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With My Cousin Julia

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I know that there are a lot of cousin stories, but, oh well.

Both names have been unchanged.

Please note-We do not have any feelings for each other or anything like that, we just want to have a little fun.


First off, I'll tell you about myself. I am about 5'7', I'm very thin, I have medium-length unkempt-looking dark blondish-brown hair, blue-green eyes, I wear glasses, and I have fair skin.

My cousin Julia is about 5'8', thin as well and she has long, natural red hair, has dark blue eyes, and has slightly lighter skin than me. She's very beautiful.

Anyway, this happened four days ago, on Saturday. My cousin Julia was staying over for two weeks (in fact, she's still here - she's even writing this with me). My parents left to go somewhere (I forget where), and they would be gone for five or six hours. Julia and I are very open about everything, so we both knew that the other masturbated and looked at porn frequently. So, a little while after they left, Julia, carrying a DVD, came over to where I was sitting and sat next to me. She said, 'Hey, check this out! (It was a lesbian porno) I borrowed it from my friend...Ya wanna watch it with me?' I was kind of startled, but I was horny, so I said, 'Hell yeah!'

She put it in, and she fast-forwarded through the beginning crap until it got to the good stuff. Three hot girls stripped and started licking and fingering each other's pussies. I was rock-hard almost instantly, and Julia was already rubbing herself through her pants! She caught me watching her, but she smiled and suddenly took her shirt and bra off! She has awesome, relatively small, but not too small tits. I involuntarily said 'Whoa!' and she smiled and proceeded to take off my shirt. She took my hands and placed them on her tits. I didn't need any more prompting and started rubbing and playing with them. They felt awesomely soft and were just awesome overall. I leaned over and started kissing her on the lips for what seemed like a long time.

When we stopped kissing, she told me to take off her pants, so naturally, I did. I then pulled off her panties... wow. There was her awesome pink pussy with a good amount of slightly trimmed red pubic hair around it. It was just so, so awesome! I started rubbing her clit with my thumb. She started breathing heavier and moaning lightly. I brought my other hand up and started playing with her tits again. After a few minutes, she was breathing heavy and moaning, and said 'C'mon, Chris! Finger me!'

So I took my middle finger and slipped it into her dripping wet pussy and started finger-fucking her hard. She let out a sharp gasp when I did this and started moaning louder. I stuck in another finger and at this she said 'Oh fuck Chris I'm gonna cum!' and started screaming and bucking her hips until she came. My fingers were completely covered in her cum. I licked them clean. It tasted good too! She said, 'Oh God, Chris, that was so fucking good!'

When she caught her breath, she came over to me and unzipped my pants and took them off, along with my underwear. She grabbed my seven inch circumcised dick and spat on it and started jacking me. Damn, it felt great! She started playing with my balls with her other hand. I started breathing heavy and said 'Shit, I'm gonna cum!' and she started jacking harder and faster until I came all over her chest. Oh my God, it felt so good!

When we were done, we made out again and promised each other that that wouldn't be the last time!



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