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With My Father But Not Intimacy

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I felt very uncomfortable with those stories about masturbating with one's father. I think having sex with your own father is indeed an incestuous relationship and I think I would not like that and there is something that has to be avoided; other think otherwise and deserve my respect. In a way the two stories I read were very disgusting for me. However I must accept that I had an experience with my own father. Well we did not mind nudity around our home but in some occasions we just went nude just from our bedroom to the shower room, which was a separated room from the toilet room, and back to get dressed. We did not walk around the house naked but nudity was not an issue for us. We were a family of five members; my parents, my two brothers and my sister who was older than me. My brother a year younger. It was no problem for my brother and me walking from our rooms to the shower room naked even with a morning hard on. From early age we were told what sex was and how intercourse was performed and how this was necessary to keep a couple together and in order to have children. Our parents also show photos of heterosexual couples having intercourse; not pornography. We knew any man needed an erection for intercourse and even we, being 6 and 7 could get one. Well, we reckoned sex as part of any normal life. Apart from some early talks about sex, most of the instruction about sexuality came after either of us asking. We were encouraged to do the questioning in private, but sometimes the topic came up in a free hand way while having dinner at night. For some reason, however, we were never told anything about masturbation. I think because the topic has not come up yet for discussion, either privately or during dinner. Any way, at the age of twelve I started having wet dreams and asked my father what was happening to me then. I was kind of worried that I was peeing my bed while sleeping and he explained to me that this was normal for a boy of my age and the stain was semen and an explanation of what semen was came afterwards. However, when I reached 14 I had some conversations with my peers at school about masturbation. They asked me if I ever masturbated and I gave an affirmative answer not knowing what masturbation really was and dared not to ask then. I remembered arriving home that day an asking my father while he was preparing dinner what masturbation was; my mother was out of town visiting my grand parents. My father recommended that this topic should be discussed later and recommended a conversation between the two of us. After diner we both went to my room. He explained everything about masturbation but since I had never seen any man jacking off I told him that from his explanation I actually did not how do it. He realized I was quite tense and anxious and asked me to relax and he was going to show me how to do it. He taught me some relaxation techniques and when he reckoned I was quite relaxed he asked me to bring a roll of toilet paper to my room and get off all my clothes. He did the same and instructed me to start playing with my dick as he was doing until we both got an erection. He showed me how to stroke the penis and ask me to pay attention to what I was experiencing especially to that feeling that comes just before ejaculation. He said I should stop just a little time before, relax and when I kind of loose my erection to start over again. He did it himself. I did it once but the second time I just could not wait any longer and delivered a whole load of semen over my belly. I could not tell weather he was aroused or not but he also delivered his load. He asked me to clean my self with the toiled paper and he did the same. Afterward he told me that for him masturbation was a private activity that I should enjoy the most, that it was going to be part of my sexual life from now on and the day will come when I was going to have sexual activity with a partner of my choice and during this acts I might enjoy mutual masturbation or a normal coitus. He explained that both solo sex and sex with a partner although part of the sexual life of a human being, they were totally different activities for one to enjoy. He recommended me not to do it in the toilet while sitting in the bowl while defecating, or after peeing. He said, chances are that you might start thinking the semen is equal to urine or feces and could be start reckoning like something dirty, and if was none of that. He recommended to do it in my room, privately and taking the necessary time to enjoy it the most. He said that he never liked to do it in the shower room since he came from a large family and most of the time the shower was needed by the other members of his family. He said that for me, it was to do it there provided and did not interfere with my brother and sister activities and I was not pushed to finish quickly. When my mother came back, I remember coming into my room with a box of Kleenex and said it was nicer to have a box of tissues in the room than a roll of toilet paper, and that both did the same for what I needed them for; she never mentioned masturbation at all, but I understood what she meant with that. I stuck to my father advice and did it always in my room just before I went to sleep. During the school breaks or holydays I practiced masturbation in the morning, when I was not in a rush to get to school. I remember once when my mother came into my room and had some Kleenex stained with semen on the floor; she just instructed me not to leave those tissues on the floor since they have a very strong smell and asked me please to flush them down the toilet every time I had finished with my 'chores'. Later in live I asked my father why he had used the expression sex with a partner instead sex with a girl or wife and he reply at once he could not tell in that moment weather I was to be gay or straight, and that was something I should have to find out by myself and he did not want me to think he was prejudiced. All in all, I have never considered this to be 'sex with my father'. This was the only time I saw my father masturbate and to this moment I do not know he did in a regular basis. We were never intimate that night and never felt mutual sexual attraction. It was the most perfect instruction on masturbation and I will always be grateful to my father for doing so. What I needed to know I learned it from him and not from my peers that were mostly wrong on their appraisal about masturbation and other sexual activities and sexual orientations. I never knew weather my father did the same with my brother or my mother did it with my sister. When we got older we were more explicit talking about our thoughts and believe on sexuality at dinner time conversations but we never talk about our own sexual experiences, however my brother and I exchange tips on how to masturbate. I realized then he did it as well but he never told me our father taught him and I never told him my experience either but could realized from our conversations that our father had in some way advised him on the topic. At present I am married to a very nice lady and I am a father of two boys, four and six. We talk about sex freely at their own age level and I think if the circumstances are the same, I will teach my children how to do it but I will never intimate with them, which I think is wrong. Other might think otherwise and respect them, but that is what I believe. I still like to masturbate alone, not as often as before I got married and many times my wife and I enroll and enjoy mutual masturbation. I still believe masturbation and sex with a partner are different things, both enjoyable and part of the same own sexual live. My wife believes the same.



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