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What a First Time!

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The story starts one evening while I was watching television in my family's house. I had just turned 15. My family was occasionally walking through the room, but I was essentially watching television alone. I was channel surfing so quickly that I accidentally went about three channels past the highest channel the television received. The screen was blurry and there was no sound, but it was clear enough that I could make out that it was porn. I was interested in watching more, but since my family was occasionally walking through the room, I quickly decided to change the channel.

Though I was 15, I had never masturbated before. My friends would joke about jerking off all the time and I would make masturbation jokes too, but I was told at church that sex before marriage was wrong, so I repressed all sexual urges. My one friend showed me a Penthouse magazine when I was 13. I liked the magazine a lot and looking at the images made me feel funny, but after looking at it I felt very guilty because of what I had been told at church.

A few weeks after discovering the porn channel, school let out for summer. It was early afternoon, I was off from work, and my mother, brother and sister were out running errands. My father was at work. I resisted at first, but eventually turned the porn channel on. It was still fuzzy with no sound, but I could again make out what was happening. A woman with huge tits was being fucked. She had long hair and was wearing a garter belt with stockings. She was closing her eyes and appeared to be moaning with pleasure. It was amazing. As I watched her tits jiggle violently, I began to feel funny. I got off the couch and sat on my butt in front of the television. I was sitting up with my legs in front of me. After staring at the television for a couple minutes, I realized that my penis felt weird. I pulled down my shorts and underwear. The moment I pulled them down my penis shot out. It was huge (compared to all the other times I had seen it) and it was throbbing! Though all this was happening, I still did not know what to do. Then I suddenly heard someone clear their throat. It startled me and I looked back. It was Jen sitting on the couch.

Jen was my sister's friend. She was 14, thin, and had naturally blonde hair. She was an only child and had pretty liberal parents. I knew she liked me but I was not attracted to her. She had walked into the house looking for my sister and found me watching fuzzy porn. 'What are you doing?' I screamed as I quickly pulled up my shorts and underwear and covered my groin with my hands. 'Watching you' she said as she smiled. Jen then said 'What are you doing?' 'Nothing' I yelled. I then begged her to never tell my sister what she saw. My sister was the biggest rat and would have told my parents. If my parents found out, I would have been grounded for life. 'I won't tell if you won't' she said.

I was confused and silent as I watched her turn off the television with the remote, get off the couch, and sit down on her knees next to me. 'What are you doing?' I said. 'You need to finish' she said. Jen then took off her shirt and bra. Her tits were pretty small, but seeing a woman topless for the first time was a huge big turn on. My penis instantly started throbbing again. As Jen reached for my groin, I yelled 'What are you doing?' Jen replied 'If you don't want me to tell your sister, you better move your hands.' She had me. Still sitting on my butt with my legs in front of me, I learned back on my hands, giving Jen access to my groin. Jen pulled my shorts and underwear down and again my penis shot out. She grabbed my penis with her hand and squeezed it. It felt so good! She then starting stroking my penis. Between Jen's tits and my throbbing penis I was so overwhelmed that I came in a matter of seconds. I shuddered and watched as streams of semen came out of my penis and onto my tee shirt. After everything, I was exhausted. Jen just smiled at me and put her bra and shirt back on.

I do not think that Jen ever realized that I did not know what to do when watching porn. As teenagers say, I was such a prude back then! Jen never told my sister and we never did anything else together again. But whenever she saw me after that she gave me a big smile. I found a hot busty brunette girlfriend later that summer. Jen started dating someone that summer, too. Thanks to Jen, I knew what to do with my girlfriend!



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