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Wife And Her Friend

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My wife has a good friend named Mary. She is single, and has two kids. She has to try and watch her expenses, as she does not have a lot of money. We do very well for ourselves, and can afford a comfortable life. We occasionally take our kids away for a weekend trip. In the winter, we go to the Wisconsin Dells as they have several indoor water parks with attached hotels. The cost is nominal. Our last trip we thought it would be nice to invite Mary and her 2 kids to go with us. We would get 2 adjoining rooms, and pick up the hotel costs. It would be a nice get-away for her, as she can't afford things like this normally.
Mary is a nice looking woman, very natural, nice figure, very small. She is about the same height as my wife. I have allways 'joked' with my wife about how Mary could use a man, and she should let me go to bed with Mary becuase she is such a good friend. In truth, I would love to have sex with her.
So we head on out to WI ona friday morning. The first day was un-eventful. We all splashed around at the water park, had dinner, and went to our respective rooms. The next day was more of the same. All the kids played hard all day, and by around 8:00 were ready to drop. The 3 of us adults were not tired, and were not ready to turn in for th enight. We decided to put the kids in one room to sleep so we could watch movies and talk in the other. That is when things got interesting.
My wife decided she wanted to take a shower to get all the clorien out of her hair (as these water parks are EXTRA clorinated!) Mary said she would do the same when my wife was done. My wife went into the bathroom and jumped in the shower. Mary and I flipped through the channels. HBO had their 'Real Sex' show on. The segment was about filming people haveing sex underwater. I flipped to the next channel as I thought Mary would be uncomfortable. But she said 'Wait, turn it back!' So I did. We watched for a while, and I started to get hard watching the video with another woman. I knew I wanted to cum, and thought it would be great to jump in the shower with my wife. I excused myself and said I was going to use the bathroom to get ready for bed. She said 'take your time'.
When I got into the bathroom, I striped naked and got in the shower. My wife gave me look like 'did you forget that Mary is in the next room?' She said 'what are you doing?' I just smiled and said I wanted to get cleaned up. I grabbed the soap and lathered my cock and proceeded to jack off. She just rolled her eyes in 'you oversexed pervert' kind of way. Now I was at the back of the shower and the curtain was only half closed. After stoking solo for a while my wife got close and began to rub by balls and ass. I was getting really worked up when we heard 'ahmmm'. We looked and saw Mary standing in the bathroom looking at our wet bodies. Surprisingly, my wife did not jump. She continued to rub my balls. So I continued to jack off. Mary said she tried knocking but we must not have heard her. My wife said 'no problem' and casually closed the curtain. Mary went to the bathroom and left. My wife looked diferent. She started kissing me hard, and told me to rub her pussy. It was slick and wet with her juices. She said she wanted to fuck. I was shocked, as this is not the normal talk from her. She wanted to do it on the bed, so we shut off the water and dried off. We both wrapped towels around ourselves and went into the bed room. Mary jumped up and went to the bathroom to take her shower.
My wife dropped her towel and grabbed her night bag where she packed her vibrator. I was rock hard. I said 'can we do it in 5 minutes before Mary comes out?' She said 'yea, sure' in a not-to-convincing way. She jumped on the bed spread her legs and told me to get on. I don't have to be asked twice. I mounted here and began to pump my cock in and out of here pussy. She turned on her vibe and pushed on her clit and was moaning so load I was afraid she would wake the kids. She stopped the vibe before she came whihc I founf very odd. 'Did you come?' I asked. She said not yet, and asked me to pump faster. We were going for several minutes when I heard the water shut off. I looked at her and said 'we have to get dressed.' This is when I was really shocked: she said 'I want Mary to catch us fucking.' I did not know what to say. I got so hot and light headed I almost fainted. She just reached around and grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled my tight. We just kept fucking hard and fast. I could hear various noises from the bathroom: hair dryer, toilet flushing, water running, etc. Finally, silence and then the sound of the door opening. I held my breath, and proceeded to bang my wife as hard as I could.
I could not see Mary's reaction as I was face down looking at my wife under me, but I heard her gasp loudly. She stammered somehting like 'I will go back to the bathroom' to which my wife said 'no, stay, we are almost done' She grabbed her vibe and put it back on her clit. I saw Mary come around the other bed and sit down. She was not about 4 feet from us. I turned my head to see she was wearing a light t-shirt and pair of baggy shorts. her eyes were fixed on the vibrator and my cock. I was getting so hot by everyhting that I was ready to blow. My wife was moaning loadly again, and began her orgasm. She tensed her body and grunted like an animal. That was all I could take. Wanting to put on a real show, I pulled out and shot 4 long roped of cum on my wife's stomach, breasts and face. It was an incredibal sight. I dropped down and kissed my wife's face. For the first time I tasted my own cum as it was on her lips and chin. I looked at Mary who was flushed red. Her hand was in her shorts and she was rubbing slowly. My wife pulled out the vibrator and asked Mary to try it. Mary pulled off her shorts and laid back on the bed. It was not long before she had an orgasm. While I watched her, I got hard again, and was slowly pumping my wife. When Mary finished, she came ot out bed, and sat next to us. She gave my wife the vibe. She wasted no time in applying it to her clit as i pumped her. Mary laid down next to use to watch. And then the most excitin gthing hapened: she reached over and rubbed my wife's left breast, cum and all. It was more than either of us could take. We both came again. We dropped on the bed exausted.
The next morning, Mary was up with her kids in the other room. I awoke to my wife packing our things. She gave me a great kiss and told me to get going as we had to check out by 10:00AM. Was it a dream? Did it happen? Then I saw the vibe getting wrapped up. My wife said 'Mary wants to borrow this'. It was no dream. I now look forward to more encounters with Mary, possibly a 3 way with penetration. I can't wait.



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