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Who Would Have Thought Part 2

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Names are changed to protect the innocent


I recently wrote about the masturbation experience of my sister, Daniella, and me. That story ended with me telling about Daniella asking if my wife would like to join us. This is a recounting of the first time all three of us got together.

While Kelly, my wife, has no problem with Daniella and me getting together to masturbate each other, she doesn't like to masturbate herself. She will occasionally use a vibrator if I press the issue, because I find it incredibly sexy to watch her pleasure herself. That said, here's the story.

Daniella, Kelly and I agreed to meet at a hotel, just to make it less likely to be 'caught' in the act. Kelly asked us to do what we normally do and she would just watch for a while. So Daniella and I began undressing right in the middle of the room. Kelly sat in the corner in a chair, watching our every move. I was feeling rather self-concious about her just watching. She's watched me beat off before, but never with my beautiful sister.

Daniella turned her back to Kelly while she removed her bra. When Daniella turned around and exposed her lovely breasts, I heard Kelly make her 'wow that's hot' sound. She has this little whimpering moan-like sound that she makes when something is making her horny. I dropped my underwear and walked over to Daniella and said, 'Hey sis, you're looking great like always.' She just smiled and squeezed my cock. Kelly whimpered again at the sight of Daniella's hand on my limp manhood.

I moved to the head of the king size bed and pulled the covers back. Daniella joined me and we laid down on the bed. I slowly pulled her thong off, exposing her shaved pussy to Kelly for the first time. Looking out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Kelly rubbing her crotch through her pants. 'We got her,' I thought to myself. Daniella must have read my mind, as she smiled at me and winked. Reaching between her legs I slowly began rubbing along the crease of her pussy. 'Mmmm,' Daniella moaned, 'that's nice.'

Daniella reached out and cupped my balls and began gently rolling them around in her hand then gave them a firm squeeze. Having my nuts squeezed hard has always been a pain that nearly makes me cum instantly. My cock started to swell at the pleasure I was receiving from Daniella's attention to my testicles. I inserted a finger in Daniella's cunt and slowly fingered her pussy while she stroked my dick to its full length. Again I glanced Kelly's direction to see her eyes glazed over in a trance-like state and her right hand was shoved down the front of her now wide open pants.

This turned me on beyond belief. I slipped another finger into Daniella, then a third and began massaging her clit with my thumb. Stuffing her pussy with my fingers and diddling her clit like that is one of her favorite sensations. Suddenly Daniella began gyrating her hips. Faster and faster she moved and I finger fucked her pussy and rubbed her love button harder and harder with each stroke. Daniella's body went stiff and she came, jerking back and forth her whole body spasming.

At the sound of Kelly's voice I turned to see her cumming just after Daniella. Kelly then stood and removed her pants and panties and returned to her chair. She put her right foot up on the table and her left on the ground and began fingering her twat again, staring me in the face all the while. That was a sight too much for me to stand and I stroked my cock vigorously with Daniella squeezing my balls and shoving a finger up my ass I came and came and came. I have never produced so much cum in my life as I did at that moment.

Kelly's eyes slammed shut as she brought herself to another orgasm that made her shudder from head to toe. When her eyes opened, Daniella and I lay there staring and smiling at her. 'Wow,' was all Kelly said. 'You're not kidding,' Daniella responded. She raised her hand and motioned for Kelly to join us on the bed. Kelly stood and walked over to us and laid in front of me. Here I was in a sandwich between my hot wife and my beautiful sister and all of us naked. My cock began to stiffen against Kelly's backside.

Daniella reached down and squeezed and tweaked Kelly's clit and Kelly pushed Daniella back on the bed. Kelly slid her hands between Daniella's thighs and shoved her whole fist up Daniella's pussy then took her left hand and started playing with Daniella's clit. This couldn't have lasted more than a minute before Daniella exploded in delight, Kelly pulled her fist out of Daniella and she shot cum clear across the hotel room and onto the wall.

The sight of her squirting caused me to jackoff right then. Kelly clamped down on my balls with the hand that had been in Daniella's pussy and I came instantly. The three of us lay there, sexually spent and physically exhausted. After a few minutes, Kelly sat up and looked at Daniella and me and said, 'Thank you. Thank you for letting me join you in something so sexy and beautiful.' Daniella and I looked at each other and she said, 'Anytime, honey, anytime.'

We all took turns in the shower then dressed and left for our respective houses. That was just the first time. There have been many more.



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