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When He Was Gone

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Last week I was going to go to a friends' house, but I had to mow the grass first. When I was done I thought I was going to pass out, so I took a cool shower to get more comfortable. Since it was so hot out, all I put back on were a pair of basketball shorts and flip flops and drove to his house. When I went in we just hung out, watching TV and bullshitting. Not long after I got there his phone rang and it was his mom calling from work. Apparently his sister was supposed to come back from their dad's house and she couldn't get her, so he had to pick her up. He argued about it for a couple minutes, but after he hung up he told me he had to go and would be gone for about a half hour, but I could hang out there if I wanted.

After he drove away, I felt a little bored, so I went to his room and got on his computer. I glanced through his history, and just that morning he was looking at porn. I picked one of the links and it was a page of 'spy' videos of women masturbating. I started watching them and I was getting horny pretty fast. Since I didn't have any underwear on, my shorts were tenting pretty easily and there was a dark spot of pre-cum at the tip. I stood up and dropped my shorts and my erection sprang out. I stepped out of them, leaving me completely naked in his house for the first time. I grabbed a tissue off his desk and started stroking, wiping off the head of my penis every few seconds. I must have gotten caught up in it, because I looked at the time and I had been up there for almost a half hour, so I sped up until I was about to blow, then stood up and shot onto the tissue, leaving a nice-sized puddle of hot cum. When I wadded it up, I saw there were tons of them in his trash can under the desk so I tossed it in and figured he would never know the difference. I threw on my shorts and shut it down, going back to the TV. The problem was, I was in a hurry and didn't milk all the cum out, so a little bit kept leaking into my shorts, leaving a big spot. When he got back I was soft, but the spot was still wet and I couldn't hide it. He saw it and laughed, asking me if I had fun when he was gone. All I could do was smile and shrug, acting like it was no big deal. We talked about it until his sister came back downstairs, and he didn't think it was a big deal either.

The rest of the day went by and we talked about masturbating a little more. When I was leaving we were outside I said I was probably going to go home and do it again, and he joked and said I probably wouldn't even make it to the house. I smiled and said he was right, and since it was dark out, I dropped my shorts and walked to my car, threw them and my flip flops in the passenger seat and got in. We had seen each other in the school shower every day, so it was no big deal. He laughed and told me to have fun, and before I even rounded the corner, I was fully hard again. That was the first time I drove bare-ass naked, and before I got out I started stroking and came in seconds parked in the driveway.

I was home for about 10 minutes and he sent me a text saying he just came, and I sent him one back saying I beat him.



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