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Where Is This Going ?

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I have to tell someone and I remembered this site.


To start with a brief description of the setting,

About 10 years ago after bugging this local farmer for a few years, he finally gave in and sold me a six acre piece of wooded ground that is attached to another 40 acre woods he still owns. Beautiful place! Over the years I put in an acre pond, a shelter house with a tiki bar and last year a little two room log cabin which the wife and I use for weekend getaways now that the kids are older. I can't tell what this place has done for our sex life with the aid of an electronic driveway buzzer to warn us if someone is pulling in the drive..lol my friends have dubbed this place as J's resort.

So anyway, its July fourth weekend and Saturday morning I set out to mow this place with good equipment and it takes awhile so my wife says she has some errands to run.

It's your typical hot sunny July morning so like usual I'm mowing away in a old pair of swim trunks so when the heat gets to me I can jump off the mower and take a quick dip in the pond to cool off. It's probably around 11 and I had just got back on the tractor after cooling off and I see our good friend M pulling down the drive. M and her husband have been good friends of ours for about as long as I can remember so it was no surprise to see her because she's an RN at a local hospital and her route to work takes her past J's resort.

A little bit about M, several years older than me, close to 50 now but a very sweet attractive woman, always well dressed, normally nothing too sexy but always proper. Just a great person and fun to be around.

So anyway as she pulls up I pull the tractor up to her drivers door and turn it off and she winds down the drivers window leaving the motor running to keep cool, she puts her sunglasses atop her head smiles warmly and says she just got off work and asks what we're up to this weekend and I tell after I'm done mowing nothing and like a lot of weekends I invite them out for drinks and a BBQ to which she says great. While we're sitting there making small talk, my swimsuit still dripping wet, I feel a slight breeze up my pantleg on my cock and at first thought it was just water but then realised that my cock had escaped the loose lining of my old swimsuit but was still covered by the fabric of the suit itself and at first thought nothing of it but then wondered if where she was sitting in her car if she could see up my shorts. So then I started to pay more attention to her eyes and if she was even looking down there.

It took a minute or so then I noticed her glance down and right back up..a few seconds later..same thing..now I'm thinking..hmmmm god what the heck should I do...do the always awkward readjustment shift or just leave it be. To be honest I actually found it to be a little arousing until I remember one time after a few drinks we were discussing in a rare off color topic our turnons and turnoffs and she said that seeing other mens dicks really don't get her excited probably because of seeing them on a daily basis with her job or just trying to make her husband feel special..or whatever... so here I am and I can't help it..I can feel it ever so slightly begin to twitch and still paying attention to her eyes they seem to be focusing in more frequently down there.

At some point in conversation she says..man its bright out and pulls her sunglasses back down and I'm thinking..did she just do that so I couldn't tell where she's looking or is this all my imagination. She's now been there maybe 10 minutes and that is normally about the length of her visits when my wife isn't there and she's still bringing up new topics to talk about and the fact that she and her hubby will be back in a few hours really had me wondering.

Well by now my mind is racing and still wondering if this is happening or above anything..if she can even see it, but none the less its having a great effect on my cock as I can feel it getting harder as I sit there.

Another five minutes go by and she's still here and I glance down and notice that the head of my cock is now right at the edge of my swimsuit and begin to wonder if I should try to hide it a little or play this out. About then she again puts her glasses back up on the top of her head and says ummm J..I'm certainly not complaining but if you move once more you're gun is gonna be completely out of its holster! I quickly look down and say..OMG ..and put my hand over my crotch to cover my now exposed cock, and say..god...sorry why didn't you tell me and she laughs and says..well it wasn't bothering me at all and besides I thought you were cooling the big guy off then says and..if you didn't know..why did it keep getting bigger? I laugh and say I really didn't know but you have to know by now that sometimes these things have a mind of their own..we both laugh but her eyes are are fixed on my crotch and I say..well this is awkward and try to stuff my now hard cock back up in the shorts without her seeing anymore of it (really trying to play the modest embarrassed guy). And still laughing she says...aww J you really don't have to be embarrassed and put it away on my account it'll be our secret and besides that..not sure its gonna go back in there now.

When she said that I slowly moved my hand and by now it's as hard as it's ever been giving her the full view of my erection sticking out of my leghole.

Then just as I was about to lean back on the tractor a bit her phone rings and it's her husband (my best friend) and she stares at my completely exposed erection smiling and answers saying I stopped by J's resort to see what they were up to and we're supposed to come out here this afternoon but I was just enjoying some of the wildlife out here and gives me a big ole smile, then says yea I'll be home in a bit. Without taking her eyes off my cock she says..well I guess I better get going ..hate to..then looks up at me and smiles and says it's really beautiful here right now. So I lean back on the tractor seat giving her one last good look at it as I take it in my hand and stroke it once, she lets out a little whimper and says..well J..be back after bit and I say yea I'll finish mowing and probably better put on some better shorts to which she says..awwwww I kinda like those. As she's putting up her window she says..kinda like leaving in the middle of a good movie..smiles and pulls out.

As I see her pull onto the highway I sat right there in my seat with my cock in hand and jacked off like a crazy man spewing cum all over my tractor and within a few minutes after I started mowing again my wife pulls in...wow talk about timing!

The day and evening went great..BBQ, lots of talk but not a thing was said of the morning but there were certainly a lot of sheepish smiles between the two of us..and by the way..no I didn't change my swimsuit even after I was told to by my wife and we did exchange a few quick peeks of each other that day when no one else was looking.



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