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Wife and Co-worker

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My wife and I are both in our early 40's and have enjoyed many a vacation. However, we began to notice that most vacations seemed a bit dull (towards the end of a week off) and discussed how nice it might be to include another couple in our vacation plans.

We never really planned ahead our idea but last summer in a last minute decision we took a little fourth of July trip/vacation. My wife asked a divorced co-worker of hers if she'd like to travel with us. My wife and her had simply became close friends through the work setting and normal socializing. She (Mary) decided she might enjoy going with us and the planning was on.

We decided to travel by train to Chicago and keep it simple with some strolls down Michigan Ave. dining, shopping and so forth.

Mary was 43 at the time, average looking yet sexy in her own particular way. She has always worn short skirts even to the mockery of some who felt she might be a little old to keep the hem lines high. I never felt that way but of course most men wouldn't.

We offered to pay her way on the motel, dining expenses etc. Naturally, these arrangements included her sharing a room with us. At this point there wasn't any suggestion from me to my wife about the possibility of anything sexual possibly taking place. My wife would have never entertained that type of suggestion from me.

There was lots of laughter on the trip to Chicago. Fun and excitement while unpacking, making plans for dinner and for the evening. Our first night found us returning to the motel room around 11 pm. We decided to change and go down to the piano lounge/bar. We returned after what people do in a setting like that and began to prepare for bed. I showered and put a robe on over my jockey shorts and flipped channels and made small talk with Mary while my wife showered.

My wife (Susan) wore a short terry cloth robe with panties only and we were both sitting up in bed when Mary finished showering. She wore a dark blue slip type of thing and fixed coffee while we all wound down from our evening.

I was on the right side of our bed (facing north) and my wife was on her side which of course was closest to Mary's side of her bed. We had the sheet up to our waist but I noticed Mary had not pulled her covers down but rather was sitting up leaning against her headboard on top of the covers. I grew tired of flipping channels tried getting a little feel in with my wife but she let me know (by tensing up etc.) that my hands were not to drift over. Mary got up for something and then sat down on an arm chair which was by a small desk. She angled her chair to face more directly toward us and while still making small talk crossed one leg up and began trimming her toe nails. I felt blood rush to my face because it was very easy to see high up under her crossed leg. I nudged my wife and she looked at me and kind of shook her head and shrugged as if to say so what?

Mary did both feet and gave a show both times. I really don't think she knew what she was doing but any lady should have had an idea what she looked like.

When she finished she went to the restroom and surprisingly my wife allowed me to touch and stroke her until Mary began to come out from the restroom. While Mary was arranging herself again on top of her covers I whispered to my wife to take her panties off but she didn't of course... however, she did get up soon and went to the restoom. When she got back in bed I moved closer to her and touched her under the robe and felt no panties.

Mary was watching some movie (I have no idea what it was) and in fact we also pretended to watch. My wife might have actually been watching I don't know, but I do know that she was now allowing me to tickle her hip side and then also allowed me to move over the top of her right leg and onto her mound. I was doing my best to see what Mary was doing and also whispering time to time to my wife. I'd tell her that Mary was watching the movie and not us etc. My wife got bolder and moved her right leg toward me allowing me more access to her swollen pussy. I was barely touching her very slowly over her clit area. Nothing that would cause great commotion or attention.

It wasn't long before I knew Mary was glancing over. She actually faked a sneeze and turned her head toward us while covering her mouth and acting like she was surpressing the sneeze. I then noticed she had her face turned slightly more toward us (stealing glances at my hand movements under the covers) while also pretending to watch tv.

I whispered to my wife 'she sees us' and then not much later I whispered 'without a doubt she is watching us.' I'm not certain how long we did this but I was hard and no longer trying to hide my erection under the covers. Actually I'm not sure I ever did try to hide it ....wasn't worried or concerned so not sure until I knew Mary had seen my stiffness also.

My wife turned her face toward me and we kissed deeply while my hand now was moving faster and without much regard as to what Mary might think or do. While we were kissing Mary started to get up and I stopped abruptly...my wife faced the tv as did I but I didn't move my hand away from her pussy. We basically went still in order to see where Mary was going etc.

Mary moved to that chair again, sat down in it and spread her legs apart slightly. She didn't say one word but her eyes were on us because I was now looking directly at her. My wife was still looking straight ahead at the tv and it was almost silent even though the tv was at a normal level.

I think my wife knew Mary was watching us but I didn't try (at that point to communicate anything) it was like we all knew it had become heated and was waiting on each other.

I made the next move and started slowly rubbing my wifes pussy (still under the covers but now under her panties) while continuing to look at Mary. I could not see her eyes real close like but I could tell she was watching my hand. She then slid down some in the chair, spread her legs even more and pulled her slip above her knees. She sipped some water from a glass, put it down and then with her left hand she went between her legs and up onto her pussy. I knew she was touching herself even though a complete view of her pussy wasn't possible because of her hand being in the way. I could see though that she was moving at least one finger up and down but still her slit was covered.

This gave me the green light and I whispered to my wife 'she is watching us and doing herself at the same time'. Needless to say there was no turning back now. After dipping my middle finger into and out of my wifes pussy and her becoming more bold, she (my wife) dropped her right hand under the cover, into her panties and began playing with her clit while I slowly fingered her from under the side of her panties. I was trying to watch Mary, take it slow but not with my wife and yet I was not being taken care of.

I knew it would be ok so I pushed the sheet down with my feet and it was at this time that Susan looked over at Mary. NO one spoke. I took my cock in my right hand (shorts still on)and began to squeeze it. My cock was oozing through my shorts.

I broke the silence and asked if anyone had brought vaseline and we all broke out into a nervous laugh. The laugh and the question broke down any remaining barriers (if there were any left) so much so that it was like this was the time to take a break.

My wife said she had to use the restroom and Mary asked if we wanted coffee or a coke. Susan asked for coffee. This kind of put me back because all I could see was a backing off from what we were doing to the point of possibly stopping for good. I was wrong.

When Susan returned and had a few sips of coffee and after I had somehow managed to get some music out of a tv music/video channel, it seemed like we quickly got right back to where we had left off. The arrangements changed though because Mary returned to her bed. I knew this wouldn't work (because I'd never be able to really see her (Mary)if she worked her pussy again.....so, I moved to the chair.

Before sitting down I pulled off my shorts and left my robe open. I sat down and very rapidly I was hard (without even touching myself)....I was open for both my wife and Mary to see.

Again it quickly grew silent but this time it didn't take long at all. When I wrapped my hand around my cock, my wife stood up, removed her panties, dropped her robe and sat back up against our headboard while looking my direction.

Mary was looking directly at my cock when she lifted up to pull her slip above her hips. She slid down some and pulled her legs up to where her feet were on the bed, legs apart, and her left hand began to play with her pussy. My wife was now laying on her left side, one leg bent up while she toyed with her pussy.

We continued this way for maybe three minutes or so until I decided to speak up. I told both girls that they had the perfect view of me but that I was not able to see them as well. Mary sat more upright and asked if I could see better which was good and yes I could see better but still it could have been better. My wife responded by getting up and coming over to the other side of Mary's bed and crawled up on top of the covers sitting just like Mary was. NO one said anything we just got busy again. I was hotter than I ever have been (at least it seemed like it) and fingers and hands were moving faster. Mary stopped long enough to remove her slip and was entirely nude. Susan nude also and both working their own pussies while watching me jack off and while I glanced back and forth betweeen legs and pussies.

My wife was first to share that she was close to climax. I wasn't prepared for her to even speak but when she said this I lost all control and shot off in a wonderful climax. I sat there a little bit but felt a bit awkward with cum all over my stomach and leg so I went to the bathroom to towel off. I wasn't long and believe it or not was feeling like I might be able to obtain another erection before long.

I quickly returned to the room to find Mary back in the chair legs spread way apart and fingering herself while watching my wife do the very same thing. I learned later that my wife climaxed while I was in the restroom and yet was still hot enough to finger herself and keep up without stopping. Mary climaxed with eyes glued on my wifes pussy and just after my wife squirted and climaxed again. All seemed out of breath, relaxed, and without shame. It just felt wonderful, peaceful and still the linger of erotic feelings.

Before the night was over we all three had an additional climax while we sat on the same bed facing each other. My first climax was the best but it seemed to me that maybe the second time around was even better for the ladies.

My wife and I have shared what we remembered about that evening many times while we worked ourselves toward some great mutual masturbations and love making. My wife clamis to this day that she and Mary have never discussed the sex part of our trip. I've been around Mary since then and nothing was mentioned on my part or hers either but neither has there seemed to be any negative feelings.

I will never forget it and it grows stronger as this fourth of July approaches.



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