumm fly out of his cock. I was holding mine back as best I could until he came, which was quite difficult.
When he was ready to cum I stopped and watched him pick up his pace his hand was a blur on his cock! He arched his back off the bed and let fly 3 large squirts that landed on his chest and a few smaller ones that ended up on his stomach and thin pubic hair. It to this day is the most come I've ever seen come out of any cock (that includes my experiences with him, another friend, and my own).
After I saw that I was ready to blow. But then he said something that kind of shocked me. He wanted me to come on him, he said he loved the feeling of his hot cum on his chest and stomeach and he wanted mine too. I was surprised at first but didn't hesitate to roll over and straddle him with my erect cockjust over his stomach. I wiped up some of his cum with my right hand and used it for lube (he loved that too!). This worked great (if you haven't tried it yet do so, it's awesome!) Anyways with his cum on my cock and him laying under me soaked with his cum, it didn't take more than a minute and I was cumming all over him. I shot two big spurts on his neck and chest and oozed the rest outon his stomach and some on his cock. It was amazing how good it felt to cum on my best friend. I grabbed a towel out of his closet and cleaned him up, and then we went to bed.
This was the first of many nights with Bryan, eventually leading to us jacking each other off, doing oral , and twice we tried anal. One of our friends also joined us once for a jack off session in Bryan's bedroom. All of these experiences I will share also. I love this site, I read it every day and it had led to many great orgasms right here at this keyboard. Thanks for letting me share. Talk to ya'll soon!!



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