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Wi-fi Heat

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just happened yesterday...


I have been reading several stories from this site and have always found the experience good fun. I wanted to post my own story here but have never experienced one until yesterday.

I am a fresh college graduate and I am only going to our university to fix some post-graduation papers. Afternoon came and students were so busy, walking all around the place. It was so chaotic that I decided to sit quietly by one of the offices that offers free Wi-Fi services. I instinctively held my cellular phone and opened this site. After reading some stories, the bulge in my pants started to become more apparent for others to see. I took all precautions so that no one noticed my boner.

However, one guy sat right beside me on the bench. I glanced at him and saw that he is actually good-looking. He has a fair complexion, dark black hair, nice brown eyes, and is of good build as well.

I was kind of alarmed when he sat beside me, but I was too turned on to stop reading the contributions. So I continued, not minding that he is right beside me.

After just a few seconds, he said, 'I wanna see it too.'

'Ah, sure.', I replied.

He moved closer, I mean really closer. He placed his arm over my broad, packed shoulder and began rubbing it with so much heat and force. He said, 'This is good.'

I was unsure about what to say, but then said, 'It sure is!'

'How about jerking off in the bathroom?' His other hand is now on my thighs.

'Right now?', I asked foolishly.

'Yeah, your boner sure needs a workout dude.'

I felt a different kind of heat and excitement rushing through my body, so I immediately disconnected the Wi-Fi connection and casually walked towards the men's room. He followed me there.

There were some men inside, but we did not care. He went inside one cubicle and left the door open. When the other guys were not looking anymore, I rushed inside the same cubicle and stood there like a statue.

He locked the door and smiled naughtily. He took his shirt off and dropped his pants to the floor. I found myself staring at his well-sculpted body. His abs were fantastic, and his boner was just as good as mine. Well, not until he took his boxers off and revealed a good 7'-8' dick. It was cut and very fat as well.

He once again smiled when he saw my reaction. He took my shirt and shorts off, leaving everything exposed but my manhood. Before I could even say anything to him, he took my fully erect cock and started playing with it.

I was so careful not to make any noise. He began kissing my stuffed abs and chest, and eating my neck. He was so good at this. I could feel my heart pounding faster and faster by the minute. We kissed torridly and I could actually feel my own semen building up.

He dropped my boxers and he started jacking me off. He grabbed my dick perfectly that I can't avoid making little moans.

His breath smelled so sexy and the hardness of his body (which is only inches from me) really turned the shy guy out of me into a ravish beast of some sort. I returned the favor by stroking his penis the way I know how. We continued licking each other's lips. I fondled his arse and he did the same to me.

After a few minutes of intense workout, I exploded right on his chest and chin, shooting at least five ropes of heavy cum. He smiled and warned me that his was better, and it was. He cummed right across my face. His warm cum splashed all over my body as well.

We gasped for air and panted tremendously. We smiled at each other as our sweat dripped down our burning muscles. I told him that we still have boners, though not as hard as before. He smiled back and whispered in my ear, 'Maybe we can do something about it.' I asked him aknew, 'Right now?' And without any warning, began kissing me on the lips, still full with his cum.

We masturbated each other once more and exchanged numbers afterwards. He was so nice to give me his hanky to wipe the cum off. He dressed himself as quietly as possible. He went out of the cubicle and shouted, 'I'm Carl.' I smiled, peeked at his number, and said to myself that this will not be the last time we'll exchange body heat...



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