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Why Be Bored at the Office

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I've been working in this same god foresaking office for so long that I believe I'm beginning to grow roots. However there is this one bit of sunshine in my day that makes it all worth while, if only for a brief flirtation of the mind, anything to help me forget I've been doing the same work for too long now.

I don't remember when it started, only that for some time now the girl at the desk opposite me had been messaging me with some rather dirty thoughts of what she may or may not be wearing under that short office skirt of hers, and whether I could guess it was tights or stockings that clung to her legs.

One day she told me to look across the room at her because she had lost her self control and was touching her now slippery clit through the silkiness of her panties. I couldn't allow myself to believe her, I thought she must be playing me up, well whether she wanted to or not she certainly got my attention. As I looked across she closed her eyes, rolled her head up to the ceiling and brought it sharply back down with a start. She opened her eyes and shouted across the office to ask me if I had a stapler. What was she doing, I'm clearly going to be somewhat excited at this stage and even walking with a semi makes you feel like every one is watching, she could have just messaged me, but she knew what she was doing, no one was looking but I knew and she knew, and when I got to her desk, she just looked at me and said, 'I'm glad you looked over, I enjoy being watched when I cum' then she said thanks for the stapler and sent me back to my desk with the blow of a kiss.

It didn't stop there, almost every day she would message me to tell me what she was wearing and how incredibly horny she was feeling, and occasionally she would talk me through the pleasurable feelings she was experiencing as she allowed her hand to slip from the desk and slowly trickle her fingers down her chest to the hot waving urge between her legs. She would tell me of every pinch and passing flick she would give to her clit, and how the closer and closer she got to cumming the harder it was for her not to scream out. But her head would dissapear from where I could see it and she told me that she had to bite down hard on a couple of pencils to stifle her cries. Often I would find myself excusing myself from the office for a break and would sneak to the toilets on the other side of the building, ones I knew weren't used very often, just so I could relieve myself of all that tension. I couldn't be seen to be walking round the office with an erection all day could I?

Oh how I would love to be able to do the same for her, but my erection is hard enough to hide, a mass damp spot is never going to pass the beedy eyes of the office staff, and anyway it wasn't until recently that I found out that she was really pleasuring herself under that desk, instead of just taking great enjoyment from winding me up. That was before she snuck a web cam into the office.

No one knew that she had brought it in until she asked me if I wanted to see what she was wearing under her skirt. I proclaimed that it would be great to see her jump on the tables and get her kit off, but thought it might be a bad idea and that the boss might not approve. She laughed and sent me message window asking me to accept a web cam invite. I clicked on the link not knowing what to expect, the picture came in fuzzy at first but then I could start to see the white of her shirt which had only one button too many to see too much of her chest, but more over I could see the tops of her knees and with one leg across the other, the curve down the centre of her thigh just swung out. She asked if I could see her on the computer and I replied too quickly for my mind to realise I'd said yes, and then she slowly opened her legs, and as her legs got wider the light showed more of her legs revealing stocking tops held by a suspender belt. It took my eye to her silk white pan........she snapped her legs quickly together and as I looked up to see her from across the room I could see that the boss was now talking to her.

She was typing and talking to him at the same time and she sent me a message asking me to look and tell her if she was wet underneath. She pulled her chair towards the desk and opened her legs once again, and I peered at the screen as the view came into focus. I could see the wetness and the weight of the silk had now pulled itself closer to her lips, she told me that her pussy was hungry for my cock and that she could feel muscles trying to pull my cock into her. The boss was finishing what he had to say and I saw her say something to him and point him in my direction. He came walking my way and I rushed to close the web cam and chat windows down before he got there. 'Have you that annual report ready?' he said, and it was funny that he asked for that because it was exactly that that I had picked up to try and hide my very stiff erection. I gave him the report and he left as I got straight back into messaging the root of all my frustraion.

'Are you trying to get me caught with an erection or what?' I typed wiping the sweat from my brow. She said 'just watch', I clicked to find the web cam window and as it focused into shot I could see a slow shimmer shine coming from the blade of a pair of scissors. She began to draw nearer and nearer to the skin of her thighs, and as her body winced with the touch of cold metal on flesh she began to trace the point to her pulsing, silkily clad, pussy. She slid it between her silky lips and found her clitoris pushing hard on her panties. The blades began to open as she took them to the side of her knickers. I saw the first blade disappear behind the cloth as she draws the blade along her leg line to just above her pussy. She closes the blades and cuts right through the top of her panties, leaving herself bare. She brings her hands above the table just to tell me that the breeze from the fan at her desk has awoken her sopping wet pussy.

I'm trying hard not to touch myself, I managed to catch my cock in between my legs to stop myself from showing, only I found that if I keep my legs together and move my legs together back and forth I can play with myself without anyone knowing. That's what I was doing when I looked at the screen to find her fingers delicately exploring the folds of her lips, she was so wet you could see her cum glistening. She was stroking the hood of her clitoris when her left hand came into shot and after delving her fingers into her delicious hole, her left replaced her right so that she could type to me again. 'have you ever touched yourself at work?' she aked me, to which I denied obviously, 'I expect you watching me being so wet must have made you a little hard by now', she didn't know the half of it, my cock trapped in between my thighs had left me feeling wet and I hadn't cum yet.

She said that she wanted to know that I was touching myself and that she wanted to see my face as she cummed and that I should release my self at the same time. I said that she was crazy, but as I watched for longer and longer at her playing with herself the more I found myself holding onto my dick through my trousers. She was really letting go by now, her legs never really moved a great deal but she held her hood open and with very small but fast movements ran her fingers up and down her clit, she kept bobbing her head up to see if I was watching. I was rubbing my cock along my thigh, ever so small movements so that no one could tell but enough to feel my head rock back and forth under my wet foreskin. I saw her pinch and roll her clit in between her fingers whilst her other hand found her hole, and by now I was rubbing my head in between my fingers, slipping him in and out of his wet foreskin jacket and squeezing the tip as I got to the end. A message shoots on screen 'Look at me' her thighs shut sharp in her video and I can see her slowly arch from her chair, she looks me deep in the eyes and I can't contain it any longer, I let go of my cock but it's too late and I cum, and cum into my trousers as I sat at my desk.

Everyone around me began to get up and leave for home. I looked down at my trousers to see the wet spot that now prevented me from leaving with everybody else. I decided I would stay and do some overtime, at least until I dried up a bit, but before I could open a new work page, there she was standing with her arms folded over the top of my computer screen and she says 'what, don't you want to come home with me now?' I explained how it would take a while for my wet patch to dry, she told me to meet her in the men's toilets, which I did.

First thing she did was to put her fingers in my mouth, telling me to taste the mess that I had created in her knickers, then she circled me to slide her hands into my pockets from behind me. Taking hold of my cock through the lining she pulled me into the nearest cubicle and sat me on the cistern. She stroked my stiffening cock through my trousers whilst she undid the buckle of my belt and teasingly dragged the zip of my fly along the shaft of my penis. She held her hand tight around my cock as she slipped my trousers to the floor. She then pulled tightly downward on my shaft as she tasted the cum now drying on my leg from the first time I had cum. She played with my head in her hands, pulling me out of my skin with one hand, she danced her fingers around my head as she dribbles spit from her lips to make my head slip so easily between those fingers.

She stares deeply into my eyes as she can feel me buck with pleasure, as I begin to lose more and more control she takes her left hand from off my balls and seductively sucks on a finger, and leaving lots of spit on it, traces her finger to my wet and throbbing arse hole, never being one who has had a finger up my arse I didn't know what to think but as she slowly applied preasure to my most private place I could feel my arse, not struggling to push her out, but eager to welcome her in. I felt my cock go stiffer as she probed further into my arse. I bucked more and she spat more spit on my head which she was now twisting and stroking and queezing me dry, just as I thought it couldn't feel better she would twist another way or point in another direction up my arse.

She knew I was close even if I didn't as I felt close to passing out. She started tugging me firmly until she had my attention by looking into her eyes, 'Look at me, Look at me,' she said, 'Your gonna cum, and cum all over me' she had ripped her shirt off by now and her eyes were really pining to see me cum. 'That's it baby, cum now, cum now' with an extra look of intent she looked down at my head opened her mouth and jerked me furiously. I started to cum harder and with more volume than I had every imagined, she just kept stroking as I kept cumming. She was covering her body with my cum, directing my cock to a different area of her beautiful skin, she wouldn't stop until she felt the last spasm of my body and the last drop of cum leave my shattered body. From there I stood up briefly only to sink to the floor in exhaustion.

She left me there to recover and after I had I came out of the toilets to find she had left already. I went to tidy my desk and get my coat and found a little wrapped up box by the phone. I opened it to find a web cam and a note saying 'it is going to be your turn tomorrow isn't it?'.

I can't wait to go back to work.



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