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While She Was Reading

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Hello again. I'm back with another story about my best friend's girlfriend. Not really about Mary, but something I did in her presence. The story Friend's House...so Much Fun reminded me of the experience. I planned to write about it eventually, but I'm inspired to go ahead and write about it now.


The story of My Best Friend's girlfriend is not over. I have written many drafts of Part Four, but have yet to be satisfied with one. Unfortunately, long periods of time tend to go by in between drafts. To put this incident in context, I had several more experiences with Mary over the next couple of weeks, then Mary decided we could no longer engage in such activities. Even though everything that happened was totally consensual, there was an undercurrent of tension, a wrongness that finally couldn't be ignored. This didn't stop us from talking sex, however, and sharing and reading erotic stories...

It was late, not sure how late, and the three of us had retreated to the bedroom. David and I sat/sprawled on the bed and Mary sat at the computer and pulled up the latest batch of stories I'd brought her. I recommended one in particular I thought she would enjoy and she began reading it aloud...for our entertainment. Even though Mary's voice can be quite arousing at times, trying to follow a story which someone is listening to over headphones and then repeating aloud isn't the most stimulating experience. I mean, there are a lot of stops and starts as the person tries to get it right, not to mention trying to work out the computer's mispronunciations (and their own)... To cut to the chase, I wanted to hear Mary getting turned on by the story, but she seemed so distracted by the process of reading aloud that I was afraid she wasn't getting anything out of it.

Well, every once in a while, Mary did sound a little aroused by the things she was reading, and in spite of the less than desirable presentation, I found myself responding as well. I encouraged myself, from time to time, with a hand in my lap, not wanting to get too involved as that could get awkward. Meanwhile, David was playing word games on a talking dictionary, and I don't know or care how he was reacting to the story.

I don't remember just how it happened, but I ended up sitting Indian-style on the floor just a couple of feet from where Mary was sitting in a chair at the computer. While she was reading, I continued to play with my sporadic erection. I was wearing a pair of purple, mesh shorts with no underwear. I was being quiet, not wanting Mary to know what I was doing, though with the headphones on she couldn't have heard me anyway. The only light in the room was coming from the computer monitor, and with her limited vision I'm not sure that would have been enough for her to see by. Still, I didn't want to be caught. However, as I became more aroused, I threw caution to the wind and exposed my dick through the leg of my shorts, prepared at a moment's notice to stow it back out of sight.

Why was I playing with myself like that? Mary's performance was only marginally arousing. I had no lotion. I didn't want to come. I didn't want to get caught. Still...I couldn't help myself, and despite my better judgement, I came perilously close to the brink of an orgasm.

Thoughts of Mary started running through my head. Was the story turning her on? Was she getting wet? What was she wearing under her robe? As close as I was to her, I wanted to reach out and touch her. I wanted to stroke her bare leg. I wanted to turn her on even more. I imagined her sitting in the chair with me between her parted thighs, touching her pussy, feeling her growing wetness, fingering her, playing with her nice big clit, listening to her increasingly urgent sounds of pleasure.

Well, those thoughts combined with her close proximity made me want to...but I didn't. If Mary knew what I was doing on the floor, she didn't let on. I don't know how she would have reacted. In all our encounters, I never got off, never even bared my cock...though she did offer to...but that's another story.

Mary finished reading the story. I quickly put myself away and stood up. David appeared to have fallen asleep. Mary and I exchanged a few comments on the story...then headed off to our separate beds....

Thanks for reading. Please leave any comments in the Specific Contributions section.

Happy jacking and jilling!



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