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Weekend Bud

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From the moment he arrived at my door, I had thoughts about masturbating together. I couldn't keep my mind off of imagining what his cock was like, wondering if he stroked a lot, and wanting to tell him some of the nasty, sexy things I'd been doing behind the locked door of my apartment. But sex had been kind of a taboo subject between us, and I never said a word, until he did.


My first summer after graduating college, I had my own apartment in the city. It was the first time that I'd been alone since I was fourteen, when one summer I visited my dad in his new town. That summer I masturbated ALL the time. And this summer I did too!

I had a job. Before work, in the shower, I'd usually masturbate. Then after work, I couldn't wait for the bus to get me home so I could strip naked and play with my cock and rub my body and pinch my nipples and watch myself in the mirror. In bed at night, late, I'd lay back and spread my legs and enjoy the warmth of my hard-on spreading through my body once again. And then on weekends, more.

A friend from college visited me one weekend. We hung out a little at college, to a movie now and then, or sports. We were friends, but not real close. I had been masturbating so much that I hardly knew what to tell him life was like in the city, but it didn't matter, we both quickly picked up our relationship just like before, and went out to a couple of clubs he wanted to visit.

I have to say, though, that from the moment he arrived at my door, I had thoughts about masturbating together. I couldn't keep my mind off of imagining what his cock was like, wondering if he stroked a lot, and wanting to tell him some of the nasty, sexy things I'd been doing behind the locked door of my apartment. But sex had been kind of a taboo subject between us, and I never said a word.

Until, that is, we got home. He brought it up, striding into the kitchen after taking off his coat and kicking back, he said, 'Damn, it must be nice to have your own place and jack off whenever you want!' Man, I couldn't believe what I had just heard!

'Yeah, it is, actually.', I said.

'Cool,' he said, 'that's really cool.'

A long silence.

'Yeah, I've been pulling it a lot.', I said.

'Cool.', he said.

Another silence. By the time one of us spoke, we knew what was coming next.

'Wanna do it now?', I said.

'Yeah!', he said.

I got out some of my favorite porn. I was shaking. He was pretty cool about it, and had gone to the living room and was taking off his pants and folding them. He was hard. Bigger than I'd imagined, and with a thick bush. I handed him the magazines and went back into the bedroom to undress. I came out naked and stiff and bobbing and sat next to him on the couch.

'Ever done this?', I said.

'Not since high school.', he said.

'Me neither.', I said.

'It's hot.', he said.

'Yeah.', I said.

We stroked ourselves, together. It wasn't long before we both came and our hands were covered in cum and I had to jump up and get a towel, which we shared. We sat for a while just talking a little about how cool it was to be able to do this. He told me he thought when he came down that he'd been thinking 'dirty' thoughts about jackin' with me. I told him about what I'd been thinking all night. It felt so good to tell him, so easy to tell him. And I want on, 'You know, I kept wondering what your cock would feel like, what your balls were like, and, it's just so fucking hot it happened. I can't believe I just watched you cum.'

He laughed and pointed to his cum on my arm, that I'd missed wiping up 'And cum on you.'

We both laughed and I rubbed it off. We sat for a moment, both of us semi-erect. His cock was so cool, so thick and swollen and soft. I reached over and rubbed it, and he lay back and closed his eyes.

'Make me cum,' he said, and I felt him getting harder with my touch. I leaned over him so I could feel his cock easily and stroke him. I felt his body heat and smell. I wanted right then more than to just stroke him, I wanted our bodies together. I swung my leg over and straddled him, our cocks almost touching. Firmly, I rubbed his balls, his shaft, his belly, and his eyes opened on me. As I slowly stroked him, his arms reached round, grabbed my ass, and slid me toward him until my pelvis ground into his cock. Then he took both our cocks in his hand and began pulling, undulating his pelvis, rocking me on top of him, squeezing precum from our cocks.

Rocking, squeezing, pulling, two hard cocks pressing together. My hand went to his nipples, rubbing, squeezing, and then my own, and then back. My whole body was so hot, so strong, so light, so soft in his touch.

'I'm cumming.', he said.

'Oh god, me too.', I said.

He let out a loud groan, and I rocked with him, my hands on his shoulders, pressing him down hard as convulsions swept through me and the cock squeezed with his. I felt it begin spurting, felt it with my own cock, felt it like it was mine, so overpowering. I came like I'd never cum before, came in his grip, came in a big puddle of cum mixed together. Oh fuck, it was hot.

'You've done this before.', he said.

'No, honest, never.', I said.

'Wow, that was so hot.', he said.

'Yeah, awesome.', I said.

He slept on the couch, and in the morning I stumbled into the living room naked and he woke up. I was almost hard already. He opened his eyes and slid himself up on the couch. The coffee maker was automatic, and I poured a mug for each of us and went and sat down next to him. As I was taking my first sip, he reached over and began fondling me. Oh, shit, it felt good. I put down my coffee and reached for his cock. He shook his head 'no,' and said, 'Enjoy this.'

Both of his hands were on me now, cock and balls and thighs, stroking. Squeezing my balls until they hurt, then letting go. Stroking more and squeezing harder. Squeezing, slapping now, slapping my cock gently, firmly. It was so hard, so hard. Slapping made it like steel.

I opened my eyes and saw him watching me, working me, watching with eyes I'd never seen before, eyes with lust, and I felt he could dominate me, yes, he could, totally, and I tensed up, and then, like falling into a dream, I let go, let go to feel him slapping my balls hard. I jumped a little and then slid down and said, 'yes, oh fuck, yes.'

And I let him take me, stroke me, bring me so close, and then slap and squeeze me back from the edge, making me harder each time until I literally begged him to let me cum, and his hand softened and with firm strokes, long, soft, sliding over the tip and down the shaft he brought me to ecstatic climax.

'Man, I've dreamed of this.', he said.

'Me too.', I said.

'Awesome.', he said.

'Cock! I love cock!', he said.

We laughed together.

We spent the rest of the day jacking ourselves, watching each other, jacking each other, rubbing our cocks together and cumming together. I spread his legs and held his cock and squeezed his balls and listened to him moan and made him cum, felt him cum. And that day, my cock belonged to him, whether he was gentle or rough I didn't care. I just wanted him to own it, and he did.

He had to return that night, and it was three weeks before he came back, and I craved his touch and was so happy once again to feel his grip and cum for him, naked rubbing our bodies and feeling our lust.



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