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Wife Likes to Watch me Squirm

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Cindy let me soap her up in the shower, but when she got the soap it got really interesting.


Yesterday when our college-aged kids were at work and she and I were home alone she suggested that we could use a shower. I warmed up the shower, washed my hair and started soaping myself up. I thought this might be a standard shower until she asked, "Do you want some company?"

I said, "Sure!"

Cindy, who is a petite 5 footer has auburn hair, an hourglass figure and lovely DD breasts. As she got in the shower, I let her warm up with the water and then offered to soap her up. I started out innocently soaping her back. Eventually I included her butt and when she turned around I soaped up her chest. As the slickness of the soap made her round breasts slip through my hands I saw her large nipples get stiff. That wasn't the only thing getting stiff by that point. I thought about touching her most private parts, but she wouldn't have it and she pushed my hand away from her shaved, pump vulva.

She noted that my cock was getting stiff and was no longer pointing down. She took the soap and lathered up my balls which made my cock stand tall. Then she wrapped her slippery hand around my shaft. After a little aggressive soaping I warned her. "You better be careful or you are going to make me cum."

"That's what I was hoping."

Thinking that this encounter was going to lead to intercourse, if she let it, I warned her. "I'm going to squirt big thick white ropes of cum. Are you sure you want that?"

"That's the idea."

"Are you sure? I am going to pump out nice big blobs of cum." (where the unspoken meaning was that if I did, I wouldn't have any left to coat the inside of her pussy with later).

She looked me straight in the eyes with a dominating and seductive stare. That told me I was powerless to stop her... Not that I wanted to.

I didn't touch her at all after that other than to steady myself a bit to keep from falling over. She mercilessly pumped my cock with the bar of soap. My breathing became uneven and my cock grew into an even harder throbbing red rod than it was before.

"Oh God, I'm going to shoot."

"Come on! I want to see it!"

"You want to see big ropes of cum spurting out."

"Yes, but I also want to feel it coming out."

As she said this, she lowered her face to within inches of my cock. My knees started to fail me a little and I stood with my back blocking the water from the shower head so that the first hot jet of white, sticky cum shot out clearly visible out in front of me.

"There you go big fella!"

"Oh god....... squeeze the head!", I moaned as I unloaded my second, third and fourth spurt. Bad girl that she is, Cindy firmly gripped and stroked the length of my dick and gave the head the attention it craved until all of my jism had shot out onto her and the shower floor.

"Looks like you liked that." Then after a brief pause she added, "Congratulations for not falling down. The way you were spasming, I thought you might collapse", she said laughingly.

"Man babe, you sure do know how to milk a cock."

"It was my pleasure... believe me", she said as she gave me a wicked, salacious grin.

As I sheepishly exited the shower, I acknowledged my debt to her by saying, "I owe you a big cum young lady."

"That's ok, you look like you need to rest right now. I just like watching you enjoy yourself."

I can only hope to be able to make her cum as hard as she had made me when she lets me at her... God, I love that woman.



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