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Well Me And Lisa Hit It Off Eventually

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After the spontaneous fun the other night, me and Lisa did actually get a little closer :S


Hi again readers, it's Maria again, the flat-chested girl whose clumsy slip led to a fun but surprising few hours with her busty friend Lisa! Well I just have this yearning to like share a bit more with someone as you all know about the beginning anyway. So here goes.
I went to her house again on Sunday afternoon when I got back from a pub lunch with my mom, you know roast with all the trimmings - it was yummy! I was keen to see Lisa again as she'd been out on the Saturday and so I hadn't seen her since the Friday! To tell you the truth I think we both wanted, you know, to have that sort of experience together again. I had chosen to wear this tight t-shirt and a short skirt with some dark tights to try and look a bit prettier than normal, whilst Lisa had a small and tight black top with pink lacey trimmings and a nice view of her cleavage! She also had a short skirt, but hers was pink while mine was denim blue.
When I got to her room she was lying back on her bed playing some calming music and smiled at me really sweetly and I did the same back - she blushed as much as me and I felt redder than the strawberry-flavour Skittle sweets! We chatted and played the PSone for a bit and generally had a great time, and then at 8pm the game crashed so we switched it off. We just sat opposite each other on her bed looking each other in the eye for a few moments. In the end at the same time we knelt up 2 one another and kissed on the lips briefly - it was only short but it was like an explosion in my lips and down by my thighs! From her moans I guess she felt the same. We kissed again but this time it was a fully passionate snog, and we wrapped our arms around one another and cuddled tightly and frenched. It was amazing.
Typical of me I gave way easily as she gently eased me back onto her bed, and I unstretched my legs and unconsciously spread my legs a little. She lay on top of me so her breasts were pressing into mine and her like pubisy area was pushing into mine thru our clothes. We were still snogging away. Lisa kinda pushed her pubis into me and humped me back and forth incredibly sensually to a slow rhythm; I tried to push up into her with the rhythm. After a while doing that we'd reached several incredible, intense orgasms and beneath our skirts we were very wet! We only stopped because I was a tad squashed and her legs were aching!
So after catching our breath we removed all up to our waist and intended to dry ourselves off with a towel and put on some of her underwear (I'm not in the habit of taking spares with me, I don't expect to be like - lesbian - as a game stops working!). Before we got round to that Lisa leaned forward and gently licked me, something she told me a bit later she read on this very site! (Cheers again everyone :)) Sure enough I exploded seconds later and kinda clumsily licked her in return. She was quick too, and then we actually did clean up. Her underwear was too loose for me so she handed me this swimsuit she'd bought a few years ago when she was a little less developed, which was tight on me but at least stayed up. In fact it kinda felt almost sensual! I ran my hands up and down it a few times all the same - it was quite nice! Lisa did the same, causing my body to ripple with tickly pleasure! We kissed and I pulled on my tights, and came home. What an evening!
It's almost definite we're gonna get together more. I aint gonna bore y'all with detailing everything we do whatever that may be, but I will pop up now and then if something extra romantic happens. And please leave any comments for any ideas what we can do. Frankly we're amateur.
Cheers for reading! Bye! (Sorry for being a poor writer too!)



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