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While Writing Erotica

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It's Sunday morning, I awake from a vaguely erotic dream, aroused and semi-erect. I slip a hand into my pajamas and slowly touch myself to full hardness. As I masturbate I indulge in a guilty fantasy about the subject of my latest dream: the attractive wife of a close friend. My right hand is now firmly stroking my rigid member while left hand alternates between caressing my thighs, fondling my balls or lightly touching my hard nipples through the fabric of my pyjama top. I'm close to climax and I could just continue wanking and come in my pajamas but I decide to prolong the pleasure.

I stop and get out of bed and walk to my home office. I look down my erection tenting my pajamas, noticing the damp spot from my precum. I pull down my pajamas and sit down at my computer. I open one of the erotic stories I write for my own private enjoyment and start typing, writing my most recent fantasy.


I am on a walk in the countryside with Claire. Her tight blouse hugs her curvy figure and the top buttons are undone, showing off her cleavage. The sight begins to arouse me, making me bold.

'I grew up in the country and you know what I miss? Finding some secluded spot and enjoying some 'personal' time,' I say.

'Oh really? I know just the spot,' Claire says, a little surprised. 'Shall I show you?'

I nod and Claire leads the way, taking us off the path into a small wood. We reach a small clearing. Claire sits down and leans against a large, mossy rock. I sigh contentedly as I lie down on my back on the soft, sun-warmed grass. The memories of those youthful masturbation sessions in similar outdoor locations cause my penis to swell and press against my clothes. The bulge in my trousers is now unmistakable.

'If you need to take care of yourself I don't mind,' Claire says with a hint of excitement in her voice.

I roll onto my side, facing away from her as I unfasten my trousers. I sigh in relief as my erection springs free. I wrap my hand around the rigid shaft and begin slowly stroking.

'Turn around so I can watch,' says Claire and I hear the sound of her unzipping her trousers. I turn around, exposing my fully hard, seven inch erection to her eager gaze. She jams a hand into her panties and begins to touch herself, gasping softly as her fingers circle her clitoris. We masturbate ourselves, watching each others' erotic self-pleasure. The sounds of our growing pleasure, our panting breaths, our lustful groans, loud in the quiet, still wood.

Claire comes first. 'Oh! Oh! Oh!' she gasps as her body trembles and quivers. I am moments behind, grunting and shuddering as I spurt onto the grass.


I have been masturbating while writing, one hand typing while the other stroked my erection. I would often stop typing to focus on masturbating. Or, if I felt I was getting close, I would start typing with both hands, allowing my arousal to cool, prolonging my pleasure. Writing my fantasies heightens them and at the scene's (literal) climax I am also close to orgasm. I lean back in my chair, rubbing my erect nipples as I masturbate, my pleasure quickly building to its final ecstatic peak...

I have just ejaculated over myself, leaving a sticky mess on my pajama top. The thought that someone might read this and masturbate made the orgasm particularly intense.

I read what I have just written and this turns me on again and I have to have another wank.



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