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Wife Helped Me Too!

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My sex life, already great, got better!


My wife Sara and I do many different things sexually. We screw, well, obviously, but also we both have a very fulfilling masturbatory life both alone and with each other.

It is when we masturbate together that we get to role play, live out and verbalise fantasies, and talk really dirty to each other.

I had told Sara that sometimes, I think about a friend of ours, Emily, when I jack off. Sara would encourage me when I jacked with her. 'Imagine Emily is watching, look at her, she is getting wet, she has her hands in her knickers' That kind of thing.

On Monday last, Sara told me to come home from work early because she wanted some 'double time', our code word for wanking with each other.

When I got home, Sara was already in bed, and was already down to her knickers.

I stripped and lay beside her. I never know what is coming. (Apart from both of us, naturally) She may just jill off, she may want me to talk to her, anything can happen.

So, we were both in our little worlds when Sara said 'Imagine Emily is here right now.' (Actually, I already was, so this fitted in nicely.)

'I wonder how she smells?' said Sara 'Would you like to smell her cunt?' I moaned in reply and said 'OOoh yeah, I want to smell her, lick her out, the whole nine yards'

Then I felt something land on my face. A pair of knickers and NOT Sara's. 'I had coffee with Emily this morning, I found these in her hamper. A small light green pair of cotton bikinis, with absolutely fresh pussy in the crotch. I inhaled deeply. 'What do you smell?' Sara asked. 'mmm pussy, her cunt, and a faint after hint of pee which is really erotic.' Sara said, 'I think she may have done herself in these, and oh let ME have them'

She took them off me, and put them to her face. Not only did she smell them, she licked them too. Then she slipped them on, and squatted over my face while I finished to the most massive self inflicted cum I have had for a while.

Sara didn't move. Instead, she made herself cum into Emily's knickers right over my face. Sara is something of a squirter and it looked like Emily was peeing in her knickers.

What happened next I can't say, but I WAS instructed to call my wife 'Emily' throughout.

Afterwards, Sara said 'Mmmmm. That was Sooooo good! I wouldn't mind smelling Emily again, this time, ON YOU! If you get the chance to get into her knickers while she is still in them, go ahead.'

I said I doubted if she would be interested. Sara said 'Oh, you might be surprised. In any event, I will have to borrow some more of her knickers for you.' I said 'She will notice'. Sara kissed me on my cheek 'She already knows'.

Emily and Sara have been friends since school. I have a lovely idea that something is being planned. If so, where do I sign?



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