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Why I Have a Suit Fetish

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For years I knew of the Adult Cinema in my town, but never had the nerve to go there (it's gone now, was on Rt 9 in Old Bridge, NJ). In college I had started visiting adult book stores and the theater at one in Egg Harbor. I found myself wanting more of that dirty, horny experience.

So I took a day off from work and headed over to the cinema. It was in a strip mall, used to be a normal theater I believe. I paid my fee and went in. Taking a seat in the middle of the right side of seats and let my eyes adjust.

Once adjusted, I looked around, trying to find the tell tale signs of men masturbating. I knew oral action would take place in the back, but I preferred watching a guy jerk off or two guys jerking each other.

I noticed some possible action on the far left and shifted my seat over there. Sitting a row or two behind two guys stroking each other, I wanted to watch without joining.

Eventually they stopped, not sure if they came, and split to go elsewhere. I brushed off a few attempts at trying to give me a BJ and watched the film.

Glancing around, that's when I finally noticed him. An older, thin, greying guy in a full business suit. I thought it odd, but immediately excited that a guy who was just at work (or maybe even on his way in) would be sitting here in this dingy, most likely cum soaked theater.

He was gently rubbing his crotch and intently watching the movie. Probably a straight guy looking for a quick jerk, but not interested in joining in any of the bi/gay actions going on in different parts of the place.

I rubbed my crotch and watched him more than the girl and guy fucking on screen. He seemed to be rubbing a sizable erection and I hoped I would get to see it in the flesh. I shifted my seat to the same row but a few seats away. I think he noticed but didn't care as he continued rubbing.

I watched him closely and he eventually decided to pull his zipper down. He fished around in his pants for a minute or so and extracted his cock from his briefs.

Finally revealed in the light reflected off the screen I could see that it was a decent sized, if a little thin, hard cock. I instantly got harder, but refrained from pulling mine out in case he was more into showing.

Using the very liberal amount of pre-cum leaking out of his hole, he wet his cock down and started stroking in earnest. He must have been teasing himself for a while before I noticed him as it didn't take him long. His cock head started getting more swollen and red. He sat up a bit, spread his legs wide, pointed his cock towards the seats in front of him and unleashed a thick white torrent of hot cum all over the seats and floor.

He must have shot a good 5-6 ropes before they subsided into a dribble onto the already sticky floor. When his cock started to shrink, he pulled out a few napkins, wiped the cum off the tip and dropped them on the floor. He put his cock back, zipped up and stood up to leave. I averted my eyes so that he wouldn't get nervous and sat there rubbing myself through my pants.

As he walked past me to leave, he scooted past with his crotch near my face and I could smell the musky scent of his pre-cum which had to have soaked his briefs before he pulled his cock out.

He slowly walked out of the theater.

Ever since then, the idea of seeing a guy in a full suit with hard cock poking out has gotten me instantly hard.



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