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While I Put Up My Satellite Dish

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A chance siting as I was putting up a new satellite dish.


This summer, I was off for a week, and one afternoon, I went up on my ladder to kind of measure out where I was going to put the extension arm for my new satellite dish. It was on the NE corner of my roof on the back side of my two-story house. I had a movable arm on it, so I could adjust it if I needed. It was the perfect spot for it.

While I was up there, I noticed I had a nice view into the upstairs bedroom next door (to the north of me). We're separated by some large bushes, so you can't see next door very well unless you're that high up there. I have a deck that comes out my upstairs bedroom on the east side of the house, but it's not high enough to see the window because of the bushes. In fact the only thing I can see from the upstairs deck is part of their back yard away from the bushes. I can also see a picnic table in front of the back door. My shed out back blocks the house and yard on the other side pretty well, and a thick row of cedars blocks against the houses in the back of me very well.

So, I have plenty of privacy up there. And, I take advantage of it often in the summer. I love to masturbate up there. I have a small TV I take out there, an I hook it to a VCR/DVD to look at porn while enjoying the open air. Sometimes, I'll just take some porn magazines out there, and spend a couple hours looking at them, and stroking. I'll hang some old rugs over the railings, just to make sure nobody sees what my favorite hobby is.

Well, while I was up on the ladder, seeing the view of the bedroom, I figured out it belonged to the daughter, Julie. She's an only child, and I've checked her out some when she's in their backyard. A nice developing teen to say the least. She's a bit pudgy with some baby fat still, but I really like her butt. Shaped like a heart. A sweet looking girl.

Suddenly I got an idea. I finished putting up the dish, then went inside to get a video camera. I have two. This one was the first one I bought, and I didn't like it after a while. The tapes you put inside are way too small, so I always had to change tapes when I had it out to picnics, or other places. I bought another one I like better, and just saved this one for a backup. I took it up the ladder, and attached it to the arm holding the dish. I used a lot of duct tape. I focused it just right to see inside the window. I hooked up the a/c adapter to it so it didn't need the battery. I ran that cord, and a cord from the camera to attach to the VCR on my deck. I turned on the camera, and went inside to hook up the other end.

I got it all hooked up, and turned the TV and VCR on. Excellent. I could see the bedroom very well. I waited until Julie came home, which if all went as usual, would be in about an hour. I took a shower, and went out on my desk. I only bothered to put on a tee shirt. My cock was bouncing about half hard as I walked around in my bedroom. I went to get something to drink, then went out on the deck. I turned the TV and VCR on, put a towel on the patio chair I leave out there, and I looked over some new magazines I bought that morning. I slowly rubbed my cock while reading the stories in the magazines, and looking at the pictures of girls featured that month. My cock was tingling in anticipation.

Julie finally came home, and I could hear her opening up their back gate leading to the back yard. That's the way she went inside when she got home from school. I could see her just a bit as she walked to the back door. A tight pair of jeans. What a nice ass!!!

I looked at the TV, and soon enough, I saw her toss her books on her desk, and her bag on her bed. It was my lucky day all the way around. She turned to face her closet, and took off her pants. She sure had a DELICIOUS ASS! She hung her pants in the closet. She didn't take her panties off, but she took her bra off. She turned around to pick up a pair of shorts that were laying on her bed. Her titties were small, but they had a beautiful shape. I could see them jiggle just a bit as she bent over, and got into her cut offs. Then, she got her shirt over her head, and down all the way. Very sexy!

All the while, I'm spraying lube on my cock, and really getting into this. I curse myself briefly for not putting a tape in the VCR, but there will be other times. She leaves her room, and I finish jacking off as I watch her walk out the back door, and leave.

I'm totally spent as I watch the long strings of my cum drip from the decking to the ground below. I hope the plants below like cum.



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