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With Derek

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Never submitted but love this site, so I thought I'd put in my two little cents. Back in the 80's, Late 70's had a great friend named Derek. We were inseperable. Little background, both black. Derek was the short one, muscular, though. He played football. I ran track so I was slender and had tight muscles and was a little taller.

Anyway, Derek and I always talked about sex and told each other when we had a random (or not so random boner). Being horny 14 year olds, we told each other a lot.

His single mom was a lot more liberal than mine and even let him have a porno magazine. So one night we were reading the hot stories and in our tighty whites, stealing glances at each others hardons.

His was like him, short but thick, with a nice head. Mine was a little longer 7 3/4. Can't speak to the myth but mine was pretty big for a slender 5'5' kid.

I had mine sticking up past the elastic, head popping out. Derek says, 'Dang man. Let me see'. So at this point, you gotta figure why not. So I pull the elastic down, with junior big, hard and poppin! I say 'you too'. Without hesitation he pulls out this, I'd say about five incher, nice size, brown, with lots of veins and the head was about to bust!

Without saying another word we just start jacking our own dicks, looking at each other. He comes first, and I mean comes. About four to five ropes just shot out! I hadn't seen that before. There were no videos back then (no internet either), and I usually dribbled. So my eyes grew big, then it was my turn to compliment him and all I could say was 'wow'.

Ok, so then I lost it, I just poured out, not dribbled, but poured out over my hand, cum running down my hands and the both of us just breathing hard.

It was so cool. He got a girlfriend soon after that and became a really good football player, so he ran with other circles. But that was great while it lasted.



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