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What I Really Was Thinking. (Part Ii)

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Over the next several months Bob and I became regular J O buddies. We became very close. I became a little more aggressive and made it apparent that I was willing to have a session any time we were alone and the surroundings were appropriate. I even suggested trying other things, but was generally turned down. I certainly asked him more times then he agreed. This began to make me feel a little uncomfortable, was there something wrong with me?

It was Friday and Bob had invited me to stay over that night. I arrived after school about 3 o'clock. I always assumed that our J O activity was a secret and just between us. Bob's parents were still at work and his brother still in school, when another neighborhood guy, Jeff, showed up. All three of us were in Bob's room, we'd kicked our shoes off and were talking about high school, girls and stuff. Suddenly Bob said that Jeff wanted to join us in a J O session. Needless to say I was speechless, feeling hurt by his obvious betrayal of our secret. Jeff smiled at me, 'Yeah, I'd really like to join in.' and without missing a beat, 'Bob tells me your not circumcised, cool . . . . . . ., can I see it?' I sat there in total disbelief for what seemed to be minutes in silence. By this time Bob was looking at the floor not making eye contact with me. Angrily I replied, 'Sure, why not!' as I stood up and unbuttoned my shorts allowing them to drop to the floor. I stood there in my t-shirt and underwear with Jeff's eyes fixed on my crotch. I reached down and pulled my jockeys down to my ankles and stood up revealing what was hidden underneath. I wasn't aroused and my cock was soft and totally covered by my foreskin, looking more like an elephant's trunk than a cock. 'Well there you go Jeff, want to suck it?', I asked. Nobody laughed, 'Maybe sometime, but now I'd just like to touch it.' Jeff replied. 'I guess Bob has told you that he touches it all the time right? So, why not invite the neighborhood, right? See if you can make it get real hard like Bob does!' Now Bob was looking embarrassed, and knew I was angry. Jeff stood up and approached, reached down and held my cock in his hand - his touch didn't excite me the way Bob's touch did. He played with it, holding my balls, moving my foreskin off the head of my cock, I started to get semi-hard. 'Hey look, it's growing as I hold it!', Jeff announced, 'Let's see how you play with it.', he asked removing his hands. 'Okay, but why don't you drop your pants?', I asked Jeff, 'Bob told me you have a tiny dick!' Jeff laughed. 'I didn't say that!', Bob blurted out glaring at me. Jeff undid his jeans and in one move let his jeans and boxers drop to his ankles. What he revealed was something other than tiny. Between his legs hung this cut monster, he was still soft and must have been 5 inches. I kicked away my shorts and underwear and reached over to hold Jeff's cock in my hand. The only thing I still really remember is that it felt heavy in my hand. I pulled on Jeff's cock as my own rose to the occasion. Jeff's cock grew larger and larger in my hand. Bob at this point was alone rubbing his own package through his jeans. By this time Jeff and I were jacking each other, 'This beats Bob's little thing by a mile.', I said dramatically. Bob stood and began to strip, tossing his cloths around the room. Jeff and I stopped touching each other and took the rest of our clothes off, leaving three guys naked except for our socks. Jeff's body was well built; I found out later that he was a gymnast in school. I couldn't take my eyes off of Jeff's cock, it had grown to at least 8 thick up-swept inches really making Bob and me look like small fry.

We were now all in a circle jacking our own meat watching each other. I wanted to feel Jeff again in my hand and asked him if he needed any help. He stopped and offered it to me. I could not believe how massive his member was. It didn't feel at all like mine or Bob's as I jacked it. In no time at all, each of us had someone else's cock in hand. We played this way for a while, occasionally switching partners, until Jeff asked to stop as he was getting close.

'Hey Jeff, if you're that close why don't you show us what you can do . . . . . you know, on your back', asked Bob, turning to me 'I bet you've never seen anything like this!'

Jeff got on the bed on his back, raised his legs over his head so that his toes were touching the bed in back of his head, his cock and balls now dangling over his face. I couldn't believe how flexible he was. Holding his cock in one hand he was able to lick the head of his own cock while he jacked it. It looked like he might be able to do more, but didn't offer it. Bob and I were looking down on him with his puckered ass hole in plain view. I was astounded and well, jealous of what he could do. 'You've got to promise me you'll keep this to yourself.', he asked me. I readily agreed, as I moved to the other side of the bed. Bob and I were on either side just watching and playing with our own cocks. Jeff was now just jacking, pointing his cock at his face. Jeff said he was getting close, 'Cum on me! I want you guys to cum all over me!' he instructed as he opened his mouth and closed his eyes. Seconds later he shot his load all over his face and into his mouth. This pushed Bob over the edge almost immediately as he shot his load all over Jeff's butt. I wasn't quite there yet as Jeff uncurled, flattening out on his back breathing hard, his massive cock leaking more cum onto his stomach. I felt the pressure building inside and took aim as I shot all over his lower abdomen. There was cum, his, mine and Bobs, all over his body. I sat on the other bed trying to catch my breath. 'Oh shit man!', is all I could utter. Bob left the room and returned with a bath towel so Jeff could clean up. Both Bob and I still had raging erections.

'My parents are going to be home soon Jeff, maybe you'd better get dressed and take off.', Bob announced. Jeff agreed, got dressed, said thanks for a good time leaving Bob and me alone in silence. Bob, still standing by the door broke the silence, 'I need to take a shower and get rid of this, pointing down to his erection. Almost as a second thought, 'Want to join me?', Bob inquired, as he bent over to remove his socks. I took my socks off, stood up, and with my own erection leading the way, walked over to him, 'I'll wash your back if you wash mine'. We both laughed and as we headed to the bathroom commenting how turned on we still were. 'Boy, I wish I could do that.', I said to Bob. 'Yeah, me too', he replied.

(to be concluded in part III)



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