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What Happens in Vegas Is Shared on St

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This is my first written submission, but I've been browsing Solo Touch for a couple of years now and love the stories. By the way, to Newslady: If you ever take a vacation to Vegas, let me know!


I've lived in Vegas for just under half my life and it isn't called Sin City for nothing. Massage parlors are still in operation within Vegas and Nevada is the only state in the US where prostitution is legal and brothels are still open.

This story (all true) just happened this past Monday in the evening. I had recently returned home from a four day trip out of town and was feeling pretty horny as during my trip, I was unable to manage any form of sexual release.

Upon returning home and after getting settled back into the swing of things, I thought of taking a little drive to a strip club. I had read the story about the guy who was hoping to cum while receiving a lap dance from a stripper and I was hoping for a similar outcome.

But, on my way to a strip club, I caught a sign out of the corner of my eye for two massage parlors in the same strip mall. I was taking surface streets so making a U-turn was pretty easy as both the 15 and 95 are too congested with a lot of construction.

I entered the strip mall's parking lot and found a space near one of the parlors, but my nerves were getting the better of me. (Despite living in Vegas for as long as I have, I've never gone to a massage parlor.) Anyway, I must've sat in my car for a good half hour contemplating on whether to go in or if it was the kind of massage parlor I 'hoped' it was.

After seeing a couple other guys enter and leave, I finally got up the courage to exit my car and enter the parlor. As I opened the door, it made a chime letting them know that someone had come in.

The front entry-way was empty until I came in. Upon hearing the chime, an Asian woman appeared from an adjacent room to greet me. I said that I was just passing by and saw the sign so I thought I'd take a look as curiosity got the better of me.

I told her I'd like a massage for a half hour and she led me into a small room with a table. She told me to remove all my clothes, set them in the corner and lie face down on the table, covering myself with the small towel on the edge of the table.

She left and I removed my clothes and then proceeded to lie face down on the bed, covering my lower back with the towel, which barely covered me at all. About a minute later, another Asian woman entered and we made some small talk as she began the massage. She massaged my entire back as well as the back side of my legs and moved the towel out of the way to massage my butt, too.

After she was done with my entire back, she tapped me on the shoulder and told me to turn over. The towel had now slid up to my waist and as I turned over, I was now fully exposed and had a massive erection.

She began massaging my chest and arms, but as she continued the massage, she couldn't help but stare at my penis pointing toward the ceiling. After finishing my upper body, she moved down to my legs, still focusing her gaze on my penis.

As the time was reaching 30 minutes and as she had finished the massage, she looked up at the clock and then pointed to my penis and made the 'jack-off gesture.' I said sure and she got some more oil and began stroking my penis and rubbing my testicles.

Being that I am a relatively young guy and hadn't ejaculated in just under a week, my testicles were building up with cum inside me and I was going to have a massive orgasm. It didn't take long before I came all over my pelvis and shot spurt after spurt onto myself. She commented, saying, 'So much,' and smiled.

After I had finished, she got a warm washcloth to clean me up. I got dressed, paid and as I was leaving, she said, 'You sleep well tonight.' I sure did!



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