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With High School Jock

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It was a lot of fun until he started having 'issues' with it.


I had been taught the fun of jacking off when I was 9 by my 11-year-old cousin. He was shooing a load already and I was fascinated by it all. I was always trying to initiate my school buddies with varying degrees of success. Some thought it was nasty, some were eager participants. I shot my first load when I had just turned 11 too. Flash forward to my sophomore year and I was 14. We had moved to a rural home a few years earlier and I had a new, although remote set of friends.
Like most teen age boys I had been eagerly anticipating someday getting a car, and a chance came along that my dad approved of. It wasn't a big deal for country kids to drive underage, we just didn't drive into town. This provided me a way to visit some of my buddies who lived on other farms. It also provided a way to see our girlfriends. Since I was the one who had the car, we double dated. We'd go park by the river and make out, but we never did 'do the nasty' with the girls: it was verboten! Of course we'd be totally horned out, blue balls and all by the time we took the girls home.
That is when my buddy, the high school jock and I would have our fun. We would drop off the girls and then go to our own little parking spot to take care of things.
The first time, as usual I was the one that initiated things by saying how hard my dick was and how it was sore from being all cramped up in my jeans all that time. He agreed and said that his was too. I asked him if he would mind if I let mine loose for a while to straighten out the kinks in it. Again he agreed, saying that his was bound up in his shorts. We unzipped and wrestled the boners out. My next comment was about the rough zipper scraping on the sides of my cock and that I was going to pull my jeans down to loosen up things. He followed suit.
It was pretty dark and we couldn't see much at that time. Taking things to the next step, I mentioned that I was concerned about the bulging veins that were on my cock and wondered if it was normal. I asked him if he had seen other guys in the showers and did they have these veins too. (I wasn't into the sports thing, so never did the highschool showers.) He responded that he wasn't sure what I was talking about. So then I had him reach over to feel of it. As he was feeling it, he said he thought it felt a lot like his and told me to feel of his hardon so I could compare. That was all it took.
We then began to examine other aspects of our cocks, comparing shapes and features. Yes, mine was quite a bit longer and had a bigger mushroom head, but his was interesting in that although it had a small head, the shaft was rounder than my flat shaft, and it tapered to a pretty wide base at the root. Our balls were a lot different. Mine were not nearly as large as his and always drawn up. His were bigger than mine and hung loose. This explained why he showed such a big package in his jeans all the time.
We decided to show each other how we stroked and how long it usually took for us to shoot our load. Obviously with this much stimulation it didn't take long.
Over the summer we continued to explore things further and got into sucking each other a little, then finishing off each other by hand. Our time together progressed to times other than our double dates. I'd drive over to his house two or three times through the week and we'd go down to the barn and play or skinny dip at the river. We had gotten ok with doing things in the light of day and seeing each others nude bodies.
We were both fascinated with our cum, comparing the shots. We observed that from time to time it would differ. The first shot might be clearish with the remainder of them being milkier. One time we had not gotten off for several days and we noticed that mine had lumps in it.
Another difference was what happened when we came. I always had continued to stroke my cock during my cum shots. I tried to shoot it upwards so that it would land back on my fist and slick things up more. I would keep pumping until after my entire orgasm had past. It was messier this way but I didn't care.
He was a 'gripper'. Before his first shot of cum came out, he would seize up. His hand would grip his cock like he was going to choke it to death. He said that he liked the feeling of the pressure build up in his cock, then he would release the grip a little bit and let it squirt out. It didn't seem to affect how far our shots would reach. We could both send them out about two feet at times.
The number of squirts we shot of course varied with how often we jacked our load. I nearly always out-cummed him regardless of how often we had done it. Overall I just made more cum than he did. Of course we learned that the more times we came, less cum would come out. One time after we had 'gone dry' we saw his cock make some little bubbles of fluid. He was empty.
When we skinny dipped in the river, we would jack each other in the water which gave different feelings. The water was pretty clear and it was interesting to see the cum shoot out under water and then float to the surface. It would always get into our chest hairs or pubs and was difficult to get the coagulated cum balls rinsed off. Sometimes there were a few little sun-perch (fish) schooling around us and it was funny to see them as they nibbled at the ribbons as they floated up.
The fateful night came when I was sucking him and I really went to work on his cock with my tongue on the under side just below the knob. I wanted to make him feel really good. In no time he began to grunt and squirm, indicating that he was going to cum. We had never sucked each other off completely before. He tried to lift my head off his cock saying 'I'm about to cum', but I was determined to take his wad from him. I forced his hand off my head and went all the way down on his cock while he shot. I stopped all motion as he unloaded so that he could feel like he did when he jacked. I waited just a little bit longer holding real still, then I sucked just a little more, stripping and milking him clean. He moaned and gasped while I was doing it because his cock was still very sensitive. I just loved every minute of it.
Afterward, he wasn't too interested in getting me off, and I had to do it myself. Things changed after that. I think he had issues with me going that far on him. We stopped double dating and he would have nothing to do with me at school. I was confused and hurt. Years later I realized I had a crush on him and he must have figured it out. He also must have said something to his girlfriend. Just a few days later my girlfriend broke up with me. (The girls were close friends.) No one ever spoke of what had taken place, but things were never quite the same for me. Years later (with lots of counseling) I figured out that I am gay. It sure explains a lot of my feelings from all those years. Growing up gay in a rural setting can inhibit progression of self-awareness. I'm happy to know the truth about myself.



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