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Wife's Toys

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I never see people talk about this, but hopefully someone will enjoy...


When I got home from work yesterday I was super turned on. My fault I guess since I was reading Solo Touch stories my whole commute back.

Anyway, the plan was originally to send my wife a booty call text offering a wank session when she got home. We have great sex a lot of the time but we've also been enjoying mutual masturbation a lot more recently too. I love this, it turns out I can be quite submissive, I just love laying next to my wife (hands tied behind my back would be nice) and listening to the buzz of her vibrator followed by the hot moans of her orgasm. She'll usually do that twice by which time my cock is leaking pre-cum all over me and I'm dizzy from being so worked up. Then she climbs up on my face and has me eat out her soaking wet cunt and talk dirty to me as I wank my cock in a blur of desperate desire, blowing cum all over my belly and her back. It's awesome.

But I realised that this particular evening we'd be busy and an hour-long wank wasn't on the cards. Instead, I got a devil in my head. Usually when I jerk off I'll be at my pc watching some porn-find an appropriate movie, pump my dick for a couple of minutes, hunt for a cumrag. But not today.

Instead I found myself in the bedroom, pulling my pants down and laying face down on the bed. Just a couple of stories, I told myself, pulling out my phone to carry on reading Solo Touch. I read a story and could feel my dick hardening underneath me, causing me to lazily grind against the mattress. I read another story, my hand dipping down to grab the hot dick and stroke over my balls. I pushed my butt up in the air, starting to imagine having it licked out as I gathered pace pumping my cock.

Then I got an idea. I rolled over onto my back, spreading my legs open. Now, I'm mostly straight and have never fooled around with a guy, but I like to include elements of femininity or non-traditionally male positions, so I love to have my legs spread as if someone is going to fuck my ass. I then reached into the bedside cabinet and pull out my wife's bright blue cock-shaped vibrator. I grabbed my own dick and began to suck on the plastic one, imagining it as flesh for a second (I did say MOSTLY straight!). Then I turned it on and laid it on my chest so that only the very end of it was just teasing the head of my dick, slick with sticky precum.

I pulled my phone back out and continued to read, feeling the tip on the vibrator buzz against my staring cock. It took a little wiggling to get comfy but when I found the spot I just relaxed and laid into it. Using a vibrator is so different from my hand-normal jerking is so undignified and desperate-laying back like this was so much more relaxing and composed. It felt like I wanted to piss and cum all at the same time and I felt my breathing get shallower and breathier as the buzzing intensified on my hard dick.

I started to pulse, the beginnings of my cum, but the bobbing of my dick almost made me lose contact. I held the vibe tighter to the end of my cock instead, never actually touching my own skin. My breathing became shorter and shorter, I could feel the pressure building and building until I tipped gently over the edge-instead of the shotgun blast of a hand-cranked cum shot the orgasm flowed over me in waves of increasing intensity, each wave spurting cum all over me as well as the plastic cock still buzzing away. When my orgasm subsided I looked at the vibrator all covered in thick cum. Without thinking twice I raised it to my lips and sunk it into my mouth, tasting the metallic tint of my cum and the thickness in my mouth. My hands were covered too and so I licked each finger off luxuriously, imagining myself a used up cum slut for a second, revelling in the perverted decadence of it.

Then I got off the bed rather sheepishly and went to feed the cat. Back down to earth!

So yeah guys, those toys you use with your wife work great on you too! Give it a go. You don't need to make it as gay as I did.



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