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Wife's First Orgasm

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She never had an orgasm before me--I felt honored


I've been enjoying this site for a long time and I figure it's time to contribute. The following occurred in 1980.
I'd just started dating the girl I was going to marry eventually, and we'd been sexually active about three times. She seemed to enjoy herself, but I could tell there weren't any fireworks--for her it seemed to be only about the cuddling. We were playing a game of ping-pong in my basement and we got to talking about ex-lovers. She'd been sexually active longer than me, but the guys weren't the nicest guys and she confessed that I was the first guy she had real deep feelings for. Then she dropped the bombshell: she told me that she'd NEVER had an orgasm. Never masturbated, never during sexual intercourse. I dropped my paddle, took her by the hand, and said, 'That's going to change, right now.' We went upstairs together, stripped naked and she lay down on the bed. I laid her down on her back and began stroking her all over--arms, legs, feet, hair, neck, and then slowly, her breasts, then her nipples. They stood up hard and her breathing deepened. As I rubbed her belly she lay there, passive, but when I rubbed her mons she tipped her pelvis up to my hand, parted her legs, and began to pant, slightly. I stroked one breast with my left hand and rubbed her vulva with my right, first only on the outside, and then I hooked my finger to part her outer and inner lips. She was slick with her juices and bucking her pussy up to meet my fingers, breathing deeply and moaning softly. I eased a finger inside, and she began to tremble all over, panting rapidly and clutching my hand to her breast. I inserted another finger and began thrusting them in and out, twisting them and hooking under her pubic bone. I kept this up for about five minutes, as she writhed and bucked and got wilder and wilder. Suddenly she began shouting, 'Oh, God, Oh, God!', and spasmed again and again, in the throes of the first orgasm of her life. When she couldn't take it anymore she grabbed my hand and held it still, gasping and then (to my surprise) sobbing. After she composed herself she explained that never had a man cared about what she felt during sex, and the joy of that orgasm was mingled with the love she felt for me because I cared.
Well, we've been married 20 years, She doesn't masturbate, but she comes at least two out of every three times we have sex and I'm still the only thing that has ever made her have an orgasm. Lucky me!



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