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Wife Came Home With Co-workers

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My wife had been out of town to a conference with a bunch of her co-workers. A few of the ladies opted to car pool and my wife joined them.

Yesterday she came home and I thought I would surprise her when she gets in. She called to let me know they were on their way. I estimated that they would be getting in too early for dinner but too late for lunch so I whipped up some appetizers and some fruit in a nice little design. Nothing major just some picking food. I thought it would be interesting if I'd be naked.

I hear the car pull up and set myself up by the table. She opens the door and I hear voices. I'm trapped. They all walked in. My wife and three other women (a board member and her boss being two of the three) that I knew from her job. My wife was mortified but the other three were very much into it.

The board member works out every morning about 5'7', nice figure maybe a b cup in her 40s. Her boss is in her 40's 5'9'ish, little chucky, maybe full c with some nice curves. The third woman (a staffer) was a large woman. 5'5' and basically round. She has big boobs but very saggy but with huge nipples that were rather clear after she saw me.

They all saw me and loved it. My wife deep red faced told me to get dressed and the board member told me not to. She liked the show and 'he is happy to see us too' I was very aroused by the situation. My wife gave in. They all saw me in my glory and if I didn't care it's ok.

Her boss asked what I was serving as they all as they went into the living room. I brought the tray out after putting out some more fruit (wasn't planning for a big party) and I served them. I do shave my dick and balls so they were free and clear of hair. My dick is rather thick and about 7 inches erect.

They made comments on how good of a job I did removing my hair. Board member loved the look and said she wishes her husband would do it too. My wifes boss commented on now she knows why my wife is generally smiling. The staffer was just in awe. Apparently her husband is rather small.

I purposely held the trays low. Occasionally my dick would get bumped as they went for food except for the staffer. A couple of times she grabbed my dick, so to move it to get food that was under it. The others started to do the same.

It went from grab and move to grab, stroke and hold to the side.

The staffer was really into grabbing me. After the food ran out and I was just standing there, the staffer asked for a hug. I made sure I pressed my hardon into her stomach. Staffer also played up that I have been dressing as Santa for the last few Christmas parties. She wants to put in an order early.

I sit and she quickly sat on my lap. Her upper thigh pushed by dick down. Almost hurt from the pressure of being pressed against her. She whispers in my ear that she wants me inside of her. Well that got me a little harder. As she gets up she twists herself so that my dick is pressed against her ass crack, pressed back and then got up. The others sat on my lap. My wife sat right on my dick. She was dressed but I gave her a good wedgie.

My wife had to use the bathroom at one point and when she left the room both the board member and boss commented on how the staffer was like a puppy with a new toy. They encouraged her to go play with my dick. She felt awkward so I went to her. I rubbed myself against her and that's when she took hold of me. She started jerking me pretty good and I finally spewed out on her. Got her pants, shirt, and hand.

I have never cummed in front of three women, it was intense. They all screamed out as my wife came back. She figured what had happened and then saw the wetness on her staffers clothing.



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