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Wild Car Ride

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Today on my way home from work, I felt my panties ride up into my cunt's outer folds. I found out that if I rocked from side to side, it'd rub my clit very nicely. So I rocked back and forth, getting incredibly horny. Subconsciously, I reached up and started to grab and mangle my nipple. I was getting so hot and wet and by the time I had opened the car door, I had already taken my shirt and bra off. I walked to my front door naked from the waist up. I half ran, half stumbled to my bedroom, pulling my pants off as I went. My nipples were rock hard from the combination of my attention to them and the temperature change of the hot weather outside to the cool, air-conditioned inside. They were bumpy, and had turned a deep red. My breath had increased rapidly as well, and by the time I had managed to pull my soaking wet panties out of my folds, I was actually so horny that it was almost frustrating. I threw my panties to the side after I had smelled them and let the sweet smell of pussy fill my bedroom. I fell back onto my bed, letting my sensitive tits brush against my hair. I reached into my drawer, grabbed the remote control, and turned on my DVD player with a porn inside. In the same drawer, I grabbed all my toys--a suction cup, some nipple clamps, my battery-operated and a plug-in model vibrators, and 2 dildos. The movie was featuring a woman putting on a show for her rock hard lover with her toys--just watching it can get me off! I push my tit up to my mouth and have a suck, then attach a nipple clamp. I repeat with the other one. I then try to concentrate on the movie, occasionally pulling on the chain connecting the two clamps. After about five minutes, I can feel my pussy juices running out of me onto my bed. I twirl my clit with my fingers, first with the hood covering it, then without. I delicately pull the head of my button back, and put the suction cup over it and tug on it occasionally as I continue to watch the movie. When something really gets me hot, I pull the suction cup off my clit, twirl it a few times, and re-attach the suction. After doing that a few times as well as pulling on my nipple clamps, I'm just going insane with desire. I sit straight up, move my hand down to the bottom of my sweet-smelling pussy, and push one finger inside me--quickly becoming two, then three. I get the temptation to finger my G-spot, but I don't. Instead, I grab my realistic seven inch dildo and slowly sit on top of it. I just let it sit there for a while, leaving me to play with my clamps and suction cup. With the dildo in, it intensifies everything I'm feeling. Then I sit there, not moving, and watch the movie. I concentrate on feeling the dildo deep inside my cunt, occasionally moving slightly to get just the right angle. After getting it right, I feel it so deep. I feel every surface on every wall, pushing on my vaginal walls. I also feel it at my cervix, as deep as it can go. I start to rock back and forth, occasionally up and down, until I feel as if I'm going to cum soon. Then, I sit still, and start to play with my clit. I love to circle it, not lifting up it's foreskin or touching it's head, just circling with my finger pressing hard into the area surrounding my clit. Then when the feeling becomes unbearable, I move back and rest against the headboard, pull up my hood and push right on the head of my clit. I just go at it. I then grab my vibrator, plug it in, and put it on low, right on my my clit, and rock back and forth, feeling the dildo all around my cunt's walls. I turn my vibrator up to medium, and start to slide my dildo in and out of my soaking wet pussy. At first going slowly, and then going faster--all while feeling the vibrations on my clit. Finally, when I can stand it no longer, when I'm at the point I HAVE to cum, I turn my vibrator on high. I fuck myself with my dildo as I see my juices seeping out of my cunt and down my thigh. I feel my pussy clamping down on the toy, sucking the hell out of the fake cock. I moan so loud, I know my neighbors can hear me--but it only turns me on even more. It seems to go on forever. When it stops all but little convulsions of pleasure in my cunt, I pull my cum-covered dildo and ram it in my ass. I moan--whether it be pleasure or pain, I neither know nor care. I slowly start to pump it in and out, and I re-attach the suction on my sore and swollen clit. Then I put my fingers to my mouth, sucking off all my delicious juices, and insert my hand back into my soaking wet cunt. I go in there with two fingers, then three, then four, all while moving the dildo in my ass. I attack my G-spot, pushing it in and feeling my pussy sucking on my hand. My ass is so hot, and my cunt is so wet, I can feel it coming. I moan and scream in ecstasy, as I see a spurt of cum fly out of my cunt and onto the bed and my legs. I seem to cum forever, and I just can't force myself to stop this pleasure. Finally, my pussy lets go of my hand, and I fall back onto my bed. I suck my pussy juices off my hand while I finish watching the porno, and eventually fall asleep without even caring to remove my nipple clamps, suction cup, or dildo. I have amazing dreams, and I wake up to my hand in my cunt. I do it all over again. After about four hours of straight pleasure, my cunt is aching and my hand is sore. But I'm still so horny--everything gets me going. I try everything I can to get off. I finally just call up my boyfriend and fuck him.



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