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What I Do

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I am an avid masturbator, and have been since I was 13. Like others, I like to do it in a variety of ways, but like some girls I have read about on here, my latest fetish is to do with wetting myself. Here is how it goes.

When I know I am in THAT kind of mood, I make sure I have a couple of bottles of water on the train. It is about 2 miles to walk for me and most of it is in the open countryside.

I make sure I need to pee before I get on the train. That is the moment I begin my fantasy. There is a guy I see often on the train. He is much much older than me and he always smiles or says 'Good Morning' to me. His voice is rich and deep and, well, it gets me tingly. He also gets off the train at my stop.

So, from here on, I imagine that he has not turned off at his usual place, but is following me. I walk faster, and get myself 'scared'. I also know I won't make it home. What if I have to pee and he sees me? (Clit throbs in anticipation.)

I walk faster still. We are out in the countryside now, taking a path between two fields on my dad's farm. The path is rough and I stumble. He is behind me. I just know it. Then I hear him call. 'Hey. Stop' I dart into the field on my left. The long grass tickles my ankles and I know I am going to do it. In my mind, I imagine him threatening me. 'You fucking bitch. When I catch you, I am going to screw you senseless, bitch'. I run, but trip and fall. On my back in the long grass, my skirt up around my waist I scoot backwards trying to get away. It is all too much and I wet myself. As soon as I finish peeing he is on me and in me.

(In real life, I am lying on my back in the field, soaked knickers tugged to one side and three fingers inside me imagining my mystery man screwing the hell out of me.)

Role play is a big part of my masturbation. I imagine being screwed (sadly, not happened in real life yet) by young men, old men, men in authority, and I love a little humiliation.

Lately, I have been thinking about what it would be like to be touched by another girl, and to touch another girl. So much so, that I fantasies about whether or not I could kiss another girl, you know, there. I don't know if I could in real life, but I like the taste of my own pussy so why not someone elses.

I did kinda do something about that recently, although I am not very proud of it. There is a girl I like and we are friends. One day at her house, I sneaked her knickers out of the laundry. All I did was smell them, ok, and lick them once. I jilled off in the bathroom too.

I am defo a clit-girl. I can make myself cum by squeezing my legs together. This is something I learned in school, and I really do wonder how many other girls have made themselves cum, like I have in a class full of other girls. (I was 14 when I did this... I don't think many girls can cum that simply but hey, maybe they do.)

I really don't know where the peeing comes from. All I know is I find it really erotic and something that is a guarantee turn on to do.

I finger my asshole sometimes too and I tell you what, I KNOW I will try anal when I get round to being laid. Why is it so sensitive there? I don't know.

I have to say, the kinkiest high spot in my solo sex life is my older sister. Karen has a boyfriend and they fuck non-stop. All over the farm, anywhere. I have found HER knickers soaked in sperm MANY times. Oh,,, how I wish mine were too!

Ah well... one day soon maybe.



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