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With My Ex

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I thought after years of reading I'd finally post one of my own experiences. This happened maybe four years ago


A few years ago I had recently began a new relationship with a girl. I had left my ex in less than favorable terms. It had been about three months since we had broken up and I decided to see how she was doing as I had felt bad about the way I had ended things.

I gave her a call and asked how she was doing. She said she was doing better and that she had met someone. He had even spent the night with her although nothing sexual had happened. When she told me that I felt an odd pang of jealously that caught me by surprise. I suddenly felt the need to catch up with her in person.

I asked her what she was doing and she said she was headed over to her parents place as everyone was out of town and the family dog had just had puppies. I asked if it would be cool if I came over and said hi and saw the dogs (we had dated for three years so the dog felt like mine too). She said of course! (and I thought she sounded a bit excited that I was coming over) so in about an hour I headed out of the house and drove down to her place.

I stopped to get some gas and as I was pumping I thought to myself 'I wonder if any of this is going somewhere' but I quickly dismissed the thought as just being somewhat whimsical and that I was just missing the good aspects of the relationship.

When I got there, she was looking fantastic in a white tank top and jean shorts. I could see she was wearing a blue bra I'd always loved and her tits were looking especially fantastic. I decided to give her a hug and when I did it felt electric, as I felt her tits press against me and my hand drifted to her lower back. I think it was intense for her too.

We went inside the house and went to the top part (it was a split level) we sat down on the couches and just started chatting for a minute about day to day boring stuff. She asked if I wanted to see the dogs. I said yes. When she stood up to show me the way, I noticed that the dark blue thong she was wearing kind of poked out of the top of her shorts. I immediately felt flushed and thought how sexy that looked. I commented 'Nice thong' she giggled and adjusted her shorts.

She bent over to pick one of the puppies up and her thong stuck out again. I don't know why I did this to this day but it was the right thing to do as it made the atmosphere more flirty. I reached down and snapped the thong against her lower back. She straightened up and giggled even more and said 'Hey now!'

We played with the dogs for a moment then went back to the couch. I asked her about this guy and she said he was a friend that she really liked but wasn't ready to do sexual things yet but he turned her on. I asked what did you do about that? she said 'Well I got my toy out the closet and went and took a shower and masturbated.'

I was shocked at how candid she was but my penis immediately reacted and began to grow. I sort of shifted and grabbed my dick and moved it. She noticed and said does that get you going? 'I said yeah' then I asked 'How'd you do it in the shower?' and she said 'like this' and put her leg up on the couch and mimicked moving the dildo in and out and rubbing her clit. I said 'woh I didn't know you liked that' she said 'I've changed a bit'

By this time I was really fully hard and it was impossible to hide. I saw her eyes flick down to my pants and back up. She said, with a serious stare to me, 'I'm uh going to go to the bathroom' it was more than obvious what she meant by that but I played dumb. I said 'ok' and she went to the bathroom giggling. She shut the door and within a few minutes I heard moaning.

Gathering up my courage I went to the bathroom, took a breath and opened the door.

There was my ex against the wall with her shorts unbuttoned and her hand rubbing over her underwear right over her lips. I reached down and touched myself through my jeans. She said 'you can come in here' I replied 'No I'm going to go out to the couch, you should come with me' I walked out the the couch, sat down and reached down my pants and began rubbing myself over my underwear. She walked out and took her pants off.

Now just in her thong, tank top and bra, she walked over to the couch and sat down next to me and pulled my jeans off. I laid her back and we laid facing each other so my legs were under her arms and hers were under mine and we started masturbating watching each other.

It wasn't long before she sat up and started tugging on my underwear. I got the message and pulled mine off, then reached over and pulled hers off. Her pussy was gorgeous. Closely shaved like it always was with bright pink lips that were glistening with her wetness. Her lips were not big but not small they were, perfect, and her clit was poking out of its hood. She said here and pulled my hand toward her pussy.

I said 'this is as far as I can let this go' because I wasn't sure at the time what my new relationship was going to look like. She said 'I know' and ran my finger over my her pussy and said 'feel how wet you make me?' I said 'You're soaking'

We'd masturbated each other many times when we were together but this felt like it was a completely new and different person I was with.

My ex started rubbing herself over her lips faster and faster and faster. She likes to be masturbated by running a rigidly straight finger over her hole back and forth and only sometimes likes clitoral stimulation. She had her index finger running up and down between her lips. I sat up and kneeled between her legs so my cock head was right above what little pubic hair she had.

I began to stroke faster and faster and she did the same, the heat was building between us, her cheeks were red and I could see here tightening her ass and leg muscles as the waves of pleasure she was giving herself hit her.

We began to talk, 'how often do you masturbate?' I breathlessly asked her as I increased my pace. 'Right now' she said between gasps 'three or four times a week (that was a lot for her) and I always always think about you' 'I thought about you in the shower this morning, not that guy' I think her telling me that plus the fact that I put my hand on her upper thigh and put my cock closer, is what made her cum.

She said 'oh oh oh! I'm cumming!!' and her whole body tensed and I could see the contractions in her ass and stomach and legs. Her legs squeezed me tight as she was cumming and she closed her eyes and moaned my name. I kept stroking faster and faster.

I felt my orgasm approaching which starts from my ass feels like it just travels up my balls to my shaft and finally.....

I quickly asked, 'can I cum on you?' 'yeah' she replied still catching her breath. She pulled her tank top up a bit to expose her stomach but I put my cock head right on her pubic hair and let go with one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had in my life. At least five pulses of cum shot out of my penis as I stroked faster and said her name 'I'm cumming I'm cumming I'm cumming' I repeated over and over as I always do. My cum soaked her pubic area as she thrusted her hips up to meet my penis.

In the afterglow we kissed and cleaned up with a towel. She stood up we hugged and then she started crying. I asked what was wrong? 'that was just really really good' I said it was for me too and hugged her tight. I left after talking for a bit and that began a series of encounters we had while things were in limbo for me and my new life. More to come...



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