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Wider, Wider, Wider

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I'm not gay but I don't deny that when I was younger I was very interested in seeing other boys private areas. Mostly for comparison, I really wanted to know if my penis size was average, below average or above average and to me there could be no substitute for seeing other penises in the flesh. I was only interested in comparing myself to those right in my age range say 13-15 years old, unfortunately I think this is the time when modesty kicks in for a lot of boys. During school when going to the toilets I'd try to peek over at other boys but the vast majority of them stood so close to the urinal that it was impossible to see anything, either that or they would go into a stall. During Summer when I would go to the pool, boys would go through great lengths not to be seen changing, they would wrap towels around themselves and pull off their underwear under the towel or they'd all wait for the one changing stall.

Most of the people that I was able to see nude were either much younger than me or older than I was like 17-30 years old and up. The main thing changing about my penis when I was 13 was the width, I had no pubic hair but my penis was becoming much wider and I suppose longer too but the main change I remember was the width or girth of it. It was looking very fat to me and I wasn't sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing. The few people that I did see in my age range did not have the same amount of width that I had so I was never quite sure if I was growing normally.

The first time I ejaculated has to do with everything I described to you above about the change in my penis size. I woke one morning with an erection and it seemed bigger than ever and had grown some pubic hair. My penis being erect and possibly bigger than before and having hair made it very fascinating to me so I went into my bathroom closed the door and stared at it and explored it. Veins were popping out all over, the head was changing colors from purplish to red to bluish not necessarily in that exact order but I clearly remember this and with every pulse my penis would jump a little bit. Nothing in the world at that moment fascinated me more. As I was exploring myself I felt this strong yet pleasant sensation knock the wind out of me and take control of my muscles. I remember stiffening while this powerful tingle gathered in the pit of my stomach. The head of my penis got very big and red and two jets, one right after the other of... well this may be hard to believe but these streams of brownish goo as I remember it shot out and hit the mirror. I know that cum or semen is supposed to be white but whatever. I looked at the opening of my penis and this brown goo was there and it was running down the mirror. I wiped it smearing it all over until I actually used rubbing alcohol to clean it off.

I don't believe in stages of puberty because I think that we all start and finish at different times and I really believe that most of the growing that I did happened before I was 14. However I never thought to measure myself growing up so I can't compare.

Anybody who has read this story please tell me one thing because when I tell people that my first cum was brown they look at me like I am crazy. Does anybody have a similar experience in having a weird color for their first ejaculation?



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