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What a Peepshow Can Do for You!

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Forgetting your wallet will get you a long way!


Some months ago I was travelling to an Eastern European city. I stayed in a nice hotel in the city centre and after a hard day of work and feeling horny all day decided first of all it was time for a shave. I like my cock and balls being smooth, so I took care of that nicely if I can say. Since I love anal play during masturbation and sex very much I shaved around my asshole making it feel nice and smooth. While I was doing this I had a porn movie on, which built up the tension even more.

After a light snack I went out into the city enjoying the view and my shaved cock and ass. Walking around for an hour or two I noticed an exotic club right around the corner from my hotel. I decided to go in and get even more ready for a sensational masturbation session in my room afterwards!

It was still quiet so I sat down. Two girls were dancing and both of them took off their tops showing their tits. One was kind of perky, but the other one had beautiful breasts: I would say from the view a nice D size (no plastic in them) and very firm. The navel piercing made her very sexy.

They danced for a while and came down and joined me. After some chit chat I asked them if they wanted to dance right in front of me. Of course the big chested girl got all the attention with her tits just inches away from me and her legs around me.

After they were done, I was about ready to explode and ready to go to my room. I asked for the bill and went into my back pocket, but nothing was there: I left my wallet in my hotel room!!!!

Trying to explain it to my host I invited one of his men to go with me to my room (which was just around the corner anyway) to give him the money. I paid him quickly and stripped down to get some serious jerking action. Their was a hot lesbian scene on the porn channel with a girl that reminded me of the big chested girl in the bar. After stroking my now rock hard cock and putting some lube on my shaved ass, somebody knocked on the door. I looked through the peephole (nice word by the way) and there was my favourite stripper!!!!

For a second I hesitated but opened the door, staying a little behind it not showing my still rock hard cock. She asked if she could come in. I asked why and she said she felt sorry I forgot my wallet and asked the club man for my room number. She said she liked foreign guys and thought I looked and smelled good.

I invited her in and of course the first thing she saw was my exposed cock and two lesbians on the TV going at it. This put a big smile on her face and she asked if she had made me horny. Of course I replied she did and she asked if I needed some help. I asked her if she would strip for me again and she agreed only saying that she would not be allowed to have sex or kissing, but that anything else was on the house. I told her masturbation is one of my favourites anyway, so she started to take off her clothes, exposing her great body.

I was laying down on the bed and she only had her panties still on. She climbed on the bed and started to massage my body, going up and down with touching my cock lightly every time. She noticed the bottle of lube on the table and asked what I was using that for with a smile. I said that I love anal play during my masturbation and asked if she was into that as well? She said yes, very much so. We moved into a 69 position, laying next to each other. I removed her panties which had a noticeable damp spot in them, revealing a nicely bald pussy with a clit piercing! Oh my god, what a wonderful sight. She asked if I liked her pussy and sliding my fingers in and out I said it was the best I have seen in a long time.

In the meantime she was stroking my cum filled balls. I couldn't keep from playing with her clit and piercing. Every time I went over her clit I could feel the tension in her body, making her pussy juices flow. This was one horny girl.

All of a sudden I feel a wet finger on my ass and before I know it her middle finger is massaging the inside of my ass. Shivers were going through my body. What a sensational feeling. She whispered 'it's time for you to cum for me'. I told her I wanted to shoot my load over her hot tits, so she told me to get on all fours. She positioned herself under me so that she could jerk my cock and put her finger in my ass. I told her that I use a dildo at home in my ass regularly, so she added first one and then another in my ass. With three fingers massaging in the back and stroking my cock and her body below me, this was too much: I exploded streams of cum all over her tits and belly. It kept on going from my cock which she milked till the last drop, her fingers still going in and out my ass. My orgasm felt it lasted for three minutes.

She asked me to massage her tits with my cum, which I happily agreed to do. She said my cum smelled nice too and wanted it to be her turn. Still laying on her back she put a pillow under her lower back and asked me to finger her ass. I lubed up my middle finger and stuck it in her tight ass. She shivered from pleasure and started to rub her sensitive clit. With one hand in her ass she used my other hand in her pussy. She herself continued on her pierced clit. It took her one minute to reach a huge orgasm. Just before she came she said she was going to make the bed wet and two seconds later pussy juices were squirting from her hot pussy. What a great view!

We lay there for about five minutes after which she said she needed to go back to work, but first needed a shower. I joined her and after soaping her body up, my member was ready to go again. With soap as a lube she made me cum a second time.

We dried off and she quickly got dressed. We thanked each other for this great experience and she said to come and see her again once I was in town again! I will have to think about that one!!!

Happy jerking and jilling!!!



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