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When Mutual Masturbation Was Better

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When Mutual Masturbation Was Better
I am married and I like sexual intercourse with my wife. But I got turned onto mutual masturbation when I first started having sex with girls and really liked it. Then, when I started having "real" sex with girlfriends, I figured if I got jacked off to an orgasm I was getting cheated! But one weekend I learned differently. I was with a girl I liked, but we hadn't done much more than share a kiss goodnight. But the spark was there. One Friday night, with snow falling in the mountains, we drove up to Mammoth, California, a big ski resort. Nancy and I figured that we'd find a place to stay, even though we didn't have a reservation. (We did bring along a little mountaineering tent, just in case.) One way or another we were at least going to share a room, if not a bed or sleeping bag.
There wasn't a room to be had in town. So we drove up a side street looking for a place to park and maybe even put up our tent behind a condo or motel. It was about 1 a.m. and suddenly we spotted a car stuck in the snowbank on the side of the road. We stopped to help two guys trying to push the car out of the snowbank - they were worried a coming snow plow would have ripped into their car. When we got their car out, they asked us where we were staying, and when they heard we were going to spend the night in a tent, they offered us space in their condo.
We had a pull-out couch and the two guys took the floor in the living room - the other rooms already had people in them. Nancy emerged from the bathroom in a nightgown and crawled into bed. I had simply stripped to my briefs. When Nancy crawled into bed with me, we leaned in toward each other on our sides and kissed. I was prepared to roll over and try to sleep. But Nancy held the kiss and then put her arm around my shoulder and pulled me close. We kept kissing and then I was quietly kissing Nancy's neck and ears and throat. I moved my hands over her breasts beneath the flimsy material of her nightgown and then gently moved over the nylon with my mouth. I kissed her nipples that way, then I felt her hand on my own nipples and it moved down to find my cock and she started softly masturbating me. I pulled her nightgown up and kissed her bare, inner thighs and put my own mouth over her panty-covered pussy after a while Nancy pulled her nightgown off and I pulled her panties down. My mouth found her naked pussy and my lips and tounge began to slowly do her. Nancy began to squirm and then she whispered "Do you want to come inside me?"
I wanted to, but there were those two guys in the room and I wasn't much of an exhibitionist, yet. "That's o.k.," I answered. "Let's just play with each other this way," and I slipped my hand into her wet pussy. We took turns that way, masturbating each other. Somehow we stopped before reaching orgasm - embarrassed fear of waking up the other guys and fatigue did us in.
The next day we skied our brains out and then got a room at a motel. We stripped without shame that night and slipped into bed. We started kissing and I began to slowly lick Nancy's nice, hot bod. Her breasts weren't large, which I didn't mind, but they were soft and round and the rest of her was trim and beautiful. But turn-about with Nancy was fair play. She soon had me on my back and sat next to me, licking my own nipples and ears and neck and legs. But instead of putting me inside her mouth, she suddenly stretched out beside me and began to masturbate me. I got really turned on as her hand began it's gentle play, moving slowly up and down my hard shaft. She was sort of pulling my penis straight up from my crotch, the other hand gliding over my thighs and my balls while we kissed and kissed. I sort of split my legs apart, to let her know how good what she was doing felt - I pulled my feet together and up toward my ass. I don't think I'd ever done that before, but I wanted to be completely open to her touch.
At first I thought I was going to get put my cock inside Nancy. But her hand felt so good, and it began to bring back memories of times spent with other girls who had masaturbated me. Suddenly Nancy said "Do you want me to put my diaphram in?" I didn't have to think about it. I said something like, "If you want to, but frankly, what you're doing to me is starting to feel awfully good!" With that Nancy smiled and kissed me and kept on playing with my cock. I couldn't help it. Her hand felt so good, and her other hand was back on my thighs and my balls and pretty soon I started breathing faster and my ass started coming up off the bed, moving in sync with Nancy's wonderful hand. I felt my cock twitch and suddenly I was cumming and cumming, over Nancy's hand and my chest and I was making the kinds of noises I was worried about making, the night before. And when I'd calmed down and we'd cleaned up, I returned the favor, lovingly masturbating Nancy and finishing up by going down on her. When we were done, I confessed I wasn't used to playing such a passive role with a woman. She told me she enjoyed gentle sex because she'd had a fairly abusive boyfriend for a while and liked what we'd done, too.
The next morning we delayed skiing, and stayed in bed and played again. This time Nancy's hand went quickly to my already hard cock. She didn't say a word about her diaphram or wanting me to cum inside her, as so many women seem to want to validate their own sexuality. I remember opening my legs again and telling her how good her hand felt and she said "Good, baby," and just kept jacking me off until I came. I did her that way, too. Although we got together many times after that, we never had sexual intercourse and I never minded a bit. In fact, I realized that I Nancy had taught me to enjoy mutual masturbation as much as I did regular fucking. (So when a subsequent girlfriend wanted me to try mutual masturbation with a guy, I was more than ready, but that's another story).
I still like mutual masturbation. Unfortunately, my wife rarely wants me to cum any other way than inside her, although she does jack me off during foreplay. So I still have discreet fun with guys on occasion. (In fact, if you're in the L.A. and would like to contact me, I'm at ). - Dave



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