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With a Friend

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Story about a mutual masturbation experience that goes far.


About five weeks ago a friend and I decided to get together and watch movies, and do other things that college students do for fun. My friend, let's call him Aaron (real name hidden for respect) is a fairly small guy with decent looks.

At one point during one of the movies we were watching, there was a scene in which one of the actresses got completely naked to take a shower. I looked over and noticed that he was watching intently, but looked really awkward, as if he were watching a live sex act. I asked him why he was acting strange, and he simply told me not to worry about it.

Now, while he is straight, I am bisexual leaning toward being homosexual. He doesn't know this about me for sure, but he has asked a few times and I didn't really answer.

Back to the story...around an hour after the movie was finished, we began talking about 'boy' things like sex and pornography. He told me that he had never done anything sexual in his life with another person. I mentioned that while I had not had sex before (several long stories could explain why), I had received oral sex and hand jobs quite a bit in the past, but I was sexually dry (except for masturbation) for the last few months.

He seemed to clam up and I asked if he was ashamed of his lack of experience. He said he didn't really care, but wished he could have an opportunity before he 'turns 40'.

Now, given my sexual dryness, and bisexual identity, I saw this as an opportunity to finally satisfy my cravings. However, I did not want to ruin this chance by being hasty or desperate. So, I asked Aaron what sorts of porn he liked, and he didn't answer at first. I told him I simply wanted to look it up for myself because I was interested. He told me that he liked watching videos of threesomes, involving two men and one woman.

I immediately dug up a DVD I had in my porn collection, which was essentially an amateur video (that I got from the internet) burned onto a blank DVD-R. I put it in and we began to watch. I told him that we wouldn't do anything, just watch for a few minutes.

About five minutes in, there was a scene where one of the men (with a pretty large penis) began having sex with the woman while the other teased her in the face with his penis (meaning he sort of tapped her face with it and such). I looked over at my friend and noticed he had a pretty big tent going on.

I asked him if he was horny, and he swore he wasn't. However, when I confessed to such, he came clean and told me he really wanted to masturbate but didn't want to go home to do so. I told him it would be ok if he wanted to do so right there, as long as he allowed me to do the same. He went quiet for a minute, which was awkward, but then said 'sounds good'.

I pulled out my dick first (which was the hardest it had been for months) and began masturbating, then he pulled his out. It was very hard and must have been seven and a half inches long with a nice width to it. I jokingly teased him about him being big, and he told me that no one other than doctors and himself had seen his current penis before. He started beating off and we were having a good time.

About 10 minutes in, he complained that he felt awkward, not because we were jerking off together, but because he couldn't masturbate to his full pleasure in the company of someone else. After he stopped masturbating for a minute or so, I asked if 'he wanted some help'. He looked at me funny and asked for clarification. I told him to simply 'go with it' and not think about it. He agreed to see what I had in mind.

I scooted over (with pants still off and dick hard) and grabbed onto his penis. He let out a deep breath and looked around before asking me what I was going. I told him that he should relax and ignore that I was there, focusing only on the feeling of getting masturbated. He reminded me that he wasn't gay, and I assured him that it was nothing more than 'a friend helping another sexually dry friend out'. He sat back against the couch and I proceeded to slowly beat him off.

To be honest, while I have jerked a few guys off in the past, Aaron had the biggest cock of them all, and feeling it throb in my hand was amazing. After simply moving my hand up and down for a few minutes, I began playing with the head of his dick. He groaned in pleasure, which turned me on.

I asked him to warn me before cumming so that I could get him a tissue. I leaned over and began rubbing the tip of his dick's head in circular motions. After kissing his thighs, I worked my way down the shaft with my thumb and fingers before gently squeezing his balls. He began gasping and trembling, and I was really surprised when he placed his hands on my hand. I then began jacking him like normal, at a steady pace, up and down, with him holding on. I must also add that this was my first time giving anyone a handjob.

At this point, I was extremely horny, and my dick was so hard that it was almost painful. Shortly after. he told me that he was 'going to squirt', and I asked him not to worry about it. He wound up cumming on my face, about five good spurts.

We hung out for a little while after before I said I had to go home.

The next day he called me and thanked me for his first sexual experience. I told him I liked it more than he did, and he laughed.

Since then, we met every weekend (once or twice per weekend) to do the same, even though we take turns jerking each other off.



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