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Wife's Transformation

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My wife and I will have been married for 15 years come this next March. During those 14 plus years I have never truly lost my desires for her despite our sex life having been nothing short of horrific. My wife is a petite woman who weighs less than 100 lbs and is very attractive. Just prior to our marriage she went on the pill. We made it 4 years of college without it, but my wife didn't want to accidentally get pregnant right before the wedding and we weren't planning to have kids any time soon. The doctor told her of all the possible side effects including losing sexual desires; but losing her sexual appetite was not imaginable, since we were very active each and every day.
Well, the unimaginable became reality and a few months after she went on the pill she started to lose her sex drive. Even after stopping the pill and having children she never reverted back to being the sexual dynamo she was during college. Occasionally she would have fleeting moments of desires and I was thankful for that, but I could count them on one hand in those 14 plus years. She has always been a sport and had sex whenever I asked, but she never enjoyed it and hardly got wet enough to allow me to penetrate her. Usually I would have to break out the KY jelly to help penetrate her. So as you can imagine, I masturbate quite frequently fantasizing about the days of old when we both enjoyed sex and could not get enough of it.
My wife was not big on masturbating. She got disappointed when I discussed the possibility of letting me masturbate while she showed me her very hot and hard body. She thought her body should be the thing that brought me pleasure; not my hand. Well, one night after falling asleep on the couch watching television I awoke in the middle of the night with a raging hard on. I quickly turned off the television and fired up the computer to surf the web. I have done this hundreds of times without a hitch. I soon found an adult site with some sample pictures that really got me horny. I like the amateur sites the best and this one had some really great natural looking gals nicely shaved and spreading wide. What I didn't know was my wife had woke up shortly after I started stroking away and noticing I wasn't in bed. She concluded I had fallen asleep on the couch and was on her way downstairs to get me up. What she found was me pounding away at some nude pictures on my computer screen. This was the first time she had actually caught me masturbating and at first she was furious at me for doing that. She retreated back up the stairs and as she got to our room she started to feel a little tingly in her crotch and as she laid in bed the image of me stroking my dick gave her one of those fleeting moments. She quickly jumped back out of bed and headed back downstairs to watch some more.
As she sat on the stairs watching me, she started to strip naked and seeing that I was getting close to climaxing she quickly walked up to my chair and said. 'Why don't you come to bed I think I am feeling a little frisky.' Since I didn't know I was being watched her voice startled me. I turned to find my wife complete naked and a devilish look on her face. I am sure I looked a bit dazed and confused from her perspective, after all my heart was pounding and I wasn't quite sure what just happened. I quickly gathered up my clothes and shut off my computer as fast as I could. I couldn't believe my wife caught me and got horny from it. When I got to our room my wife was lying there with her legs slightly spread. I crawled on the bed and as our bodies touched she let out a pleasurable moan. She grabbed my hand and brought it to her pussy. She immediately said, don't ask me why I just had this come over me. I touched her pussy and ran a finger up her slit. She was so wet and I could smell her sexual fragrance. She arched her head back and spread her legs and told me, 'go ahead and put a few fingers inside of me.'
I quickly positioned myself so that I could go down on her and pleasure her with my tongue and fingers at the same time. She was breathing heavier and asked me if I enjoyed masturbating to those pictures. My wife has always been very quite during sex right up to her orgasm so I was excited that she was talking to me while we were enjoying our foreplay. I told her I would rather be doing what I am doing now; but given our sexual history it was a necessary outlet for me. I asked her if she enjoyed watching me and she told me how at first she didn't but something came over her.
I continued to eat her pussy, which was like a leaky faucet dripping her sweet fragrant of sex. Man was she wet! She also continued to direct me as to what she wanted, again something she has only done a few times in our sexual history and never like this. I had a few fingers in her letting my thumb massage her clit when she asked if I could put another finger in her. She told me she liked the pressure she felt with more fingers in her. As I did this, she took her hands and started to spread her lips far apart allowing her clit to pop out.
With each passing minute my wife was becoming more and more sexually adventurous. It was as if another woman was in my wife's body. My wife has never touched herself, not even her tits, during sex in all our times together. Loving this transformation, I encouraged her to play with herself as I fingered her. At first she pulled her hands back at the very mention of it, but within a few moments she had both hands back down and was playing with her clit. I pulled my fingers out and kissed her inner thigh and asked if she wanted to masturbate for me. She looked at me and said no, but by asking I could see she was contemplating it. I told her it was natural and not to be ashamed. She giggled and said, 'I don't know what to do. I have never masturbated before.' I told her to do whatever felt good and not to worry.
She first started to play with her clit again and I suggested she insert a few fingers like she asked me to do. She raised her legs up so she could see her pussy and before I knew it she had four of her fingers buried into her pussy. She repeated how she liked the pressure or stretching her pussy lips were experiencing. I watched her pleasuring herself and grabbed some KY jelly out of our bathroom. I quickly lubed up my hand so I could stroke my rod while my wife was fingering her pussy for the first time, but I was so amazed with what was happening I just watched my wife go at it.
This seemed so surreal. My wife was beyond horny. Prior to marriage she enjoyed sex a lot, but it amounted to traditional sexual positions and oral sex and was adamant about never having masturbated. And it was always in secrecy since we had our images to uphold. This was mind blowing for me. It was like all those years were bottled up inside of her and now they were bursting out.
Just as I bounded back on the bed she looked at me with lust and removed her hands from her pussy and grabbed the back of her knees. She said, 'Lick my pussy honey and finger me again.' I began to lick her clit and slowly inserted a few fingers and she quickly asked for more. After I had four fingers in her I asked her if that was good and she said yes. After a while of sliding my four fingers in and out of her and playing with her g-spot, she looked at me even more lustfully. I paused and asked her if she wanted me to keep going; meaning should I continue with what we were doing? She nodded her head while biting her lower lip. I started back in moving my fingers in when she moaned out loud, 'I thought you were going to use your last finger too.'
My heart started pounding. I tucked my thumb into the palm of my hand and slowly pressed my hand into her pussy. She was so wet and having a few kids without tearing or being cut meant her pussy was elastic enough to handle it. She looked possessed with lust when my hand breached the entrance of her pussy. She asked me to wiggle my fingers around and as I did I could feel her orgasm building. Her pussy started to clamp down on my hand and wrist and she arched her back pressing her clit against my wrist. She then laid her back down against the bed again, lifted her legs and grabbed the bottoms of her feet and spread her legs as wide as she could. Her knees were practically to her shoulders. She opened her eyes and watched as I had my entire hand inside of her pussy. It wasn't too long before I could feel an orgasm nearing. Her pussy was contracting around my hand so tightly I could barely move it. She had a few orgasms in succession. Back in our glory days she was a one and out type of gal. She loved to cum but once was good enough for her. Right now, however, she was not tiring. In fact, it seemed as if she was gaining more speed.
For the next hour, she tried many different things from having me twist my hand inside of her to messaging her g-spot; everything as she put it, 'was incredibly arousing and sensational.' She said, 'I have never felt this horny and lustful.' She loved when I pulled my hand out slowly and reinserted it slowly. I asked her to describe the feeling she was experiencing while I was doing this and she said, 'It's like something is filling me up and stretching me out and for some reason that gives my pussy a sensation that is addictive and unquenchable.' She added, 'When I orgasm It feels like there is pressure in every part of my pussy.' 'At first, when you were adding more fingers all the pleasure was on my clit being pulled and stretched, the moment your hand entered me it was my whole pussy was being pleasured not just one area.'
Not only was my head spinning from the conversation we were having, my balls and dick were aching to be relieved. By this point I asked her if I could remove my hand since it was starting to cramp from her pussy muscles holding it so tight. She relaxed and when I pulled out my hand she moaned and pulled me up to kiss her. After a few moments of kissing she sat up and said, 'your turn.'
She got up from the bed and grabbed the KY. She placed it next to her. She opened my legs and sat between them. She lifted each leg over mine so she was spread and I could see her pussy. She took hold of my dick with one hand and my balls with her other. She started stroking it and at the same time started asking me questions about how I stroked my dick. Did I like it fast or slow, firm or soft? Did her pussy look as good as the ones on the web? All this talk was more than I could handle. I wanted to shoot my load so I told her I wanted to have sex with her now. She asked if I would masturbate for her while she posed in the same positions as the pictures she saw me viewing on the Internet. This was putting me over the top. I grabbed the KY and lubed up and as she turned over on her knees with her head resting on the bed looking back at me she reached around with both hands and spread he pussy wide open. I was so turned on by all of this that it was only a matter of a few strokes and I started to shoot my load all over her pussy and ass.
Before she even moved I had inched forward and buried my dick inside of her and it wasn't long before I was starting to cum again. We collapsed on the bed with me on top of her and I rolled off to the side. We both giggled a bit and embraced. We were so exhausted from our sexual marathon and knew we should go to sleep, but we both wanted to talk about what just happened. She told me she just got really horny seeing me stroking my dick at the computer. I asked her about her sexual 'take charge' attitude and unquenched desires. She said, 'It was like my pussy was craving more and more and something inside of her was needing more and more.' 'Each time I asked for something my mind and body wanted more.' I asked her if the experience was a sexual awakening or did she think a one-time experience?
To this day I can't tell you what changed for my wife that awoke her sexually but things have surely changed around our house and masturbation has been a part of our sex lives ever since.



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