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Why Pee? Honey There's More

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To the author of 'Why Pee?'


I was so pleased to read your story. Like you, I have discovered that peeing during or just before orgasm is highly erotic. Let me just say, that for me, its because it flies in the face of everything we are taught as girls. You know, all that stuff about keeping clean 'down there' etc.

I figure it like this, when we get horny we get wet, right? And we like the feeling too yeah? So, it's the next step. If you REALLY want to explore this, try what I do sometimes. First I get myself horny.. huh.. well hornier than usual that is. I do this by either watching porn or reading something erotic. Then I make sure I am in a short dress or skirt and plain simple cotton bikini panties. (Thongs just don't work for this) I touch myself in my bedroom, through the panties until I am really wet and my clit is tingling. I try to get myself close to orgasm but without tipping over. I also make sure that I am really in need of a pee. I like to get to the point where I am crying to cum and almost unable to hold back the pee.

Next I go out. Sometimes just into my garden, but other times, when I feel hyper erotic I go to the local park. If I am in the garden, I find someplace quiet and squat down. I let it go just like you did, in short spurts. I find that if I time it right, I become totally unable to stop sometimes. At that point, I just let go. You GOT to feel the warmth spreading between your legs and up the back of your ass as the cotton gets soaked. Sometimes just doing that is enough to make me cum.

But when I go to the park, it is really important to me that someone sees me. I went to the park a couple weeks ago and there was a cute girl about my age just laying on the grass on her tummy reading. Now, I am NOT a lesbian, but when I feel horny, hell, anything goes I guess. I could just about see her panties as her skirt got ruffled by the breeze. I picked a spot about 20 feet or so in front of her. I sat down in a way that meant that if she looked up from her book she could see up my skirt.

I pretended to read the book I had brought with me, but when she looked up, I made sure that she could see my hand resting on the top of my thigh. When eventually she did look up, I moved my hand a little. She didn't look away, so I made a really obvious move that could not have been interpreted as anything but sexual. I rubbed my clit through my knickers. She watched. Then I slipped my hand inside my knickers and to my delight, she put a hand underneath herself. My mouth was dry and I couldn't hold it any longer. I squatted, my ass right down by my heels and my feet apart so she could see the dark green cotton knickers I had on. Then, my mouth dry, I did it. I just peed. She saw the material turn dark as the flood left me. I didn't even try to stop I just wanted her to see me do it.

It didn't make me cum though, so I stood up and walked away into some trees and bushes that are dotted around. I leant up against a tree and shoved a hand into my knickers and just went for it. I had closed my eyes and brought myself to a really savage orgasm. I even indulged in my all time favorite of saying dirty words out loud. When I came too, she was there, a couple feet away, her hand in her knickers and it was clear she was close too. I said 'Why don't you wet yourself too?' I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her and leaned in real close to her ear. I put my right leg between hers and just talked dirty to her. I said stuff like 'I want you to cum for me.... Go on,,, let it go into your knickers... you know you want to do it... go on.. pee on me.' She got real close and asked me to call her dirty names. No Prob! So I called her a slut and a cunt and loads more.. then I felt her cum... her whole body shook and she groaned aloud. Then I felt her pee on my leg. It was enough to send me again too. I cummed real good and even peed a little on her leg too.

We have met each other in the park a couple times since.

So, writer of Pee? There is a whole new world of eroticism out there.

If you want to write me, I will reply..

Right now though,,,, I got to go to the park!!!

Love & peace




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