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With Lucille's Help

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My mother and I in 1968


With Lucille's Help!

My Mother lived in an apartment that had only one bedroom. She had a single bed for me made up in the living room. I was staying with her this one summer in 1968. She had her TV in her bedroom and also a king size bed. My mom would wash her lingerie by hand and leave it in the bathroom to dry. It was not unusual to see her things drying on the towel rack or over the shower rod. She wore beautiful lacy things, sheer nylon panties with lace on the leg openings and very pretty lacy slips and once in a while either a black garter belt or a white one and sometime her nylons. I did have thoughts of actually putting the stuff on me at times but I didn't.

My mom was pretty about 5' 7' and wore her brunette hair down to her shoulders. She was always looking good! Most of the time wearing skirts and dresses she looked real good in her clothes and had a great pair of legs but only medium sized breasts. She was only 47 and had sex appeal but was a solid middle class woman and didn't flaunt it. She was glad that I was going to stay part of the summer with her. I was too!

When she wasn't there and I was horny I would get a pair of her panties usually the same one buried a few pairs down in her drawer and use them to pleasure myself. So one night we were watching television and she was lying on the bed in a nightgown and started to put some curlers in her hair. Not long after we started watching my mother says to me, 'I've noticed that you've been fooling around in my lingerie, and leaving your semen in that pink pair.' I knew that sooner or later I was going to get caught and steeled myself for her admonition.

Getting embarrassed I said, 'Yes I have. You know seeing your pretty lacy things drying in the bathroom gave me the idea and I just got carried away with it.' She says calmly, 'Well at least it was a pair of my older ones and not my new ones.' Then she added, 'You haven't done that in any of my slips have you?' 'I don't want any of my pretty slips stained ok!' 'No mom, none of your slips just that pink pair.' 'You know when you were in high school Helen (a very pretty blond neighbor that was a piano player and singer) had several pairs of her panties taken off her clothes line did you take them?' 'No I didn't.' She says, 'Good I wouldn't want you to get caught doing that and get a record for being a pervert!'

She wasn't at all mad or angry and I just waited to see what she would say next. 'Do you ever put them on yourself?' I chuckled and said, 'No but I had thought about it.' 'You have?' 'Yes I have.' She got quiet for a bit and then giggles and says; 'You probably would look pretty good in one of my skirts!' I thought about it and said, 'I'll wear skirt for you mom.' 'Ok I'll see what I have that will fit you.' She says. Out of the blue I asked my mother about what John (my friend from high school where we joined up together in the buddy program) told me in the Army that he had fucked her. She said 'I told John not to tell you!' Then she said, 'Yes I did and that I'm not at all sorry about it.'

A week later I was doing sit-ups in the living room and she comes out and looked real good and sits down. She was wearing a sleeveless blouse and a nice skirt. I had a feeling that she wanted to talk so I said 'I'm pretty much through with my work out.' 'I'll just watch you finish!' She says. She was quiet for at least 3 minutes and chirps up with 'What's this deal about you wanting to have sex with me?' I was stunned into silence and she says, 'Well do you?' 'I said 'Yes I do!' 'So you do!' I nodded my head. 'We need to talk about this Mike!' 'OK mom I'm ready to talk with you.'

She takes in a breath of air letting it out. She starts in and says, 'Don't you think that this is rather unusual for a mother and son to have sex?' 'Mom I'm not the only guy that has had sex with their mothers. When I was in the Army five of us were having beers and two of them did ask their mothers and got turned down and one said that him and his mom starting making out but she insisted on only going so far so she gave him a nice hand job.' 'Very interesting Mike do you think it was true?' 'No telling mom!' 'Did your friend say she did that for him more than that one time?' 'No he didn't say that it was more than that one time.' 'Well if she did you can bet that she would sleep with him.' She was just sitting there all composed and not the least bit perturbed talking about this very interesting conversation.

She says, 'I know you have this thing for me Mike and I'm not troubled by it surprisingly and I want to make this perfectly clear that right now I think it's not a good idea to have intercourse with you!' Well I've now been shot down! I thought. 'Well ok mom no intercourse, I can live with that. But you have thought about it or we wouldn't be talking about this right now.' I said. 'Yes I have Mike there's pros and many con's on it, you understand don't you?' 'Yes I get the picture.' 'Good now that we have that neatly tucked away, do you have anything else you want to say about this?' Taking a very bold step I said, 'I guess asking for a hand job right now probably wouldn't be a good idea?'

She kind of chuckles and she put her hand up to her temple and massaged it a little. She takes in a deep breath and lets it out. 'Oh God am I really having this kind of discussion with my son!' 'You brought the subject up mom and since we talked last week I decided that out of respect for you I wouldn't use your panties any more!' 'Well I guess that's a good thing.' She says matter of fact. Then she was quiet. 'You'd sure like for me to do that wouldn't you?' She says calmly. I nodded my head. She then says, 'Maybe?'

'So you will?' 'I said maybe Mike!' 'How about right now mom?' 'No! I still need to talk with you some more ok?'

'This is very exciting for me mom!' 'I'm sure it is Mike.' 'Rest assured that I'm a bit surprised at myself and I'd like to hear more about you and me.' She continues, 'So Mike if you were to sleep with me would you treat my any differently?' 'Mom whether we do or don't I would always want you to be my mother first.' 'You would! I'd always be your mother first?' 'Of course mom it would be very exciting but if the sex were to change your feelings about how you look at me it would be better for both of us not to get involved.' 'Well that sure was the right thing to say to me Mike!' She smiled a quick smile. She adds, 'I'm sure glad that this has been brought out into the open.' 'But the picture of having you look at me while I'm naked, that right now is a little hard to deal with.' There was nothing to say after hearing that so I just got quiet.

'Mike I can't decide right now about the naked part so I hope you understand?' 'Mom it's ok with me one way or the other.' She looked really relieved when she heard that. 'Can I ask you a question?' She says. Sure I said hoping for a positive one. 'Will you stop using my panties?' 'I already mentioned that I would.' 'When's the last time you did?' 'Ten days ago!' Her eyebrows raised and she smirked. 'You must have a lot built up right now?' 'I guess you could say that mom!' I didn't care at all where this was going as long as it was focused on sex.

Then without smiling she looks at me intently and says, 'How many times did you masturbate in my panties?' 'It was about sex or seven times.' I said calmly. She chuckles. 'Didn't you know that I would eventually find out about you doing that?' 'Yes and for some reason I was hoping that you would.' 'So you didn't think I'd care if you did that in my under ware?' 'Mom it was so powerful that I just couldn't stop ok!' 'At least you are being frank about this Mike!' 'Mom you're so beautiful and sexy and irresistible I just couldn't help myself ok!' 'Well thank you for mentioning that!' She says with a little smile. 'So Mike surely you thought about wanting to sleep with me when you ejaculated didn't you?' 'Every single time mom!' 'I thought so!' She says letting out a big breath of air.

'Mike relax I didn't really care if you wanted to use my panties but I did want to let you know that I knew ok?'

'Mom you must have had some idea about participating because you've said you will maybe give me a hand job!' 'Mike that's what troubles me is that I even said maybe.' 'Come to think about it Mike I rather, since this is our first time just have you lie down and I'll watch you cum ok?' 'Sure that's ok with me mom!

She looked real pretty sitting there. Her hair was done up in a pony tail and she had earrings on that matched her necklace, perfect make up! I was actually having a great time talking with her so I told her. 'Mom you know I'm glad that we can even talk about this I just feel closer about this that's all, it's kind of like you're my friend too!' 'Mike friends don't have sex together but I was thinking much the same that you and I are just talking about what's on our minds.' Both of us stayed absolutely quiet after she said that.

She blushes just a little. She takes in a deep breath exhaling it and again with a little smile she says, 'Well ok Mike I'm going to close my eyes and you get undressed!' She shut her eyes!

I was stunned to hear her say that! I took off my pants and shirt. With her eyes still closed she says, 'Are you hard?' 'Yes I am mom!' My legs had turned to jello and I couldn't wait for her to open her eyes. So she did! She blushed this deep red color and put her hand over mouth and said, 'My god you're huge!' She looks up into my eyes back down at my cock then back up to my eyes and said, 'I had no idea that you were going to be like that!' She takes her hand off of her mouth and sits back on the couch. It felt just awesome!

I said, 'Mom I think I'd better sit down!' 'Yes by all means sit down!' She says with this motherly look to her. So I sat back down on the edge of the bed and waited for her to say the next thing. She giggles and says, 'Well you certainly are erect!' 'Are you ok with being like that in front of your mother?' 'I'm ok if your ok with it mom!' 'Yes I am but I most certainly need to relax a few minutes, you're not in any rush?' 'No mom no rush for me!' 'Good!' she says, finally making a smile. She would glance back and forth at my erection. 'You know now that the shock of seeing you like that has worn down a little I'm feeling a little better about this.' 'You want to just talk with me being like this?' I said. 'Yes I'd like that.' She says calmly. She sits back with her hands folded on her lap.

'Anything you would to talk about mom would be fine with me.' She smiles and says, 'Well after we're done I'd like to go have breakfast then run a few errands will you go with me?' 'It will be a pleasure to assist you.' She giggles. We started in talking about her errands one of which was to get some new sheets and towels and to stop off at May Co. to look for a few things for me. The last one sounded to me like it was going to be shopping for women's clothing. She keeps looking at my cock. 'I like seeing the head of it pulse.' She says never taking her eyes off my cock. 'Mom it feels natural to me.'

'Ok Mike I'm ready to see you cum so lie down and have some fun!' I lay down and started stroking my cock making sure I would squeeze the end of making it look bigger. I was just about to cum and told her and squirt after squirt shot up nearly to my neck and the rest dribbled down on to my chest and stomach!

Her eyes got real big and she smiles and said, 'Mike that was so sexy! I can't believe how far it shot out!' It felt great and I love her talking about what I just did. She relaxed back on to the couch and after a couple of minutes she says to clean up and we will go eat.



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