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Wedding Weekend With Lisa and Hilarie

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This is a cool website. I'm Gina and I want to share a story about my experience. My good friend got married about eight months ago, and all of our close knit group of friends from high school all attended her wedding. We were all there for a four day weekend, having the bachelorette party two nights before the wedding.

Anyway, on the night of the bachelor/bachelorette parties, the girls went into the city (San Francisco) to go dancing and party it up. The guys were at a friends house doing the whole stripper thing. Anyway, I hang out with the bride pretty often, but I haven't seen any of my friends from high school since high school, and two of the closer ones, Lisa and Hilarie were there, and looked so good after like six years. Both were in relationships, Hilarie married, and Lisa engaged.

We all bonded while club hopping like the good old days. So later that night when we were all taken back to the hotel to chill, Lisa wanted to go out for a little while, for like an extra hour or two in the limo, and the driver agreed. She asked if anyone else wanted to go, and Hilarie and I did, so off we went. Ok, so we were all driving around talking, hanging out for like an hour and a half, and the driver said he wanted to head back, which was like, an hour back since we drove toward the coast.

Anyway we were all excited, laughing and having a good time, when Lisa's boob popped out of her dress, and Hilarie and I stopped laughing and stared at it. It was totally perfect. Hilarie blurted, 'Lisa, you have such cute boobies!' I said 'Yea Lisa, you totally do!' Then she said 'Wanna see them next to each other?' and she took them out and showed us, and for some reason I wanted to touch them so bad, and I just did! I didn't even ask or anything, but she didn't even stop me. Then Hilarie reached over and touched them too, then Lisa was a little weird, and stopped, but then I touched it again and I got so incredibly wet and horny, I couldn't stand it!

I took off my panties and blouse and Hilarie started fingering me. Everything just happened so fast and in a blur, and all of us ended up topless and pantiless having like a touch-each-other session. It was so weird, but really cool. I loved sucking Lisa's perfect boobs and fingering her at the same time that Hilarie was fingering me. It was so orgasmic and went on for the entire ride of the limo.

When we got there, we acted like nothing had ever happened. When the wedding day finally came, everything was kind of awkward between us three, we were all bridesmaids. But the reception came and I went to the Club where I was with the other two girls, plus like a huge family, and tons of friends. I went into the dressing room during the father-daughter dance to get a bobby pin, and it was empty. Then who should walk in, but Lisa. We talked about it and I told her I didn't feel weird about it, and she said she didn't either, then before we knew it, I was sucking on her tits again with each others hands on each others pussies. It was a private session with just us two for like 15 minutes. No one came in, but we both really 'came'. We went back out, looking at each other all night with that 'knowing' look. We never found out how Hilarie felt, the weekend ended so quickly, and I don't really see her anymore, and no one ever found out about that night. But Lisa and I go out about two to three times a month now, and we have a friendship with benefits, which is just perfect for just us two girls.



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