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With My Cousin

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The summer I was eleven, my family went on vacation with my mom's sister's family. We were staying at the beach, and I was sharing a room with my cousin Alana, who was fourteen. She is totally hot (she's a professional model nowadays), and since she was older than me, I like totally worshiped her and thought she was the coolest thing in the world.

Anyway, this was the summer between the sixth and seventh grade for me, and in the sixth grade, my first year in middle school, we had started showering after gym class for the first time. At first, I was like so nervous, but I secretly really liked it because I liked seeing other girls naked, checking out their breasts, their pubic hair and stuff. Like I said, at first I was nervous about undressing in front of the other girls, but I soon really liked it. After the first few weeks, I'd never wear a towel or anything to the showers, just go naked, and most of my friends did too. So I guess I should have figured out that I was bi, but I didn't. I just knew I liked it. No one was open about homosexuality where I grew up, so I never would have told anyone that I liked seeing other girls.

So, anyway, I was sharing this room with Alana, and since we were at the beach, we were in bathing suits most of the time, and in our room we like just took them off in front of each other all the time, and I was so into seeing Alana's body. She is really tall and slender, had small firm boobs (but a lot bigger than mine because she was three years older), and she definitely had more hair in her private places than I did.

So anyway, one night, like after we'd been there three days, Alana and I were lying on my bed at night before we went to sleep, and she was in just her panties and so was I, which I really liked, and she asked me if I ever played with my opening. Now there was no way any of my friends from home would ever have said anything like that, so I guess I just blushed totally red and said no. But Alana said, 'It's ok, Karen, all girls do it.'

So I didn't know what to say, and Alana said that she and her friends did it in front of each other sometimes when they slept over, and I said no way, and she said they really did, and then took off her panties, and asked if I wanted to do it with her. I was like, OMG, and somehow I found the courage to say yes, so I took off my panties too, and we sat there, totally naked, looking at each other, with our legs open, and Alana started to play with her boobs and stroking her vulva. She asked how long I had been getting hair on my private places, and I said like for a year, and she was like that's really cool, because she herself hadn't had any hair on her mound until she was eleven, and I had started getting it when I was ten, and that made me feel really grown up, so I was less nervous.

Anyway, we sat there for an hour, playing with our openings, and talking about what we liked to do to ourselves, and she told me how she would sometimes put the handle of her hairbrush into her opening, and I told her I did it with my fingers, or by grinding my pussy on the edge of this chair in my room. It was so cool because we were both totally naked and showing each other everything. Finally, we both came, and it was so hot to watch her with her fingers in her wet little pussy.

We cuddled up together in my bed, both totally naked under the covers. It felt so good. I was getting wet again, and I started to touch myself, but Alana said no, let me, and then she started to touch my vagina, and it was the best thing I ever felt. Long story short, we ended up staying up all night, kissing and putting our fingers into each other's vaginas. Alana told me later that she and a friend of hers had first done it together when they were nine.

So anyway, that was my first sexual experience, and Alana and I did it a lot after that. It was so hot because for years, our parents thought we were just best friends, but we were really playing with each other's pussies whenever we could. We're still really close.



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