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What I Showed My Neighbors

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Being older now and having medical issues which affect my sex life, I long for the day that I'll be able to once again place my hand around my pulsating, vein popping, purple headed seven inch penis. It's not so easy jacking off with just two of your fingers instead of your entire hand being wrapped around it. The days of trying to suck it myself are long over. All I can do now is to look at it and play with it somewhat and remember how much fun he and I used to have.

Since I've been reading about masturbation, I thought I'd tell you this little story. After waking up on my day off with quite a hangover from the night before, I couldn't get over how horny I was. My dick was as hard as a rock just waiting to bust out of my underwear. Realizing within minutes that the kids had gone to school and that my wife had gone to work, I decided to free my dick of its prison and just let that son of a gun stick out in all it's glory for all to see. But then again I was by myself. On some of these days I used to like to put on my swim trunks and go up to the apartment pool whereby I would always catch both men and women sometimes stare down at my bulge. It was a real turn on. I would wear sunglasses so when I laid back, I could watch to see who was looking at my crotch.

Often I would use the clubhouses shower just to rinse off before leaving the pool. I enjoyed letting my half hardened dick hang out knowing that anyone who wanted to see it could. I use to take my time drying it off with my towel as well. It was my way of playing with it in front of people. Sometimes I'd go to a bathroom stall and jack off there and other times I'd go home to finish the job. On this one particular day I went home, pulled my trunks off and just walking naked around the house when I got the idea to go and open up our big picture window blinds so that if someone in the yard or someone driving by wanted to look up to my second floor apartment, they could see my dick if they had wanted.

I walked back and forth in front of the window for quite sometime enjoying the excitement and the pre cum that would leak from the head of my dick. And as always I would wipe it off with my finger and then place it against my lips and tongue tasting how good it was. Finally I decided to sit on the couch and thumb through a playboy or hustler magazine that I had hidden from my wife. I sat down, opened the pages, spread my legs open and began to thumb thru the pages with one hand and played with my dick and balls with the other. Some kind of noise in the yard or on the street caused me to look up and out toward the window when I noticed a neighbor who lived on the third floor of an adjacent building was washing her bedroom window. I knew it was her bedroom window because all of the apartmens were laid out the same plus I had on occasion tried to peep into her window with binoculars but never got to see much.

Anyway I looked right at her and noticed that she was looking right straight at me. I turned my head away and raised my magazine so I could look as if I didn't notice her. But when I looked over the magazine, I noticed that she was still looking my way. All of a sudden I got up, dick sticking straight up, heart pounding and walked slowly by the window. I went and got a beer and again walked back by the window slowly where this time she could only see my ass but as I sat my beer on the end table I turned around slowly so she could have another good look at my dick.

Since our couch was also a hide a bed, instead of sitting back down I opened it up to reveal the full size bed. I then went to the bedroom and retrieved two pillows and threw them on the bed. As I sat on the side of the bed with my dick sticking straight up, I slowing slid myself into position whereby I used the pillows behind my back to prop myself up in an almost sitting position. I was trying to arrange myself so that she could see all that she wanted. I took a sip of my beer, grabbed the magazine and once again looked to see if she was still cleaning her windows. Thank goodness, she was still there only just watching instead of cleaning. I began to play with myself, stroking my dick, licking more pre cum, grabbing it hard, squeezing it, etc and yes, she was still watching me.

So I kept on playing with myself until I noticed she wasn't there anymore. I was really bummed out then because it felt so much more exciting knowing someone was watching me. All of a sudden when I looked up the next time not only was she there but her husband was as well only this time they were taking turns looking thru a pair of binoculars at me. Boy was my heart pounding and my dick throbbing then!!! I tried not to look up at their window but it was just so much more exciting for me to let them know that I knew they were watching and I did't care. In fact at one point I stood up directly in front of the window and was jacking it off so they'd get a better view. Well finally all good things must come to an end. I couldn't hold back any longer, so I lay back down on the bed legs spread wide apart jacking my dick off as fast as I could until the explosion of thick white cum shot up into the air and back down on my hand, dick and balls. And yes they got to see it as well. I can't be sure but I bet they had a good fuck after that. For some reason I never did that again because I guess I felt a little embarrassed. But I did see them up at the pool on several occasions whereby they would look down and my crotch and just smile and grin. Wish I could do it all over again.



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