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Wife and Her Third Cousin

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For several years now my wife and I have learned to be honest with each other in what turns each of us on. One method of turn on is for us to share with each other who we'd like to make love to and to create a story/scenario as to how we'd like it to happen.

During these very erotic times we will play with ourselves and many times finish with a great climax or by making love after the story.

One evening while we were both leaning against the bed headboard. I went first and created a scenario where her third cousin (Sharon, two years older than my wife) had come to our house for a visit, with one thing leading to another ending with me making love to her while my wife watched. I noticed that my wife played with herself in a more intense way with that particular story.

A few weeks later during foreplay, I asked my wife if she had ever had any sexual experience with another female while growing up. She had not but Sharon and her had sleep-overs together and Sharon and her would take turns gently tickling/scratching each others backs as they'd talk, giggle etc. It first started over their night shirts but did progress to where they'd rub under their tops but never in the front only on their backs. She did remember it giving her a warm feeling in her pussy area but nothing ever went beyond the casual but lengthy rubbing/touching activity.

We'd committed to each other that story telling meant just that and we'd never actually try and do anything behind each others back etc. Still in the back of my mind I continued thinking of ways that we might find ourselves in a situation where something could happen with her cousin. I've been around Sharon many times (she and her family live in the same city as we do) and she and my wife have always maintained a closeness in friendship and family connection. Two months ago Sharon came to help teach her how to make cobbler/pie crusts. It was a Saturday afternoon. After Sharon arrived we learned that her husband and son had left on Friday for a trout fishing trip at some State Park in Missouri. My wife invited her to spend the entire afternoon and also the evening with us. I suggested she spend the night and they agreed.

I relive this almost daily because it just seemed that things fell into place so easily. It was hot and sunny that afternoon. Sharon wanted to go back home to get some clothes etc. since she had brought nothing over. I suggested we might want to spend some time outside and to think about getting some sun. My wife went with her.

When they returned I was already out on the deck, had some music playing, tea and lemonade made, etc. They came out and sat at the table on the back deck. About half an hour later my wife and Sharon decided to go and change and come back out. I was kind of stunned at the sexiness Sharon displayed. My wife has a very sexy body but I had no idea how hot Sharon seemed to be. The table we sat at has a glass top. Even though they both wore one piece suits I still felt as if I was being turned on by someone posing. Sharon obviously had large breasts (maybe a D cup) and her nipples seemed to constantly be straining against the fabric.

Sharon went inside to use the restroom and as soon as she left, I asked my wife if she had noticed how Sharon's nipples jutted out and if that was real or was she wearing something under her suit that made them look larger than normal. My wife (Nancy) said no, that those were her nipples and that if I'd watch closer that I'd see they would go down from time to time and then grow erect again. Man was I ever hot after hearing my wife, because I knew that somehow my wife had been paying close attention to Sharon's breasts also. We had an umbrella up so we were not overly exposed to the sun. Our conversations were not of a sexual nature but the atmosphere just felt erotic to me and I could tell my wife seemed more flushed or something.

Nancy at one point complained about the feeling of a headache coming on. I almost cringed because a bad headache almost always puts her out of commission. Sharon suggested it might be the heat and got up and walked back around Nancy and began to massage the top of her shoulders/back of her neck. It wasn't sensual but it was theraputic because my wife claimed it felt good and was helping. Just watching Nancy with her eyes closed and Sharon massaging her shoulder turned me on. I could feel my cock swelling and I had no idea what type of reaction I'd get but decided to drop my hand under the table and see how far I could get in moving slowly toward touching or rubbing my cock through my shorts. I had to be careful and go slow or thought so anyway. I knew Sharon and Nancy would be able to see my hand through the glass top. Shoot, I'd glanced several times to their crotch areas while we talked so I figured they'd see me eventually. It was a huge gamble.

I started by pretending to scratch the inner side of my leg but then left my hand covering my cock. I'd move my hand just a little bit more, rubbing myself ever so slowly. Sharon was the first to notice. The music was of a faster tempo and Sharon asked if I was enjoying the music. I replied that I was enjoying not only the music but the visit, the view of two sexy looking ladies and how glad I was the massage was helping Nancy. Nancy opened her eyes, sat up asking if Sharon would want her to give her a shoulder rub. Nancy got up and Sharon took her chair. It wasn't any time before Sharon was kind of moaning. She was going 'mmmm mmmm that feels good' etc. Man I could hardly stand it especially as Nancy and Sharon were both watching my action. I figured it was now or never.

Without much more delay I no longer pretended to be doing nothing other than to be touching myself. My cock was fully erect under my shorts and there was no doubt what was happening. Nancy mouthed (I read her lips) a question to me. She asked these very words. 'Is she watching you?' I nodded yes. Nancy then said (outloud) 'It looks like Kevin is providing his own massage!' and as quickly as they laughed about what was said, I just as quickly slipped the top of my shorts down over my stiff cock and said 'Yes and it feels great.'

Nancy stopped and moved back over to where Sharon had sat originally. She looked over at Sharon and kind of shrugged at her. I think Sharon made the next move, she slipped down in her chair and began to massage one breast while watching my wife to see her reaction. Nancy, looked back at me and I stood up, dropped my shorts, sat back down and began to stroke myself without reserve. Nancy said 'We should have Kevin do the grind for us while we watch huh?' Sharon and Nancy encouraged me to give them a show. They were kind of laughing but man I knew they were looking for a little bit more of an excuse to fully let go in front of each other. It didn't take me long to try and please them.

I waited for the next song to come on then got up and began to move slowly while stroking my cock for them. They watched for maybe a minute or so before Nancy moved her top completely down and started cupping both of her breats. Sharon stopped touching her breasts and sat up more to see Nancy and glance back and forth at me.

After the song, I said 'Ok now it's someone else's turn.' Sharon said 'Yea Nancy, it's your turn.' Nancy tried to get out of it but finally gave in to a provactive dance while slowly removing her one piece bathing suit. Right when Nancy began to dance to the music and even before she had a chance to begin pulling her suit down over her tummy area, Sharon moved her lower suit aside, exposing her swollen pussy. She watched Nancy and began rubbing her clit area. My cock was rigid and ready to explode right then.

Nancy had seen Sharon playing with herself and when the music stopped and while standing naked she began to rub her finger up and down her slit while suggesting Sharon join her by getting totally naked. Sharon stood up and removed her bathing suit. My wife remained standing rubbing her clit now as she soaked in Sharon's body. Sharon spread her legs slightly with eyes glued on Nancy's eyes, she then, with one hand spread her pussy lips, exposing her clit for her other hand to begin a very fast rub.

There was nothing but self masturbation at this point. The girls were so much into each others hotness that it was like they had forgotten me but I felt no jealousy. It was pure delight.

We all three climaxed at the same time. We later moved into the house and stayed nude together. After freshening up we regrouped in the living room. It wasn't long before the action began all over again. Nancy ended up giving Sharon a full back, butt and leg rub and with me watching playing with myself and encouraging them to do more. Sharon had her head turned to watch me stroke myself and after the back rub simply turned over without saying a word. Nancy didn't hesitate, the body lotion was drizzled onto Sharon's boobs and the full frontal massage was on. My second climax occurred while Nancy was fingering Sharon's pussy as Sharon brought herself to climax.

My third climax came when Nancy squirted all over Sharon's hand as Sharon lay close beside Nancy, sucking her tit and fingering her wet hot pussy.

I did my best to go for a fourth climax (without success but it still felt good) while watching Nancy and Sharon stand again, leaning against each other, boob to boob, lips locked, as they fondled each other for what seemed like 20 minutes or so before ending with a fast and furious frigging of each others wet, dripping pussies.

My wife and I have talked and climaxed various ways while discussing the events of that afternoon. There wasn't any intercourse, oral sex or use of vibrators etc.

Personally, I didn't think it could ever be any hotter until just yesterday when Nancy told me (we hide nothing from each other) that Sharon had called to see if she wanted to try and get together for the crust learning session. During that call the subject came up about what had happened last time and they ended up having phone sex with other with Nancy letting Sharon know that she'd be telling me about the phone call and what happened. Sharon thought it was fine and ok with her telling me but made Nancy promise that she or I would never ever hint anything to her husband about what occurred. Nancy agreed.

Needless to say Nancy and I both masturbated as she went into detail about the phone call.



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