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Wife Caught Me and Joined In

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This is 100% true.


This is 100% true without embellishing even the tiniest amount.

It was about 3:00am some 30 years ago. My exwife (referred to as wife from this point forward) and I were in bed sleeping. We had a window directly over our bed which when the moon was full its beams would illuminate our room acting as a natural night-light. It was very pleasant when we had to get up multiple times to pee after a night of drinking. This one particular night I woke up horny as hell. My wife was sound asleep...or so I thought.

My 7' cock was as hard as it could be. When my cock speaks I just can't ignore it. I've tried and it's impossible. It won't let up until its satisfied. So I obeyed its demands and slowly began rubbing myself. My wife and I had never masturbated in front of each other up to this point. I really didn't know if she had ever masturbated, we just never talked about it. We knew each others sexual history but we never discussed masturbation. At this point we had been married about eight or nine years with a seven year old child.

Here I was slowly rubbing my cock from tip to nuts. I still remember how hard it felt in my hand. The veins made it feel a little rough while the softness of its skin felt like velvet. The really erotic combination of senses was getting me even hornier.

I was going slowly not to wake my wife as I was lost in sexual thoughts. It wasn't long before I knew there was no turning back, I was going to blow. My inpromptu plan was to splash all over my stomach and chest, then quietly get up and go to the bathroom to wipe myself off.

One more thing got me even hotter. The fact that she was facing in my direction and that I could easily be caught was mind-blowing!

After only a few minutes of this wonderful masturbation session I blew hot cum all over me. God, that felt so good. As my orgasm subsided my wife stirred. My heart went into my throat and stomach at the same time. Oh man, I'm caught and she's going to be pissed and make me feel like a little boy who played with his wee wee.

I was very pleasantly surprised when she, without saying a word, reached over and dipped her two forefingers of her right hand in a pool of my cum resting on my stomach. With the slippery goo on her fingers, she used it as a lubricant and masturbated her clit. I laid there dumb-founded. It took her less time than it did me to explode. A few seconds after cumming, she said, 'I love you....good-night sweetie' and she drifted off to sleep. I could not have fantasied a more perfect reaction to my masturbating and getting caught. Like they say, 'truth is stranger than fiction'. That certainly applies here.


After that night we masturbated all the time in front of each other. I miss those days. My current wife (we're about to celebrate 23 wonderful years next month) doesn't masturbate. She never has. Nuts!



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